Sky Stream Puck: How Does Sky Glass Multiroom Work?

Are you looking to buy a Sky Glass TV and want to know how Sky Glass Multiroom works?

I did some research, and I discovered some interesting facts about Sky Glass Multiroom.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Does Sky Glass Multiroom Work?

Sky Glass Multiroom is an add-on service for Sky Ultimate TV that allows you to watch on multiple TVs with the use of a Sky Stream Puck.

For Sky Glass, the multiroom add-on is called Sky Whole Home Pack. It costs £10 a month + £50 for each Sky Puck for a maximum of six Pucks.

With a Sky Glass, Sky Ultimate TV, and Whole Home Pack, you can watch Sky on up three Sky Glass TVs, six pucks, or four other devices.

It goes by a few different names depending on the Sky subscription you use but costs the same.

What is a Sky Stream Puck?

A Sky Stream Puck is a small palm-sized media streaming box that can connect to any HDMI display.

With the puck, other people in your home can watch Sky Ultimate TV at the same time, and it won’t interrupt playback. You can have a total of six pucks in one household.

It brings the user interface of the Sky Glass TV to any other TV in your home. It’s similar to streaming sticks like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and whatnot, except it doesn’t work as a standalone device.

Here’s the thing:

Sky Stream Pucks won’t work unless you have a Sky Glass TV and a Sky Ultimate TV subscription.

Even non-Sky apps like Netflix will be blocked on the Sky Stream Puck.

How to Use Sky Stream Puck

To make the most of a Sky Stream Puck you want to buy the Whole Home add-on (also called Sky Multiroom) and then buy as many pucks as you need. I recommend buying a puck for each TV in your home. Every puck costs a one-time fee of £50.

To setup the puck, connect it to an available HDMI port on your non-Sky Glass TV. Power it on, and connect it to your home network through Wifi or the ethernet port. Use the remote on the puck to sign in to your Sky Ultimate TV account.

Bear in mind, that the puck cannot work as a standalone streaming hub (although that may change in the future). You need a Sky Glass TV, a Sky Ultimate Subscription, and a Whole Home add-on.

Once the puck is connected to the internet and you’re signed in, you can start streaming all the Sky Glass channels, such as on-demand TV, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Sky Originals, and over 100 other channels.


The Sky Stream Puck requires an active internet connection, either Wifi or Ethernet to stream media. The recommended internet speed for the Sky Stream Puck is 15 Mbps and it supports 4K. If possible, I recommend using the ethernet port because it’s more reliable and you can skip the Wifi password.

Remember, the Sky Stream Puck only works with a Sky Ultimate TV subscription, it won’t work with other Sky subscriptions.

How to Buy the Sky Stream Puck

Currently, the only way to buy a Sky Stream Puck is with a Sky Glass TV and a Whole Home subscription. A puck costs a one-time fee of £50 for each Sky Puck. In other words, you have to buy a Sky Glass TV to buy a puck.

However, Sky is planning to release the Sky Puck as a standalone product later this year. 

Does Sky Glass Include a Sky Stream Puck?

No. Sky Glass does not include a Sky Stream Puck. Each puck costs £50. However, Sky VIP members can receive their first puck for free when purchasing a Whole Home package.

From time to time Sky has deals that allow non-VIP members to get a free puck with subscription purchases. For instance, In June 2022 Sky ran a promotion offering a free $100 Prepaid Mastercard plus a free puck for people who buy a Sky Glass TV.

It’s worth keeping an eye on Sky deals for deals that offer free pucks.

Bottom Line

If you have (or are planning to buy) a Sky Glass TV, it might be worth buying the Whole Home add-on and a couple of pucks. It brings the UI and media streaming services of the Sky Glass TV to any HDMI TV in your home.

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