Sky Q TV Box: All the Lights, Explained

When Sky Q launched back in 2016 it really was revolutionary. This new era of sky completely outshines all the past models with easy usability, crystal clear picture, and ultra HD content. All of which allow us to view all of our favourite shows, movies and sporting events in a way that we never have before. 

But all the new technology that makes Sky Q so great can be very confusing to use. After all, it is completely new from the style and shape of the TV box and remote through to the on screen display.

Everything about the Sky Q box is sleek, which makes it the complete opposite of the older Sky generations and can make it even harder to understand. 

To help you out, here’s our complete guide to what all the Sky Q lights and buttons mean on both the console and the remote. 

Sky Q TV Box Lights: What do they mean?

First, let’s take a look at what all the different lights on your sky Q box mean. 

Static Green/Red Light – You are probably very familiar with these colour lights as they are the most common. A static green light simply means that your Sky Q box is running, whereas a static red light means that the box is in standby mode.

To switch it out of standby mode, simply press the power button on your remote and the box will start up. 

Flashing Amber Light – This light is a lot less common as it will only appear when your Sky Q box is preparing for a software update. Sky recognizes that updates can be annoying, especially when they are done automatically.

This light notifies the user that the box requires an update, and this update can be started by holding down the power button for a few seconds. 

Static Red/Flashing Blue Light – This light is also very uncommon. If you observe a static red and a flashing blue light simultaneously, this is your Sky Q box notifying you that there is a hardware issue with the device.

Try resetting your internet connection to see if this fixes the light. If it does not then you might need to contact a Sky engineer to get your box running again.  

Blue Light at Night – If you observe a static blue light at night this could mean a few different things for your Sky Q box. It could be caused by your box switching into economy mode (“eco-mode”) to save power.

It could also be caused by your box downloading system updates. You can usually tell the difference by pressing the power button. A Sky Q box in eco-mode will switch back on, but one that is downloading updates might be a little slower in starting up. 

Sky Q Internet Hub Lights: What do they mean?

Moving on, let’s take a look at what the 4 lights on the right-hand side of your Sky Q internet hub mean. 

No Light – This is the easiest issue to diagnose, and it is also an easy fix. If your Sky Q internet hub has none of its lights shining then this means that the device is disconnected from the power.

Simply reconnect it to the power, and you will find that the lights labelled ‘power’, ‘internet’, and ‘wireless’ will soon light back up. 

Static Red Light – A static red light is not common on your Sky Q internet hub, and it is generally a bad sign. You will only observe this colour light if there is a signalling issue with your internet hub.

This can sometimes be a difficult issue to fix, but in most cases it will be caused by a poor electricity connection, so check your power supply. 

Flashing Amber Power Light – Amber lights generally aren’t a good thing when it comes to Sky Q boxes, of any kind, because they are a notification that something is wrong.

If you can see that the power light on your Sky Q internet hub is flashing orange this means that the device is in recovery status.

This often happens if your device has been recently updated, but it can also be a sign that something is wrong. If the light doesn’t stop you can contact Sky here to find out more. 

Flashing Amber Internet Light – If you observe this light it means that your Sky Q hub is trying to connect to the internet. The light will continue to flash this colour until it successfully makes, or fails to make, a connection.

If the light stops flashing amber and goes static, this means that a connection has been made, but there is an issue, usually with the internet signal. Alternatively, if the lights go green, this means that the internet is ready to use. 

Sky Q Remote Buttons: What do they mean?

Finally, let’s take a quick overview at what all the buttons on your Sky Q remote do. 

Standby – contains a power symbol and can be used to switch your device on/off. 

Search – use this button to search for your favourite shows by voice or by typing with the keypad. 

Fast Forward – allows you to skip forward through paused/recorded programmes. 

Pause/Play – allows you to stop your show if you want to take a break, and then resume with the simple click of a button. 

Rewind missed important plot points? This button allows you to rewind back to catch what you missed. 

Navigation – contains up, down, left and right buttons to allow you to navigate through the Sky planner easily. 

Select – allows you to select the show that you are looking for once you find it. 

Home – contains a house symbol and will take you back to the Sky home page whenever you want. 

Back/Dismiss – if you don’t like the show that you are watching, or accidentally pressed the wrong one, use the back button to get back to the channel menu. 

Volume and Mute – if your remote is connected to the volume controls of your television you can use these buttons to increase/reduce volume or simply mute it. 

Sidebar – allows you to open your favourite applications with the simple click of a button. 

Channel Select – mirrors the volume button but instead allows you to scroll up and down through the live channels. 

Information – simply press this button if you want to find out more about the show that you are watching.

Record – if you like what you are watching but can’t watch right now, press this button red ‘R’ to save it for later. 

Coloured Buttons – includes a red, yellow, blue, and green button which can be used to interact with the options on your screen. 

Keypad – if you know the channel number that you are searching for, simply type it in, and you’ll be taken straight there. 

Input – allows you to scroll through the different HDMI and AV connections on your TV. 

Question Mark – offers the ability to give audio description or subtitles for the show that you are currently watching. 


So there’s your complete guide to everything you need to know about the lights and buttons that you might encounter on your Sky Q box to save any confusion from occurring. 

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