Do I Need a Fire Stick With A Smart TV? 

In today’s world, streaming services come in the form of applications that can be installed on televisions and set-top boxes that give you access to a wide array of content. The question is whether you need a Fire Stick with a Smart TV. Well, we w 

The short answer is that it depends on what you want to watch, and which Smart TV you have. Not all Smart TVs have every application, which means you need to establish which apps you want to watch. 

You probably still have a lot of questions about whether you need a Fire Stick with a Smart TV. Don’t worry. We’ll answer everything you need to know below. 

Which Smart TVs Could Eliminate Your Need for A Fire Stick for Streaming?

Smart TVs have been increasing in prominence over the years, allowing them to have more features to enable the latest and greatest applications. 

Samsung and LG Televisions have the latest applications, including Disney Plus, Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, and HBO Max. 

Hisense TVs also have some of the latest applications, but not all of them. The rest of the Smart TVs out there tend to have a mixture of applications because some of the companies who make the applications do not support all TVs. 

FireStick Remote

Samsung and LG TVs are the most widely supported, which means you should consider a Fire TV Stick if you don’t have either of those brands, depending on what you plan on watching. 

Do All Smart TVs Support Fire TV Sticks?

You may be wondering whether you can use any smart TV with the Amazon Fire Stick. The good news is that the prerequisites are not big. Here is what your TV needs:

  • An HDMI Port: The Fire TV Stick plugs directly into the TV’s HDMI port, so you need a TV with one of those ports. Smart TVs all have HDMI ports, so that should be no issue. 
  • The stick needs power: You can connect it to a USB port on the TV, but 4K content typically only works when the stick is powered from an outlet. 
  • Strong Wi-Fi: If you’re streaming content, you need to have a decent internet connection. 

Don’t Get a Fire Stick If Your Smart TV Runs on Android

With the Fire Stick supporting Android, it does give it access to a wealth of apps and features, but there are a small number of smart TVs out there that already have Android built-in as the operating system. 

If the TV has Android TV included, you will be able to access many of the built-in features. 

Having two devices running Android for home entertainment in the same setup would make one of them redundant, so the rule of thumb is to avoid a Fire Stick if you already have an Android-capable TV. 

What Are the Benefits of a Fire TV Stick Aside from Applications?

While the Amazon Fire TV Stick is more widely known for streaming, other features set it apart from Smart TV devices. 

These features are:

  • Gaming: You can connect a controller and play games through Amazon Luna, which streams games, or you can install minigames that allow you to use a controller or the remote. 
  • Voice-activated fun: You can use the remote-control microphone to have your voice control the device, including to change the volume and to play different TV shows and movies. 
  • Alexa commands: The Fire Stick comes with Alexa built-in, so if you’re in the market to check the weather with your voice, then this will be an excellent feature for you. 
  • Free TV: Several applications that support free TV, such as Pluto and IMDb TV, can be installed, allowing you free access to more content. 
  • Support for the latest features: If your TV supports 4K Ultra HD content, you will be able to watch it. Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and HDR are some more of the included features. 
  • Fire TV Stick Interface is fast and responsive: Even the latest Smart TVs sometimes struggle to keep up with the commands. Amazon’s device is based on Android, which is snappier than a Smart TV. 

Are Fire TV Sticks Worthwhile on Older Smart TVs?

In recent years, aging Smart TVs have lost access to applications as the streaming services stop supporting older devices. This means that applications on your Smart TV will no longer be available. 

If you want to avoid upgrading to a newer TV as the smart features become obsolete, the Fire TV Stick would be a great option because Amazon regularly updates the software that allows you to continue using your favorite applications. 

It truly comes down to whether you want to constantly upgrade your TV every few years.

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