Sky Q Multiroom Without Paying

You don’t need us to tell you that Sky packages can be expensive. We can look at forking out potentially hundreds of pounds each month for channels, high definition, multiroom, and the ability to record programmes.

So it’s no wonder that more and more of us turn to the internet each day for some money-saving hacks to bring down the cost of our Sky bill. One of the most common questions is how to get Sky Q Multiroom without paying for it, and it’s not surprising why. 

With all the fantastic features Sky Q comes with, of course, we would want it in multiple rooms of our homes. But is there a way to do it without an expensive bill?

Sadly, it is almost impossible to get Sky Multiroom without paying for it as part of your monthly subscription. But before you hang your head and shed some tears, we have found some other methods we think you will enjoy!

Leep reading to find out how to get Sky Q Multiroom without paying!

What is Sky Q Multiroom?

Before we dive into how we can have Sky Q multiroom, let’s have a quick recap for those in the room that need it! Sky UK is one of the leading TV and broadcast service providers in the United Kingdom for those who don’t know.

They’ve branched out into broadband, landlines, and even mobile phone contracts, but it all began with the TV. 

Sky launched in 1990 and has roughly 12.5 million customers across the country. Initially, Sky launched its Sky+ service, allowing you to record your favourite shows, movies and even pause and rewind live TV!

Since then, their new service Sky Q has taken centre stage, allowing an additional screen to watch shows simultaneously. You can use a mobile or tablet device to have access to the same shows on the go. 

But for those that want Corrie in the living room and Sky Sports in the kitchen, you need to upgrade your subscription to the Multiroom package.

The option of multiple screens watching simultaneously appeals to many people, but the extra charge is not so much, leading us to our question today: Can you have Sky Q multiroom and not pay?

Can you have Sky Q Multiroom without paying?

The short answer is no. you cannot get Sky Q Multiroom without paying the additional £12 a month.

While we said  earlier, there are some ways around it and alternatives (more on these later!), there are a few factors you need to take into consideration before attempting to get a multiroom without paying. 

The first is that it breaches your contract with Sky and can leave you with a ban from their services if you are found guilty. It can also be escalated to legal actions on the grounds of theft; after all, you are accessing a service you haven’t paid for. 

You could be charged under the UK Copyright Law, which states anyone who engages in copyright infringement can face both the Crown and Magistrates Court. These courts can charge you with a fine of up to £50,000 and up to ten years in prison! 

The fines vary depending on the court you get taken to, but you should weigh up these risks before trying to take Sky on for some freebies. After all, they are a large company, and you are one person. 

How to get Sky in another room

Unlike Sky+, Sky Q doesn’t need you to connect additional Sky boxes to your satellite dish to get access to shows in different rooms.

Instead, the multiroom feature uses wireless mini boxes that communicate with your main Sky Q box. It’s this technology that allows you to watch any TV channel on different screens with ease. 

While it is almost mission impossible to get Sky Q multiroom without the additional charge, there are some alternatives you can use! That’s right; you can still watch your favourite shows on multiple screens! 


Let’s take a closer look at the alternatives you can use to watch Sky TV in multiple rooms! The following are three tried and trusted methods. 

Another Skybox

It’s an expensive option, but one worth exploring! You can purchase extra mini boxes that will grant you access to watch TV on more screens. It offers you the flexibility to watch different shows in different rooms at the same time!

With this method, you don’t need to worry about installation either! Sky will send an engineer or technical support team member out to do the installation for you! All you need to do is offer them a cup of tea and a custard cream! 

There is a downside, though, as we mentioned earlier, cost. Each mini box you purchase will come with an activation fee of £99! There is also a chance that you might need to pay a subscription fee for each box you are buying!

If you don’t mind the cost, you can use the request form on Sky’s website to get additional Skyboxes for your home. 

HDMI Cables 

The humble HDMI cable is back again to revolutionise your life! Seriously, what house doesn’t have a few of these lurking in a messy drawer somewhere? For this method to work, you will need a standard HDMI 2.0 cable and an HDMI Splitter. These are affordable, and you can pick them up easily. 

You will need to connect your HDMI cable to your Sky box and the back of your other TV. You can do so in four easy steps:

  1. Take the HDMI Converter and connect it to  your Sky Box (backside)
  2. Next, on the backside of the converter, attach the  HDMI  cables of your next  TV
  3. Plug the converter into the mains 
  4. Check both TVs and enjoy!

As you are streaming the shows from one TV to another, it is unlikely that you will watch two separate shows. But it does allow you access to Sky programmes in a different room, why not watch your favourite movie in bed?

Wireless Video Sender Kit 

The final option was an affordable and easy one: a wireless video sender kit. You will need both a transmitter and a receiver to achieve this, which can be purchased easily online or in electronic stores. 

To do this, you will need to connect the transmitter on your  Sky box and the receiver on the other TV you want to use.

There won’t be any expensive installation fees or cables you need to run through the house. You won’t need to purchase additional mini boxes or pay for the subscription.

However, the method is not as perfect as it seems. You can only display one show at a time!

You will only watch the show playing on the main Skybox, which can be a drawback, but it does offer you access to your Sky shows on another screen in your home!

Final thoughts 

And there you have, three alternative methods to having Sky Q in multiple rooms without paying the subscription fee!

As we have seen, trying to cheat Sky is rarely successful and can leave you with bans, hefty fines, or worse, a prison stint! The last thing you want to do is breach your contract and end up in hot water. 

The methods we have brought you today are the safest way around this and will provide you with a multiroom experience without needing to add £12 to your monthly bill! Why not scan through the options and give one of them a go?

When selecting a multi-screen method, be sure to weigh up the cost, installations, and potential issues to find the most accessible and most suitable solution for you and your home!

Give them a whirl and have a multi-room set up just in time for a summer of Love Island! 

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