How to Connect a Soundbar to an LG TV with Optical Cable:

Are you wondering how to connect a soundbar to an LG TV with optical cable? It’s pretty easy, and I’ll walk you through the steps in this article.

While it is a very simple setup, it’s easy to get stuck on one particular step which isn’t usually mentioned in any tutorials.

Before we start, make sure that both your TV and soundbar support optical cables. The port is very easy to spot on your LG TV because it’s labelled, either “optical”, “optical audio out”, or “Toslink”. The optical port on your soundbar will look the same, except the label will be “Optical Audio Input” instead of “output”.

How to Connect a Soundbar to an LG TV with Optical Cable:

  1. Check if both your LG TV and soundbar have an optical cable port
  2. Make sure your soundbar is powered on
  3. Remove plastic caps from the optical cable
  4. Insert one end of the optical cable into your LG TV
  5. Plug the other end into your soundbar
  6. Test the audio. Change the audio output device if necessary

To connect a soundbar to an LG TV with an optical cable, remove the plastic caps on either end of the optical cable, and then plug one side into the TV, and the other end into your soundbar.

The step most people get stuck on is the little plastic caps on either end of the optical cable. If you try to attach the cable with the caps on, it simply won’t fit into any of the ports, and it might make you think the ports or cable are damaged.

The little plastic caps are designed to protect the tips of the optical cable. Forgetting to remove the caps is the most common mistake people make.

Once the caps are removed, the cable will fit into the port, and it should make a satisfying clicking sound and lock into place.

Change Audio Output Device on LG TV:

Once the LG TV is connected to your soundbar with an optical cable, it should automatically detect the soundbar as a new audio device and start routing audio to it.

If the audio continues to come from the TV’s speakers, you might need to change the audio output settings on your TV to “Optical Output” instead of “TV Speakers”.

In some cases, you have to disable the TV speakers for the audio to be sent to the soundbar.

You might have heard that LG TVs are only compatible with specific soundbars, but that’s not the case. An LG TV will send audio to almost any soundbar, especially through an optical cable connection.

What is an Optical Cable?

Optical cables are actually quite different from standard cables. Instead of electricity, optical cables use pulses of light to transmit signals. Toslink is the type of optical cable that is used for audio equipment.

However, optical cables are used for a wide variety of purposes, such as fibre internet, telephone lines, networks, television, and many other uses.

Why Use an Optical Cable?

Most people will choose to connect a soundbar to an LG TV with an optical cable when their LG TV has no HDMI ports available. Maybe all the HDMI ports are occupied with other devices, like a casting stick, set-top box, consoles, and whatnot.

The best way to connect a soundbar to a TV is with HDMI ARC, but an optical cable is a good alternative. An optical cable can support 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS audio.

Not to mention the audio with an optical cable is more reliable and higher definition than Bluetooth audio.

My LG TV Does Not Have Optical Audio Output

If your LG TV does not have an optical audio output port, you can connect your soundbar either via HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm aux, or RCA cables. HDMI ARC delivers the best audio quality while optical is the second best.

Downsides to Using Optical Cable with Soundbar

If you connect a soundbar to an LG TV with an optical cable, you won’t be able to control the soundbar’s volume with the TV’s remote.

The only way to control the soundbar’s volume with your TV’s remote is to connect the soundbar to an HDMI port. HDMI has a feature called CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) which allows multiple devices to be controlled with one remote.

If your soundbar is connected to your LG TV with an optical cable, you’ll need to use the soundbar’s remote to control the volume.

It can be a little bothersome to use two remotes, but it’s not that big of a deal.


To summarize, connecting a soundbar to an LG TV with an optical cable is very straightforward. The most important thing to remember is to remove the plastic caps on either end of the cable before you try to plug it in.

Do you use an optical cable with your soundbar? Leave a comment below!

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