Flashing Green Light on Virgin Media Router

If you’re using a Virgin Media Hub, it’s essential to know what the different lights indicate. Specifically, a flashing green light can mean different things depending on whether you have the Hub 3, 4, or 5.

Hub 4 and 5: Flashing Green Light Indicates an Update

What it Means

For Virgin Media Hub 4 and 5, a flashing green light signifies that the device is currently downloading an update. This is an automatic process and an essential part of keeping your hub’s software up-to-date and secure.

What to Expect During Hub 4 and 5 Update

When your Virgin Media Hub 4 or 5 displays a flashing green light, it indicates that the device is currently downloading an update. During this process, you should be prepared for a temporary interruption in your internet service. This is a normal part of the update procedure and is necessary to ensure your Hub receives the latest software enhancements and security patches.

As the update progresses, the Hub will handle everything automatically. You won’t need to take any action. Once the download and installation are complete, the Hub will go through a restart cycle. After this restart, your internet connection should be restored, and the Hub’s light will return to its standard state. This change in the light’s behavior is a clear indication that the update process is complete and that your Hub is back to operating normally.

Hub 3: A Different Scenario

Hub 3’s light indicators are more varied and require a distinct approach for each scenario:

Flashing Green Power Light: This typically means the Hub 3 is trying to establish a connection to the Virgin Media network. It could be during initial setup, after a reset, or when the network itself is experiencing issues.

Flashing Green WiFi Light: A flashing green WiFi light on the Hub 3 can indicate that the WiFi function is being set up or adjusted. It could also flash when you press the WPS button to connect a device via WPS.

Flashing Power Light: If the power light is flashing green, it could signify a potential issue with the Hub’s firmware or a hardware problem. In some cases, it can also mean the Hub is in modem mode.

If the flashing green light persists on your Hub 3:

  1. Check Virgin Media’s Service Status: Ensure there are no known issues in your area. Test your Virgin Media broadband connection.
  2. Restart the Hub: Often, a simple restart can resolve connection issues.
  3. Check Cable Connections: Ensure all cables are securely connected.
  4. Contact Support: If the issue continues, it’s best to reach out to Virgin Media for assistance. Virgin Media Support page: https://www.virginmedia.com/help/broadband

Understanding Virgin Media Hub 3 Lights

If you’re using the Virgin Media Hub 3, knowing the meaning of its various lights is key to diagnosing and solving connectivity issues. Here’s a guide to what each light signifies:



This light indicates the WiFi status of your Hub 3. Initially, it flashes as the Hub powers up, then turns green during the connection process, before finally turning off. If you’re using the WPS feature, this light will flash green.

Internet LED


The Internet LED on your Hub 3 reveals the status of your connection to the broadband network. It behaves similarly to the WiFi LED, flashing on start-up, then turning green for a short while before switching off. During software updates, expect this light to flash green.

Phone LED


For users receiving their home phone service through broadband, this light is significant. It flashes upon powering the Hub, stays green briefly, and then turns off. A lit-up Phone LED could indicate issues with the phone network.

WPS Button (WiFi Protected Set Up)


This isn’t a light, but a button used for connecting WPS-enabled wireless devices to your home network. It simplifies the process of adding new devices to your WiFi.

Power LED


Located at the base of the Hub, the Power LED indicates when the Hub is on. It flashes white when the Hub is powering up and stays lit once it’s fully operational.

Ethernet port LEDs

On the back of the Hub 3, you’ll find four Ethernet ports, each with its own LED. These lights show a connection between the Hub and any device attached via Ethernet cables. When lit, they confirm an active wired connection.

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