How to Fix PS5 Blinking Blue Light of Death (Solved!)

So you noticed your PS5 has a blinking blue light and won’t output a signal or respond to any commands, the screen is black. People who have this issue are calling it the PS5 blinking blue light of death.

I recently ran into this problem with my PS5. It was a headache, but I eventually fixed it. I’ll share what worked for my PS5 with you below, and hopefully, it will also work for you.

Instead of calling customer support or starting the lengthy process of getting a refund, try these fixes!

How to Fix PS5 Blinking Blue Light of Death

  1. Unplug your PS5 from the power, wait 60 seconds, and reconnect it.
  2. Boot your PS5 in Safemode
  3. Go through the list of services, starting with a fresh reboot.
  4. Select Change Video Output.
  5. Choose Change Resolution to Automatic
  6. Select HDCP and set it to Automatic
  7. Head back and select Update PS5 and choose Update Using Internet
  8. Clear Cache and Rebuild Database (Do both Clear System Software Cache and Rebuild Database)
  9. Wait it out. Sometimes the PS5 will start after 20 minutes or so.
  10. Select Reset PS5 (Best left as a last resort; it will delete all users and data)

In most cases, when you encounter the PS5 blinking blue light of death, trying all the options in the PS5’s safe mode should fix the issue.

How to Get Into Safe Mode with PS5

It’s fairly easy to get into safe mode with the PS5 but you need to make sure the PS5 is completely powered down first.

Hold down the power button to shut down the PS5. Next, hold down the power button, until you hear a second beep, it should take about 7 seconds.

Your PS5 will now boot in safe mode; sending a signal to the connected display. In Safe mode, you can’t use the controller wirelessly, so make sure to have a USB wire handy. Press the Playstation button on your controller to proceed.

Safe mode will show a list of functions. It is best to start from the top of the list and work your way down. There’s a good chance one of the first few services will fix your PS5’s blinking blue light.

Most of the time, after each fix, you will need to restart the PS5 and enter safe mode again. You’ll have to repeat the process until one of the options do the trick.

How to Get PS5 Out of Safe Mode?

To get your PS5 out of safe mode, select “Restart PS5” from the list and your PS5 will restart and boot normally.

Can’t Get PS5 Into Safe Mode

Can’t get your PS5 into safe mode? Try these fixes:

  1. Connect your PS5 directly to a display (no HDMI switches or adapters)
  2. Turn on your PS5 and pull the power cable while the blue light is flashing
  3. Reconnect the power cable and try entering safe mode again

When your console can’t enter safe mode, it may be faulty. Make sure you hold the power button down until you hear two beeps!

Resetting PS5 Console

There are a couple of pointers to talk about for this option.

As mentioned earlier, the “Reset PS5” option will completely wipe all data from the console and it will be reset to factory defaults. You can think of it as a nuclear option.

You will have to download all of your games and apps again.

Backup Save Files

The main thing to be concerned about is your saved game files. The last thing you want is to lose all your progress in Elden Ring!

With a PS+ Membership

If you have an active PlayStation Plus membership, your saved games should be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

After you reset your PS5 you can log in to your account and all your save files will be restored for each of your games.

Without a PS+ Membership

On the other hand, without an active PS+ membership, the files will be stored locally, which means they’ll be wiped when you reset the console.

The saved game files will also be wiped if you forgot to enable Auto Upload, under Settings, Saved Data, and Cloud.

For that reason, it’s best to try the other options first. Without a PS+ membership, resetting your PS5 will delete all your save game data.

If you don’t have a PS+ membership, and none of the other options in safe mode work, you might have to bite the bullet and delete your data.

Did the safe mode options fix the blue light issue? And you want to reset the console just to be safe?

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Connect a USB drive to the PS5
  2. Open Settings, System
  3. Choose System Software, Back Up PS5, select your USB drive
  4. Choose what type of data to backup
  5. Start the process and wait for the console to restart
  6. To restore the data, repeat the same process but choose the Restore PS5 option

Now to reset the PS5 head over to Settings, System, System Software, Resetting Options, and Reset Your Console.

The process will completely wipe all data from your console but it can also clear up any software glitches.

In some cases resetting a PS5 can fix issues like laggy UI and unresponsive buttons. Either way, it’s best left as the last option.

Can’t Fix PS5 Blinking Blue Light of Death?

In the case when resetting the PS5 does not fix the blinking blue light, the issue is most likely hardware related. You likely got a faulty unit.

Visit the official Playstation 5 Troubleshooting website and contact them for a replacement.

If your console is under warranty, PlayStation should send you a replacement, free of charge, although it may take a few weeks.

Note: PlayStation often has reserved units specifically for issues like this, so it’s best to contact them directly, instead of the retailer you bought the unit from.

What is the PS5 Blue Light of Death?

The PS5 blue light of death happens when the device is stuck in the initial boot stages.

When the PS5 starts normally, the blue light will blink and then transition to a white colour, and the Playstation logo should appear on your display.

What Causes the PS5 Blue Light of Death?

It’s unclear what exactly causes the PS5 blue light of death.

Most users report getting the PS5 blue light of death after a power failure, when the system was not properly shut down, or after a game crashes.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, when you have the blinking blue light of death on your PS5, unplug the power cable for 60 seconds or go through the list of functions in the PS5 safe mode.

If neither of those options does the trick, it’s likely a faulty unit, and you need a replacement. Did any of these fixes work for you?

Photo by Triyansh Gill on Unsplash

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