How To Install 3rd Party Apps On Samsung Smart TV 

Your Samsung Smart TV comes with preinstalled applications for your entertainment, but it might not always have what you are looking for. Apps not created by Samsung may not be available on your Samsung Smart TV. However, it is possible to install 3rd party apps on your Samsung Smart TV. So, how do you do this?

Read on to learn how to install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV. The process is simple if you gather the materials you need and make sure to follow the steps below. If you are looking to download and install Roku, Disney+, Netflix, or something of the like, you will need more than the Samsung Smart TV itself.

Buy An External Storage Device

A Samsung Smart TV runs on a Tizen operating system, which prevents you from directly installing 3rd party apps onto your television. You may not have access to some of your favorite apps. It will take some tweaks to make this possible. As opposed to many other Samsung products, a Samsung Smart TV may not even have the Google Play Store; It has its own Samsung App Store.

Install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV

Because of this, you will need an external storage device to download and install 3rd party apps. Whether you use a flash drive, an SD card, or a Pend drive, you must have an external storage device if you want different apps than the Samsung Smart TV offers. You will also need a computer or other device from which you download the 3rd party app. 

There are several technologically advanced ways to install 3rd party apps on your Samsung Smart TV, but some of them are not worth consideration, especially if you do not have experience with such devices. Below are the easiest ways to install 3rd party apps onto your Samsung Smart TV.

Check TV Compatibility And Connection

You will not be able to install a 3rd party app if your Samsung Smart TV is not compatible with the app. Do some research to find if the app you are wanting to install has previously been successful in being installed on a Samsung Smart TV. For most popular apps, you should not have any trouble with compatibility. 

Making sure your Samsung Smart TV’s internet connection is the same as your computer’s is important. Check to see that the IP address is the same, and of course, ensure that both devices have a strong, secure connection. Without both devices functioning off of the same network, the methods below that require a computer will not work.

Enable Unknown Sources

Before having the ability to download and install 3rd party apps, your Samsung Smart TV needs to allow the apps to be installed. With your Samsung Smart TV on, go to the Settings, click General, find the Personal tab, and locate Security. From there, enable Unknown Sources.

By enabling the Unknown Sources, your Samsung Smart TV releases the blockage of 3rd party apps. Once you have enabled Unknown Sources, you are ready to install the 3rd party apps of your choosing. 

You will need to copy the application onto the drive plugged into your computer. Then, simply take the drive on which you have copied an application from your computer and plug it into your Samsung Smart TV. After doing this, you should have the option to select the file and begin the installation.

Choose Developer Mode

Developer Mode is another way you can install 3rd party apps from a second device. Locate the Apps section of your Samsung Smart TV in the Smart Hub Menu within the settings. Enter the PIN, which should be 12345, and switch on Developer Mode.

Developer Mode is a bit more difficult than some other options to install 3rd party devices, so if you have no experience, it might be best to opt for the simpler methods. Still, using Developer Mode to connect to your computer through an IP address is even easier than other, complex ways.

When you have activated Developer Mode on your computer and connected your Samsung Smart TV with the IP address of your computer, you have access to various deployment options, one of which involves installing 3rd party apps.

Firestick Or Roku Plug-In

The easiest way to install apps on your Samsung Smart TV is simply by buying an Amazon Firestick or Roku plug-in. Keep in mind, however, that these can be the most costly ways. Still, if you are not keen on figuring out the enabling options of other methods, having a portable streaming device is the way to go.

These devices come in the form of a USB connection, so by plugging it into your Samsung Smart TV, it will already be set up. Of course, to use the apps provided by the portable streaming device, you must already be paying the fee for select apps. 

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