Can You Use Your Old Sky Box With Sky Q?

When Sky Q launched it completely overhauled what we know as Sky. Compared to Sky Plus, Sky Q takes the service to a whole new level.

It is not only completely different in terms of style and sleekness, but it is also completely different in terms of user experience and technology too.

The step between Sky Plus and Sky Q can only be compared to the overhaul that occurred when the Xbox 360 was replaced by the ‘One’ design.

All of these technological developments happened in quick succession and have really started a new era in modern technology.

These developments are, of course, good, but they have caused one issue, and that is what to do with the old boxes.

So if you have recently replaced your Sky Plus boxes with the Sky Q system then you might be wondering what you can do with your old boxes. In this guide, we’ll be telling you just that.

Can I use my old Sky box with Sky Q?

Unfortunately, you cannot use your old Sky box if you have had a Sky Q box fitted in your home. While prior models of Sky boxes all operated on a similar system, Sky Q was a completely new adventure for the company, and because of this, it operates independently of the older systems.

Earlier we compared Sky Q replacing Sky Plus to when Microsoft replaced the Xbox 360 with the Xbox One so let’s continue with this.

Prior to the Xbox One, all the Xbox models were compatible with one another. So when you replaced your standard Xbox with an Xbox 360, you were still able to play Xbox games on the newer model.

The same thing happened with all Sky boxes prior to Sky Q as it was possible to upgrade one box, for example from regular Sky to Sky Plus, without having to change all the boxes. However, this all changed when Sky Q was introduced.

When Sky introduced the Sky Q system they did so with the plan that it would completely replace the older generation of Sky.

Since Sky Q was released, Sky has stopped offering their Sky+ package to new customers, so now the only way you can get this system is if you are an existing Sky+ customer.

Why can’t I use my Sky+ box with Sky Q?

You might be reading this and wondering what is stopping you from getting a Sky Q subscription while also keeping your existing Sky+ box. In theory, you should be able to do this, but sadly you cannot.

There is nothing stopping you from keeping your Sky+ box when you subscribe to Sky Q. However when you subscribe to Sky Q then your Sky+ subscription will automatically come to an end.

There has been some talk that buying a replacement viewing card allows you to stream both Sky+ and Sky Q simultaneously, but this does not work. Sadly, once you subscribe to Sky Q you will not be able to access Sky services through your old Sky+ or Sky box.

As we have said, Sky designed Sky Q with the view that this service would replace its older services. So it does make sense that when they released it they wanted to ensure that it couldn’t run alongside their older systems.

To ensure this, Sky Q is only released on a separate subscription from Sky+. You cannot have more than one Sky subscription going to one house, so this means that you have to choose between the two.

So basically, you cannot use your Sky+ box with Sky Q because the systems are simply not compatible with one another. So what can you do with your old Sky box?

What can I do with my old Sky box?

When you think about all the money that you have given Sky over the years for your Sky box, the thought of it suddenly going to waste can be pretty heartbreaking.

Even though you aren’t spending all of that money on the Sky box itself, the box is the only physical thing that you get out of all that money you have spent. So parting with it can be difficult.

As we have established, you can’t use your old Sky box alongside Sky Q. Well at least, you can’t use it to stream Sky channels, but there is nothing stopping you from using the box to access free channels.

If you don’t want your old Sky box to go to waste, it is possible to use it as a free view box, even if you have a Sky Q subscription.

Setting this up can be a little tricky as it will require you to access your Satellite dish, but once it is done you will easily be able to access all the Free view channels on your old Sky box.

To do this, you will need to fit a hybrid LNB into your Satellite. This will allow you to stream all the free channels that are available on Sky, however, you will not be able to pause, record or fast-forward on any of these channels. You will lose all the benefits of Sky+, but at least your old box will still be getting used.

Can you have Sky Q and Sky+ at the same time?

As we have established, it is not possible to have an active Sky Q and Sky+ subscription at the same time.

This is because Sky Q was the replacement service for the older Sky subscriptions, so it wouldn’t make sense for both services to be offered simultaneously.

But just because you can’t have an active subscription for both services at the same time, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use a Sky Q box and a Sky+ box at the same time. As we have explained, you definitely can do this, however, you will be limited to just using the free channels on your Sky+ box.

When Sky+ was first launched, a lot of people were put off of upgrading because of the costs.

A Sky subscription is expensive, so it is understandable that some people might have hoped to cut costs by using their old sky boxes as part of the new service. But unfortunately, this isn’t an option.

However, if you do want Sky in more than one room in your house, but don’t want to have to pay for an additional Sky Q box this is doable.

Instead of purchasing the multi-room package and paying for a second Sky Q box, you can instead use the Sky Go app.

The Sky Go app is free for all Sky subscribers and can be streamed on up to two devices at one time, making it a great way to cut the costs of Sky without having to compromise on the number of rooms that you have the service in.


In short, no you cannot use your old Sky box with Sky Q. But if you still want to get use out of your old Sky box you can still use it as a free view box in your home, we have told you how to do this in this guide.

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