Who Makes Sky Glass TVs?

If you’re curious about the creators of Sky Glass TVs, you’re in the right place. These innovative devices have significantly impacted the UK market, and it’s worth understanding who’s behind them.

This article explores the manufacturers and collaborators involved in producing Sky Glass TVs. We’ll discuss their roles, the technology used, and the collective efforts that have led to these advanced devices.

The Manufacturer Behind Sky Glass TVs

The primary manufacturer behind Sky Glass TVs is TP Vision, a company known for its expertise in developing and producing televisions. TP Vision is a key player in creating Sky Glass TVs, responsible for crafting the panel that forms the core of these devices.

Interestingly, TP Vision has a strong connection with the well-known brand Philips. TP Vision is a subsidiary of TPV Technology, the company that is licensed to manufacture and sell Philips branded TVs in specific regions. This relationship brings a wealth of experience and technological expertise to the table, which is evident in the quality of Sky Glass TVs.

In addition to TP Vision, TPV Technology plays a significant role in production. As one of the world’s largest panel makers, TPV Technology supplies the panel for Sky Glass TVs. This panel combines quantum dot technology, made famous by Samsung’s QLED TVs, with a direct LED backlight, contributing to Sky Glass TVs’ high-quality visual experience.

The Role of TP Vision in the Creation of Sky Glass TVs

TP Vision’s contribution to creating Sky Glass TVs is significant and multifaceted. As a subsidiary of TPV Technology, TP Vision brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, particularly in television panel production.

The panel of a Sky Glass TV, which is the heart of the device, is created by TP Vision. This panel is not just any ordinary television panel; it’s a product of advanced technology and meticulous design. It combines quantum dot technology with a direct LED backlight, popularized by Samsung’s QLED TVs. This combination results in a high-quality visual output that enhances the viewing experience.

Moreover, TP Vision’s relationship with Philips adds depth to the production process. The company’s experience in manufacturing Philips branded TVs provides a strong foundation for creating Sky Glass TVs.

The Contribution of TPV Technology

TPV Technology, the parent company of TP Vision, plays a pivotal role in the production of Sky Glass TVs. As one of the world’s largest OEM panel manufacturers, TPV Technology’s expertise lies in creating high-quality panels that form the backbone of any television.

For Sky Glass TVs, TPV Technology provides the panel that combines quantum dot technology with a direct LED backlight. This combination results in a panel offering vibrant colours, deep blacks, and a high brightness level, enhancing the viewing experience.

Furthermore, TPV Technology’s experience as a leading panel maker ensures that the panels used in Sky Glass TVs are of top-notch quality. This commitment to quality is reflected in the superior visual performance of Sky Glass TVs.

The Collaboration with Sky

Sky, a British broadcaster known for its innovative approach to television, plays a crucial role in the design and architecture of Sky Glass TVs. The company’s deep understanding of the television market and its audience’s needs have been instrumental in shaping the creation of these devices.

The collaboration between Sky and TP Vision/TPV Technology is a perfect blend of design expertise and manufacturing prowess. Sky’s input ensures that the TVs are technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly.

Sky’s involvement goes beyond design. The company’s services are integrated into the TVs, providing users a seamless viewing experience. This integration is a testament to the successful collaboration between Sky and the manufacturers.

The Role of Other Collaborators

While TP Vision and TPV Technology are the primary manufacturers, creating Sky Glass TVs is a collaborative effort involving several other key players.

One such collaborator is Sonos, a renowned name in the audio industry. Veterans from Sonos have contributed their expertise to the design of Sky Glass TVs, ensuring that the devices deliver visually and audibly.

Another significant collaborator is the Comcast Corporation. The streaming technology used in Sky Glass TVs is borne out of a collaboration with Comcast. This technology allows users to stream every channel, show, and movie on Sky’s services directly through the TV, enhancing the overall user experience.

These collaborations highlight the collective effort that goes into the production of Sky Glass TVs, resulting in a technologically advanced, user-friendly, and high-performing product.


In conclusion, creating Sky Glass TVs is a collaborative effort involving several key players, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. TP Vision, a subsidiary of TPV Technology, is at the forefront, responsible for crafting the high-quality panels that form the core of these devices. Their relationship with Philips further enhances their technological prowess.

Sky, a British broadcaster, plays a crucial role in the design and architecture of the TVs, ensuring they are aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and integrated with Sky’s services for a seamless viewing experience.

Other collaborators, such as Sonos veterans and the Comcast Corporation, contribute to the design and streaming technology of the TVs, enhancing both the audio experience and the range of content available to users.

The production of Sky Glass TVs is a testament to the power of collaboration, bringing together different areas of expertise to create a product that is innovative, high-performing, and user-focused.

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