What Channels Are Free With Fire stick?

If your Amazon Fire Stick is all set up, you’re probably ready to kick back and explore the vast new streaming world available to you. The top free Fire Stick channels for 2023 are highlighted below.

Free Channels for Fire Stick

With a Fire Stick, you can choose from a vast selection of free channels available in the form of applications.

All of the channel applications that Amazon Fire TV supports are available on Fire Stick. You can pick from a wide variety of app categories, such as on-demand streaming services; TV and movie streaming services like Tubi, Plex, Pluto TV, and Xumi; news channels; sports channels; cable TV channels; and local television channels. On certain applications, you can even watch live TV streams.

It’s easy to install Fire Stick channel apps. Simply type a channel’s name into the Fire Stick user interface and choose “Install.” Discovering new channel apps can also be done by navigating the user interface. You can access all the channels inside each app by scanning through the various “Categories.”

While some Fire Stick channels (not listed here) are subscription-based and not free, others may only need you to register with a TV service provider (as noted below) in order to view free content. Typically, cable TV providers will bundle these channels for free with most of their packages.

Keep in mind that, depending on where you are, the channels that are available can change. For instance, certain American channels may not be available in the UK, and vice-versa. Additionally, certain channels may have a free version and a paid version (often with fewer or no ads).

I. TV Shows and Movies

A Fire Stick provides access to a number of well-known streaming services for movie and TV fans. In fact, you may be surprised by the sheer number of free streaming channels and the excellent content they provide. Additionally, free trials of some of the Fire Stick’s premium services can be enticing. But first, let’s examine some of the top free streaming services for movies and TV shows.

Roku Channel

Fire TV devices can be configured to install the Roku Channel. In case you weren’t aware, Roku is much more than just a streaming hardware gadget. The Roku Channel, which is that device’s own streaming service, is also free and accessible on Fire Stick. The Roku Channel offers TV shows, movies, sports, and news, including ABC News.


One prominent free streaming service for the Fire Stick is Plex. Its offerings include the Spiderman franchise films, critically acclaimed dramas like Sophie’s Choice, and vintage scare fests like Train to Busan and Friday the 13th. Even by our high standards, this isn’t a bad selection of freebies.


Xumo is a media streaming service that offers more than 180 free channels and a sizable movie library. Additionally, you have complete control over the types of movies on offer. You don’t need to register or provide any payment information to use Xumo if you’re looking for a convenient, hassle-free movie night.


There’s no need to introduce this one. Without support for dependable old YouTube, what streaming gadget would be complete? To avoid confusion, remember there’s a difference between YouTube and the newer YouTube TV; YouTube is free, but YouTube TV (also available for Fire Stick) is a premium membership service that streams on-demand content and live TV.


Another well-known streaming service is Starz, which has a huge selection of shows, films, and original content. Iron Man 3, The Devil Wears Prada, and the Saw franchise are among the most-watched films on Starz. Outlander and Blindspotting are two of the available series.

Comedy Central (TV Provider Required)

Popular favorite comedy shows like Futurama and South Park can be found on Comedy Central. Moonbeam City, Futurama, and South Park are all original properties of this well-liked channel. Stand-up comedy and live TV specials are additional offerings.

Peacock TV (Free and Paid Options)

You can access a wide range of free entertainment with Peacock TV, a streaming service from American TV network NBC. This includes Spanish-language networks, late-night TV, news, and proprietary NBC programming.

II. Live Channels

A variety of live TV channels are supported by Fire Stick devices if you like to view your entertainment in real-time. Although Fire Stick can access a number of subscription-based services, there are also several excellent free live TV channels outlined below that you should check out.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a somewhat unique offering in the world of streaming; it’s a live streaming service that doesn’t need an account. Although it doesn’t provide the widest variety of channels, its selection is really quite good. The Star Trek channel, the Hell’s Kitchen channel, and the CBS News channel are among the 200+ channels offered by this service. Best of all, Pluto TV is free, since it’s subsidized by ads.


You can watch movies, TV programs, and live TV for free with Tubi, another excellent live TV streaming service. All Fire TV devices are compatible with Tubi. In addition to providing live sports and news coverage, including Fox Sports, MLB, and beIN Sports Extra, Tubi also offers movie and TV streaming. Tubi’s portfolio is really amazing for a free service; as we were perusing it, several classic and well-known films grabbed our interest. Besides the caveat that it’s paid for by advertising, Tubi is completely free of charge.


For Fire Stick owners interested in A&E programs, this channel is the ideal choice. Even some deleted scenes and clips that were never seen on the regular A&E cable channel are available on the app. The greatest thing is that the app doesn’t require a membership; there’s already enough content that can be watched for free.


You can watch a ton of movies and episodes of web series on Popcornflix. Popcornflix programming is broadcast for free, although there’s sometimes an overwhelming number of advertisements. However, the app’s sign-up procedure is simple, and you can start viewing content right away.


Sony Entertainment owns Crackle, which offers a vast library of television series and films. By using the app’s search function, you can quickly find the programs you enjoy. Additionally, you can use a single account to access Crackle on multiple devices. As a result, your Crackle library will be universally accessible.

You can also view the following free TV program and movie channels on a Fire Stick:

  • FilmRise Classics
  • Rakuten Viki
  • Fox Now

III. Sports Networks

You can watch some sports programming on your Fire Stick using a number of the streaming services we’ve mentioned above and at the end of this section, including Peacock and fuboTV. Additional Fire TV-compatible sports-focused applications can be found below. Remember that although the following apps are free to download, some (as noted) may also need a subscription to a TV service provider like Sling TV or Hulu with Live TV.


NHL is another free-to-air channel. Install this channel on your Fire Stick if you’re a devoted National Hockey League fan and don’t want to miss any games. Additionally, you can watch certain games live, and for those who like betting on matchups, recaps and highlights offer extra enjoyment.

Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is the next option on this list, and it provides a variety of local sports programming. You can watch local teams play on your Fire Stick and root for your favorite regional players by installing this app. Additionally, the channel provides recaps and highlights, both of which enhance the free viewing experience.

NFL (Free and Paid)

Although you need to pay to use certain in-app options, like the NFL Game Pass, the core NFL app is free to use. The NFL app is the go-to resource for football aficionados, allowing you to access league news and view game highlights.

Fox Sports (TV Provider Required)

Watch Fox Sports to follow the WWE, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, and other sports leagues/organizations. Although this app is free to download, in order to view the content, you need to have a TV service provider. You can sign in with your cord-cutting service subscription, such as Hulu with Live TV, if you don’t have cable. Fox Sports could be what you’re searching for if you want an NBA or NFL feed or if you like boxing or NASCAR racing.

NBC Sports (TV Provider Required)

NBC Sports is free to watch if you have a cable or satellite TV provider. You can also watch NBC Sports for free on Peacock (see above), NBC’s new streaming service, if you don’t have a cable or satellite provider. As the primary host of NBC’s sports coverage, Peacock took the place of the network’s former NBC Sports Gold.

CBS Sports Stream & Live Streaming (TV Provider Required)

Although you need to connect using a TV service provider, CBS Sports offers free sports streaming. This is the app you need on your Fire Stick if you want a full complement of game highlights, live sports news, and replays from the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB.

ESPN (Requires in-app purchases)

ESPN is one of the world’s top sports networks and needs no introduction. Although you can download ESPN for free on Fire Stick, certain in-app offerings cost money.

On a Fire Stick, you can also get more free sports channels like:

  • Tennis Channel on DAZN
  • fuboTV
  • MLB at Bat
  • UFC

IV. News Channels

There are multiple news channels supported by Fire TV for individuals who wish to stay on top of current affairs. Whether you wish to watch, listen to, or read the news, you’ll never run out of suitable apps that you can install on your Fire Stick. Some news apps are free but require a TV provider login, much like several of the sports apps listed above.

CBC News

You can install CBC News, a Canadian news outlet, on a Fire Stick. Canadian news outlet CBC News offers round-the-clock coverage, breaking news, and more. Additionally, viewers get access to business news and on-demand news clips. Installing CBC News on the Fire Stick isn’t a problem, as it’s an approved Fire TV channel.

ABC News

You can get live news, new stories, and video from Nightline and Good Morning America, among other shows, with the ABC News app. You can get 24/7 updates from ABC News on breaking news and current events. The best part is that watching ABC News on your Fire Stick doesn’t require a cable package or any other kind of TV service.

Sky News

Sky News, a British news organization owned by Comcast’s Sky Group, offers round-the-clock coverage of breaking news from across the globe. Additionally, it addresses a variety of timely subjects, such as the economy, politics, and the environment. Sky News is one of the channel applications that Fire TV officially supports. Another option for watching Sky News is to use Pluto TV (see above), where you can also view Sky News for free.


You won’t be charged anything, nor will you need a cable connection or a membership to view the most recent news on NewsON. You can watch thousands of news snippets thanks to this app, which covers roughly 175 local news networks in the U.S.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera, an independent news network, gives you breaking news from across the globe. Al Jazeera is one of the most well-known and well-liked independent news networks in the world. It’s accessible everywhere, including, naturally, on all Fire TV devices. This is a great option, as it means you can get your news without having a cable TV or TV provider subscription.

BBC News (In-app purchases may be required)

Most people are familiar with the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation); if you want to watch news on this channel, it’s free. Additionally, the BBC News app gives you access to whole BBC television episodes. Although you can download the app for free, some specific content may require a membership.

CNBC (TV Provider Required)

Another news source you can access on the Fire Stick is CNBC (currently a unit of NBCUniversal News Group and formerly an acronym for the Consumer News and Business Channel), where you can view current news, past programs, and business news. CNBC keeps you informed, whether you’re interested in the stock market or other types of news and events. To watch CNBC, you must connect using a TV service provider or a cord-cutting service, like DirecTV Stream, for example.

NBC News (TV Provider Required)

NBC News is a mostly live news channel in the U.S. Additionally, you can get the most trusted news from distinguished journalist hosts by watching news programs like TODAY and NBC Nightly News. It’s possible to log in with a cord-cutting TV provider if you don’t have a cable provider login.

MSNBC (TV Provider Required)

The NBCUniversal News Group’s primary news channel is MSNBC. In addition to material from NBC, MSNBC covers a range of news topics. You can view MSNBC for free if you have a TV service provider. If not, you’re only allotted a certain amount (10 to 15 minutes) of free daily streaming time.

Fox News (TV Provider Required)

Famous American news organization Fox News, which is a part of the Fox News Group, is accessible on Fire Stick and may be viewed for free using your TV provider login. Fox News is available on cord-cutting TV services, including Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, fuboTV, DirecTV Stream, and YouTube TV.

CNNgo (TV Provider Required)

CNN stands for Cable News Network, one of the main news channels both inside and outside the United States. You can stay up to speed on breaking news and a variety of live and on-demand programs by logging in using a TV service provider.

V. Educational Channels

On Fire Stick, there’s a host of free instructional channels that can help you expand your knowledge. These free channels are just as informative and entertaining for adults as they are for kids. Install these channels on your Fire Stick if you don’t want to get bored while you’re learning something new.


The NASA channel includes content about space, the cosmos, and other extra-terrestrial subjects. Download the NASA channel to your Fire Stick if you want to know more about the universe. The NASA app contains a huge picture collection and on-demand video streaming capabilities.


By installing the TED TV app on your Fire Stick, you can watch your favorite TED Talks. This app has everything for TED enthusiasts, and you can also search for specific TED Talk episodes. The app also features a “Surprise Me” function that offers TED Talks chosen at random.


Kanopy will appeal to those who like documentaries and related media. With Kanopy, you can watch a vast collection of instructional films. Additionally, you can view a selection of high-quality independent movies each month.


You can watch instructional films and other science-related media on PBS, another free app. There are many free episodes available, and regional material is also available if you input your geographic area into the app. Even though PBS doesn’t provide a surplus of free content, there’s a good chance the app will keep you occupied for weeks.


Hoopla offers a wide variety of entertaining content and is not just an instructional channel. You can access music, movies, TV programs, ebooks, audiobooks, comic books, and more after downloading the app to a Fire Stick. As a channel, Hoopla is a terrific all-rounder due to the enormous variety of content genres.

The Cooking Channel (TV Provider Required)

The Cooking Channel offers new techniques and recipes for amateur chefs and culinary masters alike. Installing the Cooking Channel on the Fire Stick can be a great idea if live cooking programming appeals to you. You have access to all Cooking Channel seasons and on-demand episodes the same day they air on television, in addition to live shows.

VI. Kids’ Channels

You can easily distinguish between your entertainment and your children’s content using Fire TV devices’ ability to set up numerous user accounts. When parents choose which channels their children can and cannot watch, what’s age-appropriate is often a major factor. In light of this consideration, we’ve picked out several excellent family-friendly Fire Stick channels and previewed them all, so you don’t have to.

PBS Kids

Kids can watch entertaining videos and episodes for free on the PBS Kids Fire Stick app. Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger, and Wild Kratts are some of the most popular programs on PBS Kids. After careful evaluation, we believe PBS Kids is a true Fire TV treasure. We especially value the focus on educational activities, in addition to the excellent video content.


On this entertaining app, kids all over the world will enjoy following their favorite animated characters. HappyKids is available on a variety of streaming devices, including Fire Stick. Shaun the Sheep, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Teletubbies, and Wallace and Gromit are just a few of the awesome free content options available on this kids’ app.


GoNoodle is the ideal app for children, parents, and teachers. The goal of this free activity-based app is to get kids active, engaged, and learning. There are exercises, videos of dance routines, full episodes, and printable student worksheets. This app is jam-packed with quick activities that teachers using Fire Sticks in the classroom can incorporate into their lessons.

Kidoodle.TV (Free and Paid)

Kidoodle, a favorite among parents, offers both paid and free content. Family-centric app Kidoodle was developed with a commitment to the security of children’s online streaming. Roblox, Lego City Mini Movies, and Paw Patrol programs are all available via Kidoodle on Fire Stick. Note that the free version of this channel features advertisements.

VII. Local Sports and News Channels

It takes only a few minutes to start watching local sports and news channels on your Fire Stick. You can download the channels you want by following the steps listed below.

1. Press the Home button and select the Search icon.

2. Enter the name of the channel you wish to download.

3. Choose to Download it, then Open the channel.

4. If a sign-up is required, complete it so that you can access the free content.

5. If you’re unsure of which channels or apps you want to download, you can choose to see categories. You can then select the categories you’re interested in and download the interesting channels (including those listed above) by pressing the Home button and choosing Apps.

VIII. Network Television Programming

On the Fire Stick, you can watch “regular” network television (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and others), including your favorite network TV shows. Additionally, you can watch myriad new channels that Amazon is adding all the time to their selection on Fire Stick.

You need to install each channel in order to watch its regular TV programming. To find the TV channels you want to watch, click the Search button on the Fire Stick Homepage. Open them after you download them to stream them through the Fire Stick.

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