BT Hub Flashing Orange Light

It’s always a worry when your BT Hub goes rogue and starts flashing different colours at you instead of the usual happy green light which normally indicates that the device is in working order and running efficiently.

However, if your BT Hub does happen to be flashing an orange light at you then you’ll probably want to know what it’s trying to tell you so you can work out how to fix it as soon as possible. 

Here at Blue Cine Tech, we’ll teach you exactly why you’re BT Hub if flashing an orange light, how to fix this problem, and also what other colors to look out for on your BT Hub and what they indicate. 

What does the flashing orange light mean? (BT Smart Hub, Smart Hub 2 and Ultrafast Smart Hub)

If the light on your BT Hub is flashing orange then this indicates that it is trying to connect to the broadband and may take around a minute or two to secure the connection.

Once the hub has connected the orange light will remain steady and you’ll need to use a device like a computer, tablet, or mobile phone to connect to the hub.

Then once you’ve connected, if the web browser has not already opened up, open up an internet tab and follow the on-screen wizard who will help you get properly connected.

Once everything is connected and your BT Hub is working fine, there should be a blue light on the hub. You may need to restart the device you’ve connected to the WiFi on to then be able to use and browse online. 

BT Home Hub 4 & 5

If you have a BT Home Hub 4 or 5 and the wireless light is flashing orange then this is indicating that your hub is in WPS connection mode, this means that anyone trying to connect to your internet hub will have to enter a passkey (one may have been provided with the hub but you can change it to a personalized passkey).

If you don’t want WPS mode on, you’ll need to press the button and it should return to the normal mode after a few minutes.

When the wireless light on the hub is a steady orange then this means that you have switched off the wireless security and you can turn it back on in the wireless tab in your hub manager. 

If the central power light on this hub is orange then this means there is a problem somewhere and you may need to check the other lights on the hub to see where the problem is.

BT Home Hub 3

If you have a BT Home Hub 3 and the light is flashing orange then this means that the hub is starting up or connecting via WPS. 

A steady orange light on the hub indicates that power save mode has been activated or that there may be an issue with your hub. If you haven’t set the hub to power save mode then press the restart button and the hub may fix itself.

How to Fix the BT Hub Orange Flashing Light Problem

The orange flashing light on your hub indicates that it is trying to connect to the internet and within a couple of minutes it should turn blue to show that it is connected. However, sometimes this is not the case and the orange flashing light remains or remains as a steady orange light.

Here are some methods to help you fix the orange flashing light on your BT Hub.

BT Smart Hub Troubleshooting

If you’ve tried restarting your hub but it still won’t connect then you may have to start troubleshooting the issue.

  1. Open up a web browser and enter the default IP address into the web browser’s address bar
  2. On the left-hand side of your screen, the status of your internet connection should be displayed. Then go to the ‘No connection help’ web page under the orange ‘No service’ option and then the setup help wizard will open
  3. A message may come up saying that ‘BT Hub has detected a problem’ and then select the ‘start troubleshooting’ option
  4. A test will then be performed and it will hopefully notify you of the problem and will normally try to restore the problem on its own
  5. It may take a while for the problem to be fixed, but when everything is working fine the light on the hub will turn to blue

BT Home Hub Troubleshooting

If your Home hub is producing an orange flashing light then you’ll need to follow this troubleshooting method below.

  1. Open up a web browser on a device (preferably a computer) and type the IP address into the browser’s address bar
  2. After you’ve logged in, go to ‘Advanced settings’ on the web page
  3. Then go to ‘Broadband’ and select ‘Reset username’ 
  4. Wait for the hub to connect, it may continue flashing orange for a short time but it will then eventually turn blue

If you’ve tried restarting your hub and exhausted these troubleshooting methods and the orange flashing light still won’t work then there may be a problem with the cables that you have connected to the router.

Find your setup manual again and make sure all the cables are correct, you can try turning the hub off at the plug as well. 

Try resetting your hub using a pin and pressing it in the pinhole reset button at the back of the hub for 30 seconds, or also by pressing the reset button on the hub for 30 seconds.

Once you’ve tried this again, you may want to restart the device that you used to connect to the hub with and see if everything works when you try to reconnect.

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