What Color Should My TV Stand Be?

You may feel a little overwhelmed when trying to pick the perfect TV stand for your TV. After all, the TV is often the focal point in the room it is placed in, so you want the two to look as good as they possibly can together. It’s also worth considering that the TV will be utilised when you are entertaining guests socially, so it’s important to make sure it looks nice for company, too. TV stands can come in all manner of colors and materials, so in this article we’ll take a look at the options available to you and try to help you to decide which one will work best for you. 

What Color Should My TV Stand Be

The TV stand color should be in keeping with the décor and style of your room. For instance, if it will be viewed from the living room it needs to match the style of furniture in there. If you have a modern high-tech style in your living room then a glass or metallic TV stand is probably best for you.

That is, the TV stand should complement the décor rather than the television color. If your décor is mainly white, don’t be scared to acquire a white TV stand to house your black TV.

The Materials

The first thing you will need to consider is the materials you would like your TV stand to be made of. Do you prefer the modern look of glass, the sharp edginess metal, or perhaps you prefer a more rustic feel with a bit of wood? When picking the perfect colored TV stand for your home you will want to consider the rest of your decor. Will it clash? Ideally, you’ll want to find a TV stand that blends well with the rest of the room and doesn’t stick out. Not only will this be easy on the eye, but it will increase the overall effect of the room you’ve designed. 

There are three main types of material used in the construction of TV stands. These are:

  • Wood: Perhaps the most common material used. Wooden TV stands are great because of the broad choice they present the consumer. You can get light wooden pieces such as oak or pine, or darker pieces like maple or ash. You can even buy wood stain or varnish and apply a color of your choosing. This means you will never be limited for choice.
  • Glass: In our opinion, glass TV stands are the second most popular of the three main choices. Glass TV stands are popular because of the variety of shapes and sizes they come in, as well as the ‘modern’ look they provide. Glass is relatively inexpensive as a material, and has virtually no limit in the design you could get it in. Glass can also be colored, meaning you can easily get across even more of your style in a single piece of furniture. 
  • Metal: Last but not least is metal. Metal stands are not overly popular, but you will still be able to find a wide selection of metal stands on the market if you prefer something a little heavier and more solid. It’s worth noting that glass stands will often come with metal supports in order to hold them together, and these can come in all manner of colors.

What Color Should My TV Stand Be: The Colors

Now we know what materials TV stands will usually come in, you can start to think a little more about the colors available to you in your chosen material. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference in which type of color and look you’d prefer for your room when picking a TV stand, but we’re here to help you understand what effect the color will have on the overall look of your room.

Let’s start off with wood. As mentioned earlier, wooden TV stands will often present more of a rustic, or traditional style to your room. You should consider a wooden TV stand if you already have items of wooden furniture or decor in the room, as wood compliments each other perfectly. If you are looking to pick wood, you will want to make sure you pick a color that matches the rest of the wood in the room. Too many colors will clash and will not help the overall cosiness of the room. 

Next up is glass. Glass can be beautiful if utilised correctly and can make your home look and feel modern, or in some cases, futuristic. Glass TV stands can come in as many colors as you can imagine, and can drastically change the overall feel of a room, especially when paired with other items of glass furniture such as coffee tables or ornaments. Glass is often considered a trendy choice, and a colour such as teal will really draw the eye, making it ideal if you intend to entertain.

Metal tends to be more of a basic look when it comes to TV stand. A metal TV stand will often be black and have glass included. If you would rather your TV stand not be a focal point and instead be just a functional piece of furniture, then you’ll want to consider looking at metal. Although black is typical, metal TV stands can come in yellow, blue, white, or even red!

Best TV Stand Ranges:

  • Ikea “Besta” range – This is a superb range of TV storage cabinets from the Swedish firm. In glass or wood, they come in a variety of sizes and colours to match any room décor. They also have doors that can be facing the front or side so you can place them accordingly.

Ikea Besta Frame Black-Brown 47 1/4x15 3/4x25 1/4 502.459.53

  • Walker Edison – They make impactful “farmhouse” style furniture that will look great in any room. The Walker Edison range of TV stands is very functional with large storage spaces underneath the TV.

Walker Edison Simple Wood Universal TV Stand for TV's up to 50" Flat Screen Living Room Storage Entertainment Center, 44 Inch, Barnwood

  • Season Story – Unique entertainment centre with matching coffee table and side table. The colour of this range is true to the title and it’s extremely versatile, coming in a wide choice of colours.

Season STORY Venice TV Stand with 2 Center Shelves and 2 Storage Cabinet with Doors, Home Entertainment Center, Media Console Table, Furniture for Living Room, Flat Screen Television Stands, Zocon


Hopefully we’ve helped you to come to a decision when it comes to picking the ideal color for your TV stand. Only you will know what your own personal tastes are and how you would like your new piece of furniture to either blend seamlessly with the rest of the room or serve as an impressive statement piece.

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