Wall Mount Sky Glass? Possible?

So you recently got a Sky Glass and you’re wondering if there’s a way to wall-mount it. After some research and tests, I discovered some essential tips about wall mounting a Sky Glass TV.

Can You Wall Mount Sky Glass?

You can wall mount a Sky Glass TV with either the included wall mount bracket or an existing bracket.

Sky Glass uses the VESA standard with a 300 x 200 arrangement. Sky Glass is compatible with third-party VESA brackets but the bracket needs to support the Sky Glass’ weight requirements.


It’s very important that you properly mount the Sky Glass. You don’t want a TV that weighs over 20 kgs to fall down. The Sky Glass is one of the heaviest TVs out there.

If you’re not sure how to wall mount a Sky Glass, I recommend hiring one of Sky’s professional installers. It will save you time and reduce the chances of any dangerous mistakes.

Sky Glass weight:

  • 43″ 14 KG
  • 55″ 23 KG
  • 65″ 28 KG

Wall Mounting Sky Glass Using Sky Bracket

Wall mounting Sky Glass using the included wall bracket (called Sky Bracket) is a bit tricky for several reasons. First, you have to assemble the bracket on your own which includes drilling holes in your wall. Secondly, no screws, bolts, or wall plugs are included.

Here’s a list of the tools/kit self-installation requires:

  • Drill and drill bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Spirit Level
  • Wall fixings
  • High-performance wall plug
  • Steel coach screw
  • Mount template (included in box)

The type of screws, hole size, and depth will depend on the material of your wall. Page 3 of this Sky wall mount guide reveals information on the fixings needed for certain types of walls.

I only recommend installing it on your own if you have experience and are confident with your abilities. Otherwise, it’s best to hire a professional installer. Remember, Sky won’t take any responsibility for improperly installed wall mounts.

Having said that, I’ll summarize the important steps for you below. Once you have all the required tools and items, place the template against the wall and align it to suit your seating arrangements.

How to Wall Mount Sky Glass to Sky Bracket

The mounting template should be found inside your Sky Glass packaging material. The template is a sheet of thick paper that provides a diagram of where to drill the holes for the bracket. It should be attached to the wall.

The first hole location will be marked on the template. Keep the template in place. Drill the first hole to the appropriate depth (depending on your wall material).

Screw the Sky bracket into the first hole, use a spirit level to check the level, and then drill the remaining holes. Place the spacers between the brack and wall, and screw the remaining holes, until the bracket is securely in place.

Lift the Sky Glass until the corners align with the corners of the template marked with A and then lower it until they align with B. The Sky Glass should slide onto the wall bracket and remain firmly in place.

Make sure it’s stable. Remove the paper template and plug in the power.

The benefit of the Sky bracket is it allows the TV to sit flush on a wall. The downside is you can’t adjust any angles.

Wall Mounting Sky Glass with Third-Party Brackets

It is relatively easy to attach the Sky Glass to an existing wall bracket. The Sky Glass uses a 300 x 200 VESA arrangement which most third-party brackets support.

However, you need to confirm that the bracket, bolts, fixings, and wall type can support the weight of the Sky Glass. Most TV brackets are not rated for the weight requirements of the Sky Glass. After all, it’s one of the heaviest TVs on the market.

You might want to add additional or longer screws to your bracket to make sure it can handle the extra weight.

The benefit of using a third-party bracket is you can buy one that swivels and allows you to adjust angles. The Sky bracket is a fixed position.

Why is Sky Glass So Heavy?

Sky Glass is so heavy because it has a powerful set of six built-in speakers. It’s also the reason why the Sky Glass is so thick.

The Bottom Line

While you can mount the Sky Glass on your own, I recommend hiring a professional. You really don’t want to make a mistake with mounting such a heavy-duty TV. Of course, if you are confident with your DIY skills, you can give it a shot.

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