How to Turn Off Audio Description on LG TV

LG TVs have an audio description function that will read the texts of menus for people with impaired eyesight. The problem is the feature can be automatically enabled and bothersome for people who don’t need it.

Many people only realize their TVs have this feature after accidentally enabling it. It is especially bothersome when your TV is at max volume. In this article, you’ll learn how to turn off the narrator on LG TV once and for all.

How to Turn Off Narrator (Audio Description) on an LG TV

On LG TV, the narrator is called Audio Guidance. To turn off the narrator on an LG TV, hold down the button on the remote with three dots until you see a message saying “Audio Description is now off.”

Another easy way to disable audio guidance is to hold the microphone button on your remote and use the voice command “turn off audio guidance”. You can enable it again using the same method.

To disable the narrator from the settings, press the settings button (gear icon), navigate to All Settings, Accessibility, and toggle off Audio Guidance. On certain models, the feature will be called Audio Description.

audio description on LG TV

When Audio Description is turned on, your remote won’t show a cursor on the screen, so you have to use the directional buttons to navigate to accessibility options.

Note: If you want to use audio guidance, you can adjust the speed, volume, and pitch of the narrator in the audio guidance menu.

LG Audio Description Not Turning Off?

Sometimes even after disabling Audio Guidance in the settings, the Audio Description will still be on. You can hold down the button on your remote with three dots to disable Audio Description.

If that does not work, it’s probably a software issue. An easy way to fix software issues on TVs is to power cycle your TV. It sounds worse than it is, all you have to do is unplug your TV from the power and let it sit for 30 seconds or so.

Power Cycle TV

Most TVs do not fully shut down when you press the power button on the remote. Instead, they go into standby mode with the screen powered down. So to restart the operating system, you need to unplug the power for 30 seconds or more. It helps with a lot of software issues and it can even make your TV a bit faster.

Update OS

LG TVs will usually automatically download and install new operating system updates. However, if you haven’t connected your TV to the internet, you might be missing an update that enables the option to disable audio description.

The Bottom Line

It’s really frustrating when the narrator on LG TV is turned on. The good news is you can easily turn it off by disabling Audio Guidance or Audio Description.

If your TV doesn’t register the new settings, consider doing a quick power cycle by unplugging your TV for 30 seconds. In just a few minutes you can have your TV back to normal without the annoying voice-to-text narrating every menu you select.

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