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Since they first started beaming their programming via satellite into the homes and televisions of their army of eager viewers more than thirty years ago, Sky has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and are constantly searching for ways to improve their customer’s viewing experience.

And while three decades ago it was fairly rare to see a satellite fixed to the wall of a house, those satellites now vastly outnumber the far more humble digital aerial.

It’s their omnipresent attention to detail and their willingness to utilize every development and idea that can enhance and increase the pleasure of their subscribers that has helped Sky to gradually increase its monopoly on the broadcasting market.

Unlike the traditional time-served broadcasters who started life in the pre-digital age, Sky knows that if you rest on your laurels and rely solely on your brand name, then as well hoist, and wave the televisual white flag and give up.

The only way to stay relevant and give your customers what they want, and need, is by staying one step ahead of the curve and always having your finger on the cultural pulse.

And that’s exactly what Sky has always done, and continues to do, and the latest weapon in their broadcasting arsenal, that is guaranteed to continue their dominance and extend they’ve already established over their competitors, is Sky Q.

What Is Sky Q?

Sky Q is Sky’s all in one answer to every current digital and streaming television trends, and is their replacement for their Sky+ and Sky HD services and boxes.

It is, in their own words, the easy way to gather and keep all of your apps and all of your TV in one place, and combines their traditional satellite-based service with cutting edge internet technology and provision.

It also increases the hard drive space available to customers so that they can record and download more shows, and ups the number of programs that you can record while you’re watching another channel from two to six.

And it does it all through a slim-line, smaller box and a simple to master remote control.

The Sky Q Remote

A little more advanced and complex than the previous remote controls that Sky used to give their customers complete control over the shows and channels that they chose to watch, the Sky Q remote also enables the viewer to fully control their television as well as their Sky Q box, which negates the need for multiple controllers and reduces the chances of losing one of the many controllers that you used to need to use on your TV down the side of the sofa.

While the Sky engineer who installs your Sky Q box should enable and fully set the remote that comes with your Q box before she or he leaves if they don’t the code that you’ll need to enter to make the remote work with your box, should be in the handbook that’s supplied with the remote and the box.

And if you can’t find it, you can always give Sky a ring and their customer service team will guide you through a step-by-step process to programming your remote to work in conjunction with and enable you to fully control your Sky Q box.

However, what the engineer won’t be able to do is provide you with the code that you’ll need to use on your Sky Q remote to enable it to control your television.

With so many different brands of television being manufactured and sold, there are multiple different codes available, and each one is designed and specifically generated to enable your Sky Q remote to control a specific brand and make of television.

But finding the right code for the right make of television isn’t as easy as finding the right code for your Sky Q box is, and can sometimes take up far more of your time than you’d probably like, or want it to.

How To Find The Right Code For The Right Television

The good news is, there are thousands of sites on the internet dedicated to helping you find the right code for your television. They were originally set up and established when manufacturers began to make Universal remote controls that were designed and meant to work with every brand of television.

To make sure that they did work, television manufacturers supplied the codes that the Universal remotes needed in order to become the default control for their televisions.

Gradually, over time a lot of tech-savvy forum users started to share and compile the codes and created websites that were and are dedicated solely to helping people find the right codes for their televisions to make it as easy to change the remote controller that you used for your television as it was to change the socks that you were every morning.

The Sky Q remote is no different from a Universal remote controller and works the same way.

By pointing it at your television and entering a simple three or four-digit code, it automatically transfers control of your television to your Sky Q remote.

The only problem you have is finding the right code for your television, which can take a surprising amount of time if you decide to attempt to locate it by searching the internet.

That’s why we decided to step in and make things a little easier and have compiled a list of the four and, some of the three, digit codes that’ll grant you and your Sky Q remote control complete mastery over five of the most popular brands of television.

And so, without further ado, here are the codes that you can use to control your television with your Sky Q remote, listed by brand

Here are some popular TV brand codes:

Samsung: 065, 0065, 0584, 0060, 0032
LG: 066, 064, 1176, 0418, 0244
Sony: 1080, 0680, 0810, 0303, 1685
Panasonic: 034, 063, 0195, 1089, 0969
Philips: 0081, 1149, 0062, 0208, 0685
Toshiba: 035, 074, 0778, 1556, 1935
Sharp: 0093, 0121, 1371, 0211, 1385
Hitachi: 0145, 1145, 0151, 2402, 2065
JVC: 0157, 0070, 0069, 0531, 0251
Hisense: 2530, 2340, 2210, 2183, 2106

Can I Program My Sky Q Remote Control By Hand?

In the unlikely event that you engineer leaves without programming your Sky Q box, you can’t get through to Sky or there wasn’t a handbook supplied with your box, there is a way that you can find the code that you need to use to enable your Sky Q remote to control your Sky Q box.

Sky actually designed it to be a quick method that you can use if you have to replace your Sky Q remote, and it’s incredibly straightforward and simple. And this is how you do it.

Make sure that your television and Sky Q box are both switched on and that the default Sky Q screen is displayed on the screen of your television. Once you’re sure that they’re both on and that there are batteries in your remote control, you’ll need to follow six simple steps.

Point your Sky Q remote at your television, and then press and hold down the select and red buttons on your remote until the indicator light on the front of your remote starts to flash. As soon as it does, while pointing the remote at your box press 990.

Then push the “1” button on your remote and count the number of times the indicator light on your remote flashes. Remember it, as that’s the first digit in the three-digit code you’ll need to program your remote.

Once the light has stopped flashing, push the number “2” button on your remote, count the number of times the light flashes, and remember them, as that’s the second number in your three-digit code.

Repeat the process by pushing the number “3” and take note of the number of flashes, as that’s the last number in your three-digit code.

When you have all three numbers, simply point your remote at your Sky Q box, enter your three-digit code and you’ll be ready to use it to fully explore, and enjoy everything that Sky Q has to offer.

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