AirPlay Not Working on LG TV: How to fix

So you recently bought an LG TV that AirPlay but it’s not working with your phone. What can you do to fix AirPlay not working on an LG TV? I was struggling with this issue, and after spending hours working on it, I found some possible solutions.

AirPlay is Apple’s technology for casting media to TVs or other devices. Most modern TVs are compatible with AirPlay but as you know, some of them have connectivity issues.

Remember, AirPlay is an Apple feature that is only available on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. You can’t use AirPlay with an Android phone because Android’s don’t support the AirPlay protocol.

Let’s take a look at some potential fixes:

Fixes for AirPlay Not Working on LG TV

1 – Connect TV and iPhone to Same Wifi Network

To cover the basics, make sure both your TV and your phone are connected to the same Wifi network. AirPlay only works over Wifi. Double-check the LG TV’s network settings to see if it’s connected to the Wifi network and receiving data.

I know, it’s an obvious solution, but you’ll be surprised how often people forget to check. If every device is connected to the same network, we can rule that out.

Bonus Idea: Connect TV to Router with Ethernet Cable

If AirPlay is not working on your TV with Wifi, try connecting your LG TV to your router directly with an ethernet cable. AirPlay should start to work and your connection speed will be faster and more reliable over ethernet.

2 – Turn on AirPlay

The problem is it’s hard to tell when AirPlay is turned on because there’s no visual indicator. Even if you turned it on, it could be turned off due to an automatic software update or a firmware reset.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Press Home on the LG TV remote
  • Hover over Home Dashboard and a sub-menu will open
  • You should see a tile to toggle AirPlay on or off

3 – Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Speaking of networks, another possible solution is to tap the “Reset Network Settings” feature on your iPhone. It will delete all of your saved networks and refresh everything to default settings, including your mobile network.

If you suspect the problem is with your phone, resetting the network settings often fixes the issue. Just remember this will delete all your saved Wifi networks, so you’ll need to enter the password again.

4 – Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes apps responsible for handling network requests can crash. Manually restarting your phone will force the phone to re-launch all the system apps, and it will likely fix your network connectivity issues.

It’s a good idea to restart your phone from time to time anyways. It helps clear the RAM, close unresponsive apps, and close background apps that are using the battery.

5 – Disconnect the TV from Power Outlet and Wait 20 seconds

Did you know that the power button on the remote only puts the TV into sleep mode?

In some cases, the AirPlay configuration settings on the TV can get a little messed up and prevent AirPlay from working properly.

A quick solution is to unplug the TV from the power outlet, wait 20 seconds, and then power it on. This simple solution has helped me to get AirPlay’s connection back a handful of times. It’s worth a shot.

6 – Factory Reset Your TV’s Firmware

The steps to reset your TV’s firmware will vary slightly depending on your TV model. For most, it’s quite straightforward. Open the Settings menu, navigate to General, and you should see an option to reset to default settings.

It will reset all of your settings back to the factory defaults. In most cases, that can fix the problem with AirPlay not working as intended.

LG TV AirPlay Disconnected:

There are some cases where AirPlay will refuse to connect and show an error on the TV such as “AirPlay disconnected, try again later”.

In most cases, resetting the TV’s firmware can fix the issue, but if it does not, here are some alternative solutions.

1 – Disable 5 Ghz Wifi

It’s unclear if 5G Wifi can cause issues with AirPlay, but some people mentioned switching their router to standard 2.4 GhzWifi made AirPlay start working on their TV again. It’s worth a shot and a fairly easy fix to implement.

It does require you to enter your router’s settings, and you will likely have to restart the router and reconnect all the devices. If your TV is connected to the router with an ethernet cable, you don’t need to enter a Wifi password.

2 – Remove All AirPlay Devices from TV

In the TV’s AirPlay settings there should be an option to remove all paired devices. Even if no devices are paired, press the remove button a few times. It might start working again after that.

3 – Reset TV, Connect to AirPlay via Apple Home

Another trick to fix AirPlay disconnected from your TV is to reset the TV (using the steps mention earlier) and then attempt to set up AirPlay on the TV through the Apple Home app. Don’t use the TV to set up AirPlay, only enable it on your phone.

You’ll have to add the TV as a new device on the app. Make sure that your phone is near the TV and Bluetooth is turned on (also make sure both devices are connected to the Wifi network).

4 – Update TV Firmware

If your TV is connected to the internet, you can automatically check for firmware updates. To do that, open the Home menu, navigate to Setup, open Support, and select Software Update. Here you’ll see the software version and an option to check for updates.

If an update is available, it will automatically download and install it for you. If your TV is not connected to the internet, you will need to manually update the firmware using a USB stick. It’s always a good idea to make sure your TV has the latest firmware.

The Conclusion:

It can be very frustrating when AirPlay is not working on your LG TV. Hopefully one of the solutions above will fix the problem for you. If you have any suggestions, drop a comment below.

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