Connecting to EA Server Xbox Failed: Solved

If you can’t connect to the EA servers on Xbox One while trying to play an online EA game with your friends, you might come across an error message that says “Can’t connect to EA servers.” It could be a straightforward message like “Connection to EA Server Failed” or “Unable to connect to EA servers.”

Unfortunately, this problem is quite common and seems to happen across a wide variety of EA games, such as Apex Legends, Fifa, Maden, and many others. It’s not easy to pinpoint the exact cause of the connection issue but the most likely reason is that EA’s servers are experiencing outages. You can take a look at this website to check for outages.

The connection problem is very frustrating because other online games work, which means your internet connection is active. It’s only that your Xbox refuses to connect to EA servers. Everything else is fine.

Is there a solution? I went through the following list of troubleshooting steps and the problem went away.

How to Fix Connecting to EA Server Failed on Xbox

1 – Force Quit

In many cases, force-quitting the game and re-opening it can do the trick. Make sure to save your game first. To force-quit a game, press the Xbox logo button on your controller to open the overlay.

Next, select the game from the right sidebar and press the hamburger menu button on your controller and select Quit. Force-quitting a game a few times might fix the problem.

2 – Power cycle Your Xbox

You probably already tried restarting your Xbox. Try shutting down your Xbox and then unplug the power cable. Wait for a full minute, reconnect the cable, and turn on your console. Once it boots, launch the game again and see if it works. Power cycling is one of the go-to fixes for most Xbox issues.

That didn’t work? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other things to try.

3 – Restart Your Router

There may be a networking issue that is blocking access to EA’s servers. To restart a router, unplug the power cable, wait 1 minute, and reconnect the power. The router will automatically start up and your internet should be back within a minute or two.

4 – Try A Wired Connection

If your Xbox is connected to the internet over Wi-fi, consider hooking it up to an ethernet cable. The connection will not only be much faster but also more reliable. Sometimes interference with a Wi-fi network can prevent your device from connecting to the proper servers.

5 – change Your Xbox’s DNS server

Sometimes the DNS provided by your IPS (Internet Service Provider) will have issues. What you can do is manually configure your Xbox to use a different DNS server. It’s pretty easy.

Open Settings on your Xbox and head to Network Settings. From there, select Advanced Settings and then DNS Settings. In DNS Settings, change the configuration to manual, and enter the following DNS servers:


These are Google’s Public DNS servers. You can also enter which is Cloudflare’s DNS server. One of these DNS servers should help reroute your connection to EA’s servers and make it possible for you to connect. It may also improve download speeds or your Xbox.

6 – Clear Xbox’s MAC Address

Another thing you can try is clearing your Xbox’s MAC address. To do this, head to Settings, Network Settings, Advanced Settings, and select Alternate MAC Address. You may be prompted to restart your console.

7 – Change Your Xbox’s Language

I know it might sound strange, but some people swear that changing their Xbox’s system language fixed the EA server connection problem. This seems to work if your language is not set to English.

To change the language, open Settings, scroll down to System, and Language & Location. Change the language to English or another language you can understand.

Once you selected a new language press Restart Now to apply the changes. When your console restarts, you should be able to connect to EA servers.

8 – Remove the Game from Quick Resume

Many online multiplayer games support Quick Resume but it tends to create problems. If you try to start an online game from Quick Resume you will likely be met with a connection failed message.

While Quick Resume is great for single-player games, it doesn’t help much in online games. The reason for that is you can’t save the state of an online game because it’s always changing.

To remove a game from Quick Resume, press the Xbox logo button on your controller and select My Games & Apps. You will see a tab called Quick Resume with the game titles. Highlight the EA games, press the hamburger button on your controller, and select Remove from Quick Resume.

Bear in mind, you can’t completely disable Quick Resume for particular games. When you launch the game again, another instance will be placed in the Quick Resume slot. To avoid the game being added to Quick Resume, you need to force-quit the game each time you play it.

9 – Set Date & Time on Xbox to Automatic

In some cases, the clock on your Xbox might be out of sync due to the wrong timezone being selected. To double-check, open Settings, System, and Time. Select your Timezone and make sure “Automatically adjust for daylight saving” is selected. You can’t enter a manual time or date anymore.

10 – Wait It Out

Unfortunately, when you can’t connect to EA servers the problem may not be on your end. You likely just have to wait for the load on the servers to stabilize. It may take a few hours or a couple of days. I was completely unable to connect to EA servers for a full day and then the next day everything was back to normal.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the connecting to EA servers failed problem is incredibly frustrating and it has been plaguing gamers ever since the first online EA game launched.

It also happens across devices, including PC and PlayStation. If you tried all of these troubleshooting steps and the problem is still happening then I recommend simply waiting it out.

The servers are likely overloaded due to a new game launch. The problem is likely not on your end. In the meantime, you can play another game while you wait for the servers to come back.

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