My Xbox One Keeps Signing Me Out: How to Solve

It’s very frustrating when your Xbox One keeps signing you out of your account. It can even happen in the middle of a game!

What can you do? I found a few ways to fix Xbox One by signing you out, and I’ll share them below.

Xbox One Keep Signing Me Out Solution

To fix an Xbox One signing you out, press the power button on the console, and wait for your Xbox to fully shut down. Next, hold down the Xbox button on your controller to start the Xbox.

Use a LAN cable for a stable network connection. An alternative solution is to remove your account from your Xbox One and link it again.

To remove your account, open Settings, Account, and select Remove Accounts. From there, sign in to your Xbox Live account again using your email address and password. I recommend linking your controller to your main account using Instant Sign-in.

These two steps will almost always fix the issue where Xbox One keeps signing you out. If the problem comes back, don’t worry, there are still a few other things you can try.

Change Your Password

There’s a chance someone is accessing your account from a different device. I would change the password and enable 2 Factor Authorization for extra security. Two Factor Authentication will send an SMS to your phone when there is a login attempt on your account.

While it’s unlikely someone hacked into your account, it’s still a good idea to update your password as a precaution.

Make sure to use a very secure password!

Hard Power Reset

Hold the Xbox button on your controller until the option to shut down your console appears. Wait until the Xbox One is fully shut down (no lights on the console or controller) and then unplug the power cable. Wait up to 60 seconds before reconnecting the power cable.

Unplugging the power cable will force the power supply on your console to reset which can improve performance. Power cycling an Xbox from time to time is a quick and easy way to clear up software bugs like lagging user interface and whatnot.

Check NAT Type

In Network Settings under Connection Information, your NAT type will be shown. The goal is to have Open NAT. If your Xbox is detecting Closed NAT, that’s not ideal.

To change your NAT type you will need to forward ports on your router. The steps to do that will vary depending on the router you use, and it may not even be an option for people on shared networks.

I recommend going through Xbox’s official support on troubleshooting NAT types.

With OPEN NAT, you’re less likely to lose connection and be signed out of Xbox Live.

Reboot Your Router

When your Xbox One signs you out, it’s most likely due to network connection issues. In other words, the Xbox One is losing connection to Xbox Live servers. Rebooting your router or modem can often fix network connection problems. The easiest way to reboot a router is to unplug it from the power for 30 seconds or more.

If you have your Xbox One connected to your router with a LAN cable, remove the LAN cable and reconnect it. Wait until the router restarts your local area network and see if you can sign in to your Xbox Live account.

Another idea is to forget your Wifi network and reconnect to it. Open Settings, General, Network Settings, and select Go Online. If the network can’t connect, tap on forget the wireless network. Then hit back, choose Set up a wireless network, and reconnect to your Wifi network.

Use a Wired Connection

On the subject of network issues, I recommend using a LAN cable with your Xbox One because it’s not only much faster than Wi-fi but also much more reliable. Xbox One will usually sign you out when your connection to Xbox Live is unreliable.

Many people who are randomly signed out of their Xbox accounts are using their Xbox One connected to a hotspot or another unreliable network. They were able to fix the problem by connecting their Xbox One to their routers with a LAN cable.

Factory Reset Xbox One

As a final option, you can factory reset your Xbox One. Factory resetting your console is an easy way to clear out software bugs. Luckily, Xbox has a function that lets you reset the console without deleting all of your data and games.


Before you do this, I recommend trying to power cycling method mentioned earlier (unplug Xbox from the power, wait 10 seconds, and turn it on).

To reset an Xbox One, open Settings, System, and then Console Info. You will see an option called Reset Console. Once you choose Reset Console, you’ll be shown two options: Reset and Keep Data or Reset and Remove Everything.

If you have a fast internet connection and downloading games is not an issue, I recommend selecting the Remove Everything option.

Remove Any USB Devices

Certain USB devices don’t play well with Xbox’s services. I suggest removing any USB devices such as external hard drives and whatnot. You can also try moving the USB devices to a different USB port.

Update Xbox Firmware

Xbox firmware updates usually squish bugs such as the one we have here. Xbox One will automatically update.

However, you can manually check for updates by opening Settings, System, and Updates. If the automatic update service is not working, the manual one should find a firmware update.

It’s always a good idea to keep your Xbox’s firmware up to date.

The Bottom Line

Most of the time, fully shutting down your Xbox One will stop it from signing you out. The second most likely culprit could be with your network. Resetting your router and using a LAN cable should fix that issue.

If you still can’t get your account to stay signed it, the problem could be with the Wifi card. Unfortunately, the only way to fix hardware issues is to contact Xbox’s official support.

Unfortunately, being signed out of Xbox Live is a common problem, but one that usually goes away on its own.

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