Sky Glass Connections Guide

Sky Glass is meant to be an all-in-one device, but it does have ports that allow you to connect other devices to it.

In this Sky Glass connections guide, I’ll show you how to connect various devices to your Sky Glass.

Most of the time, connecting an external device to Sky Glass is a straightforward process.

On the other hand, there are a couple of issues here and there that you should know about.

Let’s get started.

Sky Glass Connections Guide

How to Connect iPhone to Sky Glass

Unfortunately, Sky Glass does not have AirPlay or Bluetooth so casting is unavailable.

However, you can screen-mirror your iPhone screen on the Sky Glass by using an HDMI adapter for iPhone. Sky Glass does not have built-in casting features.

Another solution is to connect a streaming stick that supports casting features. For example, you can connect an Apple TV, Roku Streaming Stick, Amazon Fire Stick, or Chromecast to one of the HDMI ports on your Sky Glass TV.

External casting sticks can also let you access apps and streaming services that are not available on the Sky platform.

How to Connect a WII to Sky Glass

Connecting the Nintendo WII to the Sky Glass is a bit tricky because WII uses SCART and Sky Glass only has HDMI ports.

The easiest way to connect Nintendo WII to Sky Glass is to use a SCART to HDMI converter.

Sky Glass does not have RCA or AV ports, it only has HDMI. The Nintendo Switch can connect to Sky Glass with an HDMI cable.

How to Connect Xbox to Sky Glass

To connect Xbox to Sky Glass simply run an HDMI cable from your Xbox to one of the available HDMI ports on Sky Glass.

The Sky Glass is also compatible with the next-gen Xbox Series X and you can enjoy games 4K 60 Hz. Sky Glass’s maximum refresh rate is 60 Hz.

If your Sky Glass does not detect a video signal from your Xbox, I recommend buying a high-speed HDMI cable.

Even if you have a last-gen Xbox, upgrading HDMI cables can help with video issues.

How to Connect PS4 to Sky Glass

You can connect a PS4 to Sky Glass by using an HDMI cable. The Sky Glass also supports the PS5 via HDMI.

Sky Glass’s HDMI ports will support almost every video signal.

How to Connect a Soundbar to Sky Glass

To connect a soundbar to Sky Glass you need to use the HDMI port that is labelled eARC.

Run a cable from the eARC HDMI port on your TV to the HDMI port on your soundbar. Next, change the audio output settings on the Sky Glass to eARC.

Sky Glass does not have an optical cable. You also can’t connect a Soundbar to Sky Glass via Bluetooth.

Remember, Sky Glass is known for the quality of its built-in speakers. The built-in speakers are the reason the Sky Glass is so heavy and thick. In fact, the speaker system in Sky Glass is a 3.1.2 configuration.

Using a soundbar with a Sky Glass might not be much of an improvement over the built-in speakers.

HDMI Ports Not Working on Sky Glass

To fix the HDMI ports not working on your Sky Glass, try these fixes:

  • Turn-on Local Dimming (Home, Settings, Picture & Sound)
  • Unplug the TV from the mains and hold down the power button on the side of the TV for a minute
  • Factory Reset Sky Glass (Settings, System Management, Resets & Updates, Factory Reset)
  • Manually select HDMI input (Home, Apps & Inputs. You can also use voice commands)
  • Buy a High-Speed HDMI cable 
  • Try a different HDMI port
  • Reset display settings on the console (use a different monitor, or launch in low-resolution mode)
  • Check for a firmware update

Remember, a factory reset will wipe all local data, which means you’ll be signed out of all apps and services.

There have been lots of complaints regarding unstable HDMI performance on the Sky Glass.

However, it seems like a firmware update has fixed most of the HDMI issues with Sky Glass. For most people, using a new high-speed HDMI cable forces the TV to detect the HDMI source.

If the fixes mentioned above don’t fix your issue, I recommend contacting Sky for further assistance.

There’s a chance that they’ll replace your Sky Glass with one that has fully functional HDMI ports.

How Many Ports Does Sky Glass Have?

To start, Sky Glass has three HDMI ports that use HDMI 2.1. Only one HDMI port supports eARC for soundbars.

How Many USB Ports Does Sky Glass Have?

Sky Glass has one USB-C port which does not support data transfer, it’s only for power delivery.

Does Sky Glass Have an Ethernet Port?

Yes. Sky Glass has an ethernet port and it also supports WiFi 6. Sky recommends an internet connection speed of at least 25 Mbps for UHD streaming services.


To summarize, Sky Glass only has three HDMI ports. To connect non-HDMI devices to Sky Glass, you will need to buy a converter.

Sky Glass does not have any built-in casting features or USB ports that support data transfer.

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