How to Turn on Subtitles on Sky TV

Do you want to watch your favourite TV programmes and movies with subtitles? If so, this guide is for you! This blog post will show you how to turn on subtitles on your Sky TV. Around 90% of Sky’s content has subtitles, so you should be able to find them for most of the shows and movies that you watch. Let’s get started!

Enabling Subtitles on Sky

To enable subtitles on your Sky TV, simply follow these steps:

Sky Q

1 – Press the “?” (question mark) button on your Sky Q remote.

You should see the ‘Subtitles‘ option appear on your screen.

Accessibility Remote

For those using an Accessibility remote, press the ‘Subtitles‘ button instead.

Selecting Your Language

Once you’ve pressed the appropriate button, toggle it to your desired language.

There is a range of languages available, so scroll through the list until you find yours. Once you’ve selected your language, press ‘Select’, and the subtitles should start appearing on your screen!

If you want to switch subtitles off, just follow the same steps, but this time select ‘Off.’

Please note that subtitles will turn off automatically if you change the channel.

Enabling Subtitles Within Recordings

You can also enable subtitles for recordings saved on your Sky Q box. To do so:

1 – Start playing the recording that you want to watch.

2 – Press pause. You should see several options on your screen, including ‘Subtitles’.

Select the ‘Subtitles’ option and press play. The subtitles should start appearing on your screen! If they don’t, follow the same steps to select your desired language.

Permanently switch subtitles on

If you want to switch subtitles on permanently so that they appear on all channels:

1 – Press Home on your Sky remote.

2 – Select Settings, then Accessibility.

3 – Scroll down to ‘Subtitles’ and press select. That will now switch the setting from ‘Off’ to ‘On’.

Ultra HD content on Sky Q

Unfortunately, Ultra HD Entertainment or Cinema content does not come with subtitles. However, you may watch Ultra HD Sports content with subtitles by following these procedures:

1 – Press Home on your Sky remote.

2 – Scroll the Sports and select Ultra HD.

3 – Select the live programme you want to watch and switch on subtitles.

When accessing Ultra HD content through the red button on Sky Sports channels, subtitles will not work.

Sky Glass

The new addition to Sky’s product line-up, Sky Glass also allows subtitles. To switch them on:

1 – Press … (three dots Options menu) button on your Sky remote.

2 – Press the Select button to toggle between Off and any available languages.

Subtitles will turn off again once you change the channel.

Again, similarly to Sky Q, you can permanently switch subtitles on by going into Settings and Accessibility (follow the same steps mentioned earlier).


If you still have one of the old Sky+ boxes, subtitles are also available. The process is a bit different, though:

1 – Press the “help” on your Sky+ remote.

You should see the ‘Subtitles’ option appear on your screen.

Alternatively, you can press the “Subtitles” button on your Sky Easy Grip remote.

2 – Toggling Subtitles On and Off

Once you have pressed the relevant button, toggle between subtitles being On or Off by using the left or right arrow keys. Once you have made your selection, press “Select” to save the setting.

If you recorded a subtitled show on Sky+, they’ll be included and can’t be turned off in that recording. You may want to consider this before recording something!

Switching on subtitles on Sky Go

Are you looking for subtitles on Sky Go app? They’re available on both Live TV and On Demand content. Here’s how you can find them:

On a mobile or tablet

Method 1: Look for the settings cog and select it.

From there, choose ‘Subtitles’ and then ‘On’. If you want to switch them off again, select ‘None’. If subtitles are available, they’ll automatically switch on and appear on your screen.

Method 2: Access player controls by selecting the three dots.

Then choose ‘Subtitles’ and your desired language. The subtitles will remain on for the duration of that show.

On a laptop or computer (Windows or Mac)

Select the three dots to open player controls, then choose Subtitles and the language. Subtitles will remain on for the duration of that show.

Some exceptions:

Subtitles are not available on:

  • Live TV or On Demand content in the Sky Kids app.
  • On-Demand rented from the Sky Store section of your set-top box.
  • Sky Go doesn’t support content on Channel 4. You might see an “S” being displayed, indicating that subtitles are available, but they will not appear. Sky has stated that they are working on adding this feature in the future.


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