Is Lionsgate+ Free on Sky? Yes, but…

Lionsgate+, a premium streaming service, arrived in the UK and Ireland last October, eager to make its mark. Teaming up with Sky, a household name in broadcasting, they’re now targeting a significant boost in Lionsgate+’s subscriptions. This partnership may spark curiosity among viewers, and we’ll explore exactly what it means for you in the context of a tech-savvy, content-hungry world.

Is Lionsgate+ Free for Sky Customers?

The simple answer is yes, Lionsgate+ is indeed free for Sky customers, but there’s a slight catch. This promotional offer kicks off on July 28 and lasts until August 27, granting you three months of access to Lionsgate+’s content at no additional cost. But here’s where you need to pay attention: once the promotional period ends, the subscription will automatically renew at the standard price of £5.99 per month. While this is all standard practice in the streaming world, it’s a detail you’ll want to be mindful of to avoid unexpected charges.

Details of the Partnership Between Lionsgate+ and Sky

The partnership between Lionsgate+ and Sky is more than a mere business collaboration; it’s about bringing an expansive world of entertainment right to your living room. Through this alliance, Lionsgate+ becomes accessible on some of Sky’s most popular platforms, including Sky Q, Sky Glass, and Sky Stream.

So how does a Sky customer tap into this treasure trove of content? It’s simpler than you might think. If you can access any of the platforms mentioned above, you can use your voice remote and say “Get Lionsgate Plus,” or find and open the app in the apps rail. Just follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app and the free trial. It’s an easy and user-friendly process that opens up a vast array of viewing possibilities. This partnership is not just about adding another app; it’s about enhancing your viewing experience with quality content.

Content Highlights

The Lionsgate+ free trial for Sky customers is not just a fleeting offer; it’s an invitation to a universe of compelling content. During this period, you’ll have access to an array of top-notch series and shows, something that could spice up your regular viewing routine.

Among the headliners is the political thriller “Gaslit,” with stars like Julia Roberts and Sean Penn to keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re a fan of time-traveling romance, all seasons of “Outlander” are at your fingertips, including exclusive access to new episodes of Season 7. Don’t miss “The Great,” the period dramedy starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult, or the travel docuseries spinoff “Men in Kilts” featuring the charismatic Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish.

Subscription Details after the Free Trial

Once you’ve explored the rich tapestry of content that Lionsgate+ offers during the free trial, you might wonder, “What next?” Well, the transition from the free trial to a regular subscription is designed to be seamless, but it’s also something you’ll want to understand fully.

After the initial three-month free period on Sky, your Lionsgate+ subscription will renew automatically at the regular price of £5.99 per month. This isn’t buried in the fine print; it’s standard practice, but you have control here. If you choose not to continue, you must cancel before the trial ends to avoid the automatic charge.

But what if you’ve become enamored with Lionsgate+ and want to watch it outside the Sky platforms? You’re in luck. The standalone Lionsgate+ app is available for Android and iOS devices, allowing you to take your favorite shows and movies on the go. You can also watch it as an Amazon Prime Video Channel.

Whether a tech enthusiast or a casual viewer, this subscription offers flexibility and accessibility. It’s not just about finding content to watch; it’s about creating a personalized viewing experience that fits into your life, wherever you might be. Enjoy the stories, embrace the convenience, and make the most of what Lionsgate+ offers.

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