Wall-mounted TV: Where To Put Sky Box?

You want to hide sky box but still use remote? You’re in the right place to find a practical solution. Wall-mounted TV’s have become the new normal in terms of home installation TV’s. No longer do homes have big, clunky TV sets that require an entire cabinet to be placed on. Now it’s all about sleek wide screens placed flush against the wall for the greatest viewing pleasure. These slim beauties are now also considered to form a large part of the current home décor trend. Trying to get your sky Q box receiver connected to the closest position and without having annoying wires dangling across the wall is still a challenge for many people these days. The good news is that finding a solution to this unsightly wiring problem is not only possible but highly likely and easily affordable too.

Where to put Sky Q Box with wall mounted tv

There is actually more than one solution to placing your Sky Box in very close proximity to your wall-mounted TV, and with a large amount of ease too!

Amazon UK is a great resource to find the perfect product for your own unique requirements.

1 – Sky Box bracket holder solution

If you want an affordable yet elegant and practical solution you can install the metal Sky Box bracket holder which fits snugly behind your TV, tucked out of sight. There are a number of benefits when using this option as it is sure to have the unsightly wires hidden and it also reduces space requirements on an existing shelf that you may have previously used for many devices. It is a totally professional solution that makes use of robust clip-on technology and is wall-mounted in a few short minutes. You won’t need to buy extra nuts or bolts as it comes in a kit form with all the fittings and fixtures supplied. There are a few things to bear in mind when considering this solution. Ensure that you don’t tuck your Sky Box too far behind your TV because any interrupted signal between your Sky Box and remote control could affect the strength of your remote signal. It is also important to check the measurements of the unit before you purchase it to avoid disappointment. One word of advice: Make sure that the measurement of this bracket holder fits the size of your Sky Box unit that you have in your home.

2 – Sky Q Mini Wall Mount Bracket

For a neat and compact solution which is compatible with the Sky Box mini-unit, the wall-mounted, metal bracket is absolutely ideal. It is a wonderful space saver that fits very neatly against the wall without protruding too far. This wall bracket is supplied with fixtures and fittings and comes in a smooth, black powder-coated metal finish so it won’t clash with the existing décor colours in your home. It takes up very little space so it won’t be a cumbersome eye-sore either. A popular position to install this is either under or next to the TV set and then you will have peace of mind that your TV remote control access will be as good as it ever was. Look out for the convenient “click and collect” option on Amazon UK if you are in a hurry to get this professional-looking solution set up in no time at all.

3 – Sky Q Wall Bracket for earlier Sky Boxes

If you happen to have an earlier model Sky Box such as the 1TB and 2TB, there is a convenient, wall-mounted option for you that is as sleek in design as it is easy to install. No need to go and buy a whole new Sky Box. This bracket solution is supplied in a standard matt black metal finish and comes with all the fittings you need to set it up in a matter of minutes. Getting your card in an out won’t require dismantling as it has an easily accessible card-slot already built into the bracket. Look out for renewed unit options when shopping for this on Amazon UK and you could save a fair amount of cash whilst still securing a warranty on your product purchase.

Where to put your Sky Box when you have a wall-mounted curved TV?

All the solutions above will be suitable if you have a curved TV that is wall-mounted. However, if you’re a crafty person, you might explore using either velcro or cable ties to attach the box into the mount or even into the TV itself.

I found a video on YouTube that shows how this would work:

Use a floating shelf

Floating shelves are currently all the rage in a home. They are pleasing on the eye and have replaced their old-fashioned counterparts of yesteryear. They look modern and are ergonomic in design with the added bonus being that they can hold all of your devices that you need to be connected, on one single shelf.

1- Suptek Single Floating Shelf Wall Bracket with Strengthened Tempered Glass

This is an impressive option if you want modern design combined with space to place a variety of different devices and accessories such as DVD players and game consoles. It comes in an attractive glass finish and has an adjustable height setting to suit your individual needs. Don’t be fooled by its slim lines as this shelf easily holds up to 8 kg of weight. Installation is tremendously easy as you will receive not only the instruction manual but also all the fittings required to mount it onto a wood or concrete support. There is good cable management as space is secretly built into the rear column where ugly loose wires are tucked out of sight. If for any reason you discover that you have purchased the wrong solution, you don’t have to worry as this product can be returned for a full refund.

2 – Goldline Sky Box Wall Mount shelf

This fantastic wall-mounted option comes in an elegant matt silver metal with 2 floating shelves in a clear glass finish. The glass is tempered for strength and is aesthetically pleasing in a home décor environment. With a large size surface of 350 mm x 300 mm, it can easily hold your Sky Box as well as game consoles, a DVD player and more. The cleverly curved column has an opening to slide unsightly cables down and also comes standard with all the required instructions and fittings you will need to get it set up in no time at all.

3 – AMOS Universal, multi-purpose wall bracket shelf

This highly durable aluminium is powder coated in a matt black finish and holds up to a whopping 15 kg in weight. It is the utility player of shelving options. This heavyweight comprises a 2- arm fixed position with a very wide baseline of space to hold your device or multiple devices on top of each other. It has a wall protrusion rate of 310 mm so it is often great for positioning above the TV screen or next to it. The 2-arm mechanism offers a neat, flat surface space size of over 20 cm to place a DVD player, Bluray, Digibox, gaming consoles and more. You can really pack it in here. This wall-mounted solution can handle the extra weight.

All problems do tend to have a solution in life, but never before has it been this easy to find a wall-mounted solution for your Sky Box. There is definitely something to suit everybody’s needs. Whatever is it you would like, from a practical solution, through to something more design-oriented, space-saving solutions or something able to hold many devices. One could say that you are almost spoilt for choice these days, on Amazon UK.

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