How To Fix Backlight Bleed on Monitors & TVs

Blacklight bleed is one of the most annoying issues on monitors and TVs. It usually appears in cloudy patches of light on the screen. Some also notice bright patches of black light in the corners of their TV screen.

Unlike OLED and MicroLED displays, LCD and LED display usually rely on backlighting to light up their pixels. This is why blacklight bleed issues are common among these two display types. 

If your TV or monitor has blacklight bleed issues, you are not alone out there. Do not worry; we will show you how to fix them in the section below. 

What Are The Causes of Blacklight Bleed on TVs & Monitors

There are several causes of backlight bleed on your TVs or monitors. Tech experts say that the blacklight bleeding issue occurs when the layers on your TV screen are misaligned. 

backlight bleeding

When a misalignment happens inside a display, pressure will form inside it, causing the light to misdirect and leading to backlight bleeding. Backlight bleed also occurs in cheaper displays on the market. 

How to Fix Backlight Bleed on Monitors and TVs

There are a few things you can do to fix monitors and TVs with backlight bleeding issues. 

Make sure your screen is clean. One of the most straightforward fixes is to clean your screen. This method may be risky so ensure that you use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches. 

Turn down the brightness. Another solution is to adjust the brightness down on your TV or monitor. Doing so will only fix the problem partially, as it only dims the display. 

Contact your manufacturer. If your TV or monitor is under warranty, contact your manufacturer and have your device repaired. 

Loosen the screws on the back of your TV. If the problem persists, try loosening the screws and slightly twisting the screen. Your TV’s frame screws that are too tight may cause backlight bleed. 

Cover your display’s edges. Another fix you can try is re-attaching loose sections of your screen edge. All you need to do is apply electrical tape to every display edge and see if that fixes the issue. 

Can I Fix Backlight Bleeding Completely?

The answer is No. Backlight bleeding cannot be remedied as the problem may be with the panel inside the display. The only way to fix it completely is to buy a new one or contact your manufacturer and ask for a new one if yours is under warranty.

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