How High Should You Mount Your TV?

So, you’ve got a new TV. You’re eager to set it up and get watching your favourite shows, but there’s one problem: how high should you mount it from the floor? What if you do it wrong and later regret it? Well, your ideal viewing height depends largely on the size of your room and how far away from the TV you plan on sitting, as well as the height of your sofa. These are all things you should be considering when looking to mount a TV.

The Ideal Height for Your TV From the Floor

The main thing to consider when setting up your new TV is the viewing height. The ideal viewing height would normally be at eye-level, but if you’re sat far enough back, you can choose to mount your TV higher up and free space beneath it for furniture or decor. The height will also vary depending on the size of the person viewing. 

To work out the ideal viewing height for your TV, simply take the persons height and subtract a few inches. If there are several people living in the household then you can take the average of everyone’s height and work from that instead. 

The next thing to consider is that you’ll likely be sitting on a couch when you watch TV. When you understand the average height of a person and the average height of a sofa, this will work out to roughly 42” from the ground. This can change, depending on the size of your TV, and the distance between your TV and the sofa. 

Based on this, we made some calculations for the most popular TV sizes:

32 inch TV

The distance from the floor to a 32″ TV should be 1,14m. The bottom edge of the television should be 0,80m away from the ground.

42 inch TV

A 42″ TV should be placed no more than 1,14 meters from the floor for optimal eye level viewing. The bottom edge of the television should be 0,88m away from the floor.

50 inch TV

For a 50″ TV, the optimal viewing height is 1,05 m with a distance of 0,89 m between the bottom edge of the screen and the ground.

55 inch TV

For a 55″ TV, the optimal viewing height is between 1,31-1,42 m with a distance to the bottom edge of the screen of between 0,96-1,14 m from the floor.

65 inch TV

For a 65″ TV, the optimal viewing height is between 1,14-1,27 m with a distance to the bottom edge of the screen of between 0,74-0,87 m from the floor.

75 inch TV

For an 75″ TV, the optimal viewing height 1,14 m to the middle of screen with a distance to the bottom edge of the screen of between 67,60 m from the floor.

85 inch TV

A 85″ TV, should be mounted at a height of 1,14 m with the bottom edge of the screen 61cm from the floor.

Different TV sizes, Use this Calculator

A calculator is available if you wish to create a custom size. Wojciech Sas, PhD candidate wrote on and programmed a handy calculator that can be used for more calculations. Try for yourself.

Whatever the height you work out, you need to understand that the height you have is the height at the centre of the TV, not the point at which you place the TV above or below. More often than not, you will be able to draw around the TV with a pencil outline before you commit, so you can step back and see if it looks about right. 

If you want to get technical with the measurements, there are plenty of height calculators out there that you are able to enter all of your measurements into to work out the perfect height and distance, but usually you will get a feeling of whether or not it is right for you. 

Ideal TV Height From the Floor: Other Options

There are several things that can affect your decision when deciding the height at which to have your TV. Perhaps it’s not being mounted on the wall at all, rather being put on a stand, or inside a cabinet? Sometimes you may be limited for choice and forced to work with what you have. If this is the case, you can always move the sofa or other items of furniture around the room in order to get a better viewing experience. 

A good general rule of thumb is that as long as you feel comfortable when sitting in front of the TV, and it’s not hurting your neck, there’s nothing to say you can’t have the TV at the height you personally want it. Some people prefer it higher on the wall, to be seen from afar, or lower on the ground if you have younger children that spend a lot of their time in front of the TV. 

As with most things, it’s entirely up to you how high or low you wish to place your TV and what feels comfortable. There are no rules at the end of the day!


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