How To Get Subtitles On ITV Hub

The Subtitles feature on ITV Hub has become one of its most valuable features over the years as the on-demand service has grown in popularity. These subtitles are on-screen text that provides you with a near-perfect transcript of the dialogue between the characters on the program you’re watching.

For many people who have problems with their hearing, being able to enjoy watching your favorite show can be a difficult task.

However, the subtitles feature provides almost everybody, even those who have difficulty in hearing, the chance of enjoying, appreciating and immersing themselves in the world of entertainment.

Whether that’s watching your favorite drama or a classic film from your childhood, turning on subtitles can significantly enhance the experience for many viewers.

Below is a detailed and fully-researched guide on how to get subtitles on ITV Hub, one of the leading on-demand TV services in the United Kingdom.

What exactly is ‘ITV Hub’?

As touched upon above, ITV Hub is the video on-demand service for ITV, one of the leading TV channels in the United Kingdom. The ITV Hub, formerly known as ITV Player, offers a variety of homegrown channels to its 29 million registered users.

Whether you’re looking for a film, a drama series, a documentary or a sports highlights program, ITV Hub will more than likely have you sorted.

However, before you’re able to access ITV Hub’s vast database of shows you must first log in to your account. Thankfully, setting up your personal account is both simple and free of charge.

To register you’ll need to follow three simple steps. Firstly, install the ITV Hub application on your device. Then you’ll be asked to fill in the required information on their ‘Sign Up’ form and click the ‘Submit’ button.

Finally, once you’re successfully verified, you should be able to log in to your account on any of your streaming devices and access their shows.

How to get ITV Hub Subtitles?

It’s worth noting here that not all devices support the subtitles on the ITV Hub application. ITV Hub currently offers the feature for the most popular shows on its website as well as on their mobile apps, Samsung Smart TVs and TVs with Freeview Play.

The technical support team are however, currently working on adding the subtitles feature on all available platforms as soon as possible.

Turning on your ITV Hub subtitles is a straightforward task, even for the least tech-savvy people out there. Users, however, should note that not all on the service have these on-screen transcriptions.

The programs that do have subtitles available have an ‘S’ symbol located in the top-right corner of the screen. To turn them either on or off all you have to do is simply press the ‘S’ button.

As mentioned earlier, subtitles on the ITV Hub application are currently available on iPad and Smart TVs, specifically Samsung and those with Freeview Play.

Despite ITV Hub subtitles not yet being readily available on Amazon FireStick and Roku, users can still access on-screen text on these devices.

We’ll now take a look at the specific steps to get subtitles on your preferred platform.

Windows Laptops and Macbooks

If you want to watch your favorite shows privately, watching ITV Hub through your laptops and macbooks is the most convenient. This explains why the majority of people who watch alone prefer this option over other devices.

Are subtitles available when watching ITV Hub through your laptops and macbooks I hear you ask. The answer to this question is a comprehensive yes. In fact, turning on subtitles through your laptop or macbook is extremely simple.

All you have to do is sign in with your registered email and password, press ‘Play’ on your favorite show or movie, and then once the video starts, look for the ‘S’ button on your device’s screen and click.

This button is usually situated either in the lower or upper corners of your laptop and once clicked, should instantly display the subtitles for the show or movie that you are watching.


The popularity of streaming video through iPads continues to grow due to the device’s portability and lightness. For those exact reasons, watching ITV Hub through this device is widely recommended.

Whether it’s binge watching a show before you head to sleep or catching up on a series while on your commute to work, iPads are a great way to enjoy video content.

What’s more, it is also easy to activate subtitles through the ITV Hub on your Apple device.

All you need to do is follow three simple steps. Firstly, install the ITV Hub from the App Store and log in to your account. Then you need to find your program or film of choice and press ‘Play’.

Sounds pretty fool-proof so far, right? Finally, once the video has loaded, look for the ‘S’ button on the top right corner of your screen and click. It’s as simple as that!

Smart TVs

For Smart Samsung TVs and Smart TVs with Freeview Play getting the subtitle feature on ITV Hub is relatively easy compared to other TV brands.

To turn on the on-screen text on Samsung TVs all you need to do is install the ITV Hub from the Google Play store, log in to your account, play your chosen program and click the ‘S’ button in the top right side of your device.

The process is even simpler for Freeview Play subscribers as Freeview already offers the said TV service.

You’ll just need to select the ‘Menu’ button on your Smart TV remote, scroll right and click the subtitle sub-menu to turn on your on-screen captions.

Amazon FireStick

As mentioned earlier, subtitles are not yet readily available on the Amazon FireStick for ITV Hub, but users can turn on the on-screen texts by following these steps.

Users will need to plug their FireStick into one of the HDMI ports on their TV, open ITV Hub and play their chosen video on the TV screen.

With the video playing, click the ‘Menu’ button on the remote, select ‘Subtitles’ and ‘Audio sub-menu’. Turn on the subtitles option, then press ‘Menu’ again to exit so you can enjoy your favorite show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get subtitles on ITV Hub through Android phones?

Sorry to disappoint Android users but unfortunately ITV Hub can hardly be used with subtitles in Android devices. This is because the ITV application is not supported by most Android devices anymore.

Policy changes in Adobe and Samsung have affected the support for ITV applications in Android.

Are subtitles available in real-time for live shows?

Understandably, transcribing subtitles isn’t the quickest job. Therefore, most live TV shows won’t have subtitles. ITV Hub however, work to get their subtitles up as soon as possible so you can access them.

Are audio descriptions also available?

Audio descriptions are useful tools to help people understand what is happening in a show or film. ITV Hub has these audio descriptions available, but only for select devices. A few iPads and Android devices have the ‘AD’ button to activate them.

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  1. I have a youview + box from TalkTalk so that I can record programmes. I am deaf but I can get subtitles on BBC Iplayer app, 4 app, 5 app and UKTV app. For some reason I cannot get subtitles on ITV Hub app. So I am assuming it is not a problem with the box, merely a problem with ITV Hub app. I cannot record all the programmes that I want to watch, that have subtitles on ITV. Have written to TalkTalk, Youview and ITV but nobody is giving me any answers. Have done factory reset. Am very frustrated!!


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