Gaming on Sky Glass TV Is It Possible?

Wondering if the Sky Glass TV is good for gaming? What kind of specs and gaming features can you expect?

I took Sky Glass for a gaming test run and discovered some interesting things I want to share with you.

Is Sky Glass Good for Gaming?

Sky Glass is not good for serious gamers because it has high input lag and it does not support 4K at 120 Hz. It also does not have a gaming mode, variable refresh rate, G-Sync, or auto-low latency mode (ALLM).

The gaming performance on Sky Glass is acceptable for casual console gamers, but serious gamers should look for a TV that has more gaming options.

Bear in mind, that Sky Glass was primarily designed with media in mind. It was built as an all-in-one TV for the Sky Ultimate TV streaming service.

While it is compatible with consoles, the focus of the TV’s features is more on media consumption than on video games.

Unfortunately, Sky Glass is seriously lacking in gaming features. In fact, there are no notable gaming features on the display.

Does Sky Glass Have Game Mode?

No. Sky Glass does not have a dedicated game mode in the picture settings.

Sky Glass Gaming Features


Sky Glass supports 4K resolution using the QLED technology.

Refresh Rate

Sky Glass has a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz. It does not support 4K at 120 Hz. There’s also no variable refresh rate.

HDMI Version

Sky Glass has three HDMI 2.1 ports. Interestingly, Sky Glass supports the HDMI 2.1 specification which is capable of 4K at 120 Hz.

However, the display is limited to 4K at 60 Hz.


One of the HDMI ports on Sky Glass supports HDMI eARC which allows you to connect a soundbar. However, the internal speakers are already comparable to most soundbars.

Sky Glass Gaming Downsides

Input Lag

One major downside of Sky Glass is the high input lag. Even with consoles, the input lag is very noticeable.

It’s hard to put an exact number on the delay, but TechRadar rated it at 115 ms, and other reviewers rated it at 130 ms.

Safe to say, the input lag is likely over 100 ms, which is really not good for a modern TV.

I mean, most professional gamers would consider a 100 ms ping to be too high, much less a 100 ms hardware response time.

Remember, there’s no gaming mode, so you’re stuck with that high input latency.

For console gamers, it might not be that noticeable, but when compared to similarly priced TVs, it does not look good.

Note: Many people mentioned once Sky Glass is connected to a console, the input lag is not that bad.

Sky Glass Pros


Sky Glass does have one advantage over other TVs when it comes to games and that’s the built-in speakers.

As you might have noticed, the Sky Glass is a hefty TV, and the reason for that is because it has an all-in-one internal audio system.

The Sky Glass has six built-in speakers, including a subwoofer, which provides rich gaming audio. In addition to directional audio, you’ll also get deep bass from the subwoofer.

To get technical, the Sky Glass’s audio channel would be considered 3.1.2 (right, middle, left, sub, and two overhead speakers).

The overhead speakers point up, towards the ceiling to bounce sound waves down, in an attempt to create the illusion of a rear audio channel.

To learn more about audio channels, read this soundbar 2.1 vs 5.1 guide. 

Most TVs don’t have very powerful speakers, so people pair their TV with a soundbar. With Sky Glass you don’t need a soundbar, meaning you can save some money in that department.

Games sound really good on the Sky Glass. The sound effects are detailed, there’s some spatial audio, and the bass is rich and deep.

While the audio in the Sky Glass is good for games, it doesn’t make up for the other features it lacks.

Besides, most competitive gamers will use a headset for accurate surround sound when playing competitive games.

External speakers are not really that important for gamers. Nevertheless, it’s one upside of the Sky Glass TV.


Sky Glass supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision. It’s compatible with external devices such as consoles, streaming sticks, and whatnot. However, there seem to be some issues with the HDR support on Windows.


To summarize, I don’t recommend Sky Glass for competitive gamers because it does not have any special gaming features. The main issue is the high input lag. It’s not terrible. It’s fine for casual games like role-playing and others that don’t require quick reflexes.

The upside is the good audio system, so you don’t need to worry about buying a soundbar. The image quality is also pretty good. The 4K resolution can be a nice upgrade for people that were using a 1080P display.

Overall, if you have to choose, I would look for a different TV that supports more gaming features.

You can always buy a Sky Puck to add Sky Glass to the non-Sky TV.

Best of both worlds!

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