Sky Q Mini Box: Ultimate Guide

Sky Q Multiscreen now makes it incredibly easy to watch different shows in different rooms. Previously, Sky+ allowed its users to watch different channels in different rooms, but this was never true multiroom because users still had to insert individual viewing cards in each Skybox. Sky Q currently allows users to watch their TV service in different rooms too but because this is done through the app on a number of devices, it isn’t true multiroom either. With Sky Q Multiscreen, you can pause a show in one room and continue it in another, making your viewing experience much more fluid. If you want to continue your Favourite show in bed, no problem! Simply turn off your TV downstairs and switch your Sky TV on in your bedroom.

To have access to Sky Q Multiscreen, you have to purchase additional hardware from Sky themselves in the form of ‘mini boxes’ or ‘mini Sky Q boxes’. If you choose to sign up for Sky Q Multiscreen, you can choose how many mini boxes you want for each room in your home.

Do you pay extra for a Sky Q mini box?

If you already have a Sky subscription, the cost of the Sky Q mini box multiscreen service will be added to your monthly bill. Each multiroom mini box will cost you £12 to buy and unfortunately each box comes with a £99 activation fee so this is worth taking into account if you sign up for this service. Once you have activated your mini boxes, you will have to pay £12 for every box, every month.

So, for example, if you already pay £100 a month on your current plan, you’ll end up paying £112 a month for one mini box or £124 for two mini boxes.

If you upgrade right now from Sky+ to Sky Q with Multiscreen, Sky will also give you a Sky Soundbox at the exclusive price of £249. That price is also available if you already have Sky Q. So, be aware of the extra charges you will incur when signing up for Sky Q Multiscreen.

How many Sky Q mini boxes can I have?

Most people will be happy with just one extra Sky Q mini box but if you want to put one in each room of your house, you should be aware that you can only buy up to 4 mini boxes which will come out at a total fee of £48 a month. It’s also important to know that you can add 2 additional Q app devices at the same time so there’s plenty of viewing capability for the whole family.

Sky Q

Can I buy a Sky Q mini box and install it myself?

If you choose to buy a Sky Q mini box, you may be wondering if you can install it yourself or if you need to get an engineer in to do this job. The good news is, you can do it yourself and avoid the extra cost of having it installed for you. However, you need to make sure you do it properly, otherwise, you can run into problems in the future. Here’s a complete guide on how to install a Sky Q mini box yourself so you can save a bit of extra cash.

Set up the box properly

  • In the pink port of the Sky Q mini box, connect the HDMI cable. Plug the other end into your TV.
  • Connect the blue cable to your mini box and then connect the other end to the mains.
  • Switch on the power supply.
  • Press the Home button on your Sky Q remote and the box should power up.

Set up your Sky Q remote

The next thing you need to do is connect your Sky Q remote to your new mini box properly. Here’s how to do it;

  • Hold down buttons 1 and 3 on your remote until you see four blinking lights.
  • Press Continue and type in your TVs manufacturer’s name.
  • Make sure the volume changes before you continue.

Connect the box using WPS

The next thing you’re going to need to do is to connect your Sky Q mini box using WPS. Here’s how to do it;

  • Press the Select button on your remote.
  • Go to your Sky Q mini box and hold down the WPS button.
  • The box should start to flash an amber colour.
  • Go to your mini box and wait for two minutes until the setup is complete.
  • Your box should now be connected by WPS.

Once the connection is complete we recommend scrolling through a few channels to make sure everything looks okay.

Can I buy a Sky Q mini box from eBay?

Unfortunately, you can’t go for a cheap option and buy a Sky Q mini box from eBay. Sky Q boxes are ‘loaned’ to customers which means it’s illegal for users to try and sell their boxes online. If you come across a Sky Q box on eBay, do not buy it, it will likely not work properly and you may find yourself in hot water later down the road.

Can you mount a Sky Q mini box behind the TV?

Yes! You can absolutely mount your Sky Q mini box behind your TV. This is very helpful if you want to hide it and the wires that come with it. Below we have listed all the best Sky Q mini box mounts for each size.

Q View Sky Q mini box wall mount

Sky Q Voice Remote Control and Q-View Sky Q Mini Wall Mount Bracket Clip Package - Sky Q Bracket for Sky Q Mini Box

Key features:

The Q View wall mount is a simple device consisting of four plastic strips that screw into your wall. Your Sky Q mini box then clips into place with enough room behind it for adequate ventilation.

Mywallmount Sky Q Mini Box Wall Mount

mywallmount Sky Q Wall Mount Bracket for 1TB/2TB TV Box – Complete with Fixings – Vertical or Horizontal – Fits Models ES340, ES240, ES140, 32B0xx, 32B1xx, 32B2XX, 32C0xx, 32C1xx – L22.5xW2xD6cm

Key features The mywallmount Sky Q mini box is made of heat-resistant plastic and attaches to your mini box vertically with a simple clip that goes over the top and around the bottom to secure your mini box into place. This wall mount screws into your wall easily too.

SPORTLINK Sky Q wall mount

SPORTLINK Sky Q Mini Box Wall Mount Clip Bracket - Zero Remote Signal Loss Keeps Box Cool Includes Fittings

Key features The SPORTLINK wall mount for Sky Q mini attaches horizontally to your Sky Q mini box and is attached to your wall using two screws that are provided in the box. You can put it behind your TV to hide the box itself and the wires.

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