How to Fix Netflix Not Working On Samsung Smart TV 

Netflix can be found on all sorts of smart devices and is easily downloadable. Normally there are no issues after the download, but there is always the chance something could go wrong. What happens when Netflix stops working on your Samsung smart TV?

There are many reasons it may not be working, like you need an update or simply reset your TV. You can easily test out many methods to get your Netflix working again without calling a professional.

To learn more about those methods to figure out what is wrong with your Netflix application and what to do to fix it.

Netflix Not Working On Samsung Smart TV

It is frustrating when your applications aren’t working on your Samsung Smart TV, especially on Netflix. It can put quite the damper on your movie night. But don’t worry, there are many reason that your Netflix application may not be working:

  • Check for an update on your TV.
  • Check for an update for the Netflix application.
  • See if the internet or Wi-fi is working.
  • The servers temporarily may be down.

There may be other reasons for this issue, but these are the issues you can solve at home right on the spot. So what should you do to fix these?

How To Fix It

You should be able to fix most issues at home without getting help from a professional. Before you restart or reset anything, first do the following:

  • Update your TV and/or the Netflix application.
  • Check the status of your internet.

Once you have tried these two options and Netflix still doesn’t seem to be working, you can move on to trying something else. Here are those options:

  • Restart your TV.
  • Log out of your Netflix account.
  • Uninstall Netflix.
  • Check Netflix on another device.
  • Reset your TV.

Restart Your TV

There are many ways you can restart your TV. First and foremost, you just want to turn off your TV for a few minutes. After those few minutes, turn your TV on and try to access Netflix again. If this doesn’t work, you can try unplugging your Samsung TV.

Log Out Of Your Netflix Account

Sometimes, signing out of your Netflix account and logging back in will do the trick. Try this method after restarting your TV. Netflix may just need to refresh and restart. Try not to skip this option. You don’t want to reset your TV if you could have just logged out and back in.

Uninstall Netflix

Reinstall Netflix on Samsung Smart TV

Sometimes Netflix may be the problem. If nothing seems to be working, you will want to uninstall the application. Reinstall the application and log back in. It should start working, but you may want to move to the next option if not.

Check Netflix On Another Device

Before you decide to go to the last option of resetting your TV, always check Netflix on another device. Netflix’s servers may be down due to increased traffic or just something else. If this is the case, you don’t have to reset your TV, and you will have to choose another streaming service for movie night.

Reset Your TV

Reset Samsung Smart TV

This should be your last step if nothing else has worked. Although it is easy to set all your applications and accounts back up, it can be slightly annoying. Go into your TV settings and reset your TV to the default settings. 

Once you have done this, ensure that you turn off your TV and then back on. You will then log into your account. Netflix should be working at this point, and you can start streaming your favorite movies and shows.

What If Nothing Is Working?

If Netflix is still not working for any reason, you can do one of two things. The first option is to report the problem to Netflix. Netflix will fix the problem because it is most likely an issue with their servers and not your television.

The second option you can choose from is to call Samsung Support. They may have other solutions that were not thought of or help you do a systems check on the television. Sometimes they may even recall your TV, and you get the part fixed or the TV replaced.

If they cannot help you, you will have to wait on Netflix’s response. You won’t be able to watch Netflix at that time, but most likely, it will be fixed in the following few days. It really depends on the problem and if it is the weekend.

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