LG TV Model Numbers Explained 2021: A Comprehensive Guide

Many companies produce televisions, but few have as large a selection of models as LG. LED, NanoCell, OLED TVs come in a multitude of model numbers. This article will explain what each LG TV model number means and how you can use this information to make an informed purchase decision if you’re in the market to buy a new TV or one you own already.

What do LG TV model and serial numbers mean?

LG TVs have two distinct sorts of numbers: model and serial.

The TV series, year, screen dimensions, model, specification, and design are all included in the LG TV model number. This might be the number you might want to look for if you’re wondering about what year a TV was launched for example. The LG TV’s serial number, while it does not contain a lot of information, may be used to determine when the TV was released and where it was purchased. This might be more interesting for professionals and repair technicians.


The 55 inch OLED CX model from the 2020 range

Model number: OLED55CX6LA

Serial: 010MAYY7F066

LG TV Model Number Breakdown

Let’s take model number OLED55CX6LA as an example.

55 – TV screen dimension/size;

C – Resolution (4K);

X – the year of development (2020)

6 – modification;

L – DVB T / T2 / T2HD / C / S / S2 (Europe, Turkey, Russia)

A – Design

As said before, depending on size and model, there will be different combinations. Refer to the infographic below for updated possible models that refer to currently available years’ models!

LG TV Model Number Decoder

Older LG TV Model Number Lookup

Example Model Number: LG55UN7300

LG TVs released up to 2018 included in this category include Plasma, LED and UHD models. The model numbers for old LG televisions consist of 10 characters which can be split into 8 groups as shown by the example above (the first 2 values refer to their manufacturer branding while 3rd & 4th characters represent screen size). 5th character indicates the screen technology type as follows:




P: Plasma

S: Super UHD/NanoCell


The 6th character is also the production year code for your LG TV. You may discover the year from the year code as follows, for example.

V: 2011

W/M/S: 2012

A/N: 2013

B/C: 2014

F/G: 2015

H: 2016

J: 2017

K: 2018

The 7th and 8th characters refer to the model in a TV series. In many cases, manufacturers modify an existing TV so it can keep up with changing technology–you’ll see this reflected here as well! The 9th character represents modifications made on an LG TV, for example, if their number has been left unaltered, then there will be ‘0’ while two additional “1 “s represent times when they’ve been changed from original specifications or design goals (for instance 2 becomes 2x). Next comes 10, which tells us about the type of digital tuner being used.

0: ATSC (US, Canada)

B: HD (1366×768 px)




U: ATSC (US, Canada), HD (1366×768 px)

V: DVB-S2/C/T2

How To Find LG TV Model Number

Method 1 (easiest)

Press the mute button 3 times and you’ll be presented with information similar to what is shown in this picture, including your model number.

Method 2

  • Press “Settings” in magic remote
  • Click “All Settings”
  • Navigate to the “Support” menu item

Method 3

Your TV should have a label that looks like the one shown above. The model number is included there, so you know what it is!

What about the serial number?

Serial numbers are a great way to identify your LG TV. They come in handy if you want to know which model number corresponds with the serial number of an individual set, what year it was put together and produced as well as where it originated from!

Serial numbers are a great way to track down information about what’s happening with your TV. For example, the serial number might tell you that the screen is from batch XYZ and if there is ever an issue with it then contacting customer service will help find out where repairs should go!

What is the SVC code (service code)

Also, the TV is assigned an SVC code (service code) or product code. This unique identifier allows technicians in case of repair and also provides valuable information about model type as well what components are used in assembling your set; it saves time for future troubleshooting if you know how long ago something was manufactured! The only usable info provided by Product Code – indicated country where assembled TVs come from which can vary depending on software versions between countries due to licensing agreements sometimes including different regionalized programming libraries too!

Where can you find the TV LG’s serial number?

Method 1 (easiest)

Pressing the mute button on your magic remote 3 times will display a message with information about its serial number.

Method 2

The aforementioned sticker on the back of the TV will have it too!


LG has been at the forefront of television technology for decades, and today they remain one of the most popular brands in this industry. And when it comes to buying an LG TV, understanding how their model numbers can help! Did I miss anything that you would like to know? Comment below and I´ll update the article!

Thank you for reading this post, and good luck with your future purchase! 🙂 Don’t forget to share it too via social media. See you in the next one! 🙂

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