How to Get Disney Plus on Virgin TV

Want to enjoy Disney Plus with your Virgin TV subscription? Follow our step-by-step guide and start streaming your favourite content in no time.

To get Disney Plus with Virgin TV, you can access it through Virgin Media’s Stream service or via TV 360. Sign up for a Disney Plus subscription and enjoy seamless integration with your Virgin Media account.

Discover how to access Disney Plus through Virgin Media, learn about Virgin TV 360, Stream service, and how to manage your Disney Plus subscription.

Accessing Disney Plus with Virgin TV

Previously, Disney Plus wasn’t directly available on Virgin Media, and users had to rely on TV apps, streaming from their phone or tablet, or using Android sticks or Fire Sticks. However, now you can get Disney Plus with Virgin directly through two options:

  • Stream from Virgin Media
  • Virgin TV 360

Stream is Virgin Media’s new streaming service that allows you to access various entertainment services, including Disney Plus. Simply plug the Stream box into your TV and enjoy your favourite channels and apps.

Virgin TV 360 offers a seamless TV experience across multiple devices and locations. With the latest 360 box, you can access Disney Plus alongside other features like a voice-controlled remote, TV guide, and personalised profiles.

Disney Plus Subscription and Billing

When you sign up for Disney Plus via Virgin Media, you’ll be charged £7.99 per month, which will appear on your monthly Virgin Media bill. If you decide to unsubscribe from Disney Plus, the charge will be removed after your final billing period.

If you already have a Disney Plus account with Disney and wish to keep your existing profile, make sure to sign up using the same email address.

Key Features of Virgin TV 360

Virgin TV 360 is a versatile service similar to Sky Q, offering the following features:

  • Watch on TV, online, and on-the-go
  • Seamless experience across devices and locations
  • Voice-controlled remote and TV guide
  • Personalised profiles
  • Access to at least 190 channels, with options to add more
  • Record up to six shows while watching a seventh, with 500 hours of storage
  • Virgin 360 Mini boxes for additional access points
  • Incompatible with old TiVo boxes

Stream from Virgin Media: Pick and Mix Entertainment

Stream from Virgin Media allows you to customise your entertainment experience by choosing your favourite services each month. Access popular channels, apps, and streaming services like Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, Netflix, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and YouTube. Use voice search to find content across all platforms with ease.

In conclusion, accessing Disney Plus with Virgin TV is now easy through Virgin Media’s Stream service or via TV 360. Sign up for a Disney Plus subscription, integrate it with your Virgin Media account, and enjoy all your favourite Disney content alongside other entertainment options.

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