Best TV Wall Mount for Plaster Walls

Safely mounting your TV onto walls that are not solid brickwork has been a challenge for many over the years. Some have tried it without knowing the tricks and have landed up with expensive TV’s ending up smashed because the plasterboard walls were not strong enough to hold up the weight of a bracket and a TV.

Fortunately, those days of wondering if it will ever be possible are over and TV’s are no longer at risk. Thanks to some fantastic products that are available on Amazon UK and some tips on how to go about it, you can rest assured that is it entirely possible to do. Combining these products with some easy do-it-yourself techniques and a few clever fixtures will give you peace of mind knowing that your TV is permanently secured.

Invision Ultra Slim Tilt Swivel TV Wall Bracket Mount

While this bracket mount isn’t designed specifically for plasterboard walls, it is possible to install the unique vertical fixing base onto steel or wood supports in the drywall. Once secured into these wall supports using the correctly designed fixings, you will be enjoying all your favourite shows in no time at all. This cleverly designed bracket has full-motion tilt and swivel action and is easily able to hold even large-sized flat or curved plasma screens. Built with strength and stability in mind, it comes equipped with stress tested load-bearing compression hinges to eliminate the risk of any bending of the arms. It also has integrated cable concealment panels that resolve the problem of those annoying cables hanging out. This is definitely one of the most versatile and safe TV brackets on the market.

Best fixings to mount a Wall TV into plasterboard

The Grip-It TV Bracket Plasterboard Fixing Kit is a genius solution to ensure that your plasterboard wall provides the required strength to safely mount your TV onto.  The Grip-It TV kit has a totally unique grip system consisting of backing wings that expand inside the wall cavity to provide a totally secure anchor and distribute weight very effectively. It has done away with the old conventional fixings or plugs that were often ineffective. All it takes is a simple 3 step drill, tap and turn technique to create a vice-like hold. Grip-It TV kit has revolutionized the way to safeguard your precious TV on a plasterboard wall. There is no other product like it!

How to safely mount a TV into a plaster wall

There are tricks to getting your TV mounted onto plasterboard walls and it’s not as complicated as you might have thought.

First things first

Determine which type of plasterboard you have as there are two types. There are plasterboards which are screwed into wooden studs and there are those which are dry-lined or stuck with an adhesive to brickwork that is behind the plasterboard wall. For each type, there is going to be a different way to mount your TV so determining this is crucial to ensure success.

Make sure of what’s behind

It’s is good advice to make use of a metal finder. This will allow you to locate any cables or water pipes that may be at the back of the plasterboard wall. It’s vital to know exactly where to drill or else you could end of with a flooded lounge or drilling into electrical cabling.

Find a strong foundation

Establish where the supporting metal or wooden beams are located behind the plasterboard wall. This is going to be the supporting anchor to provide you with the strength to mount a wall bracket onto. Finding out where these hidden supports are, will determine the place and position that you can get your TV wall mounted. The good ones like the Invision Bracket Mount will also allow you to adjust the level whilst the TV is on the wall!

The method for plasterboard walls screwed in with studs

Once you have found the studs, you can simply screw directly into them. Make sure that the studs are in a good location that you want your TV mounted. You can install the TV wall bracket into the drilled holes in the plasterboard wall. Wall anchors such as the Grip-It TV Bracket can then be inserted which will then expand behind the wall for vice-like strength. If you want even more support, you could cut a section of plasterboard out and install a length of plywood and fix it between the studs. This will provide a reliable area where you can confidently screw into.

The method for dry-lined plasterboard walls

You will use long screws or coach bolts so that you can ensure a solid grip is made. Then you will fix it into the brickwork behind your TV. This will work as long as the gap between the brickwork and plasterboard is not very wide. Make sure that you don’t screw in as tight as possible because you could risk cracking the plasterboard. Although wall anchors are not suitable for this type of wall as they won’t fit behind it, Grip-It TV bracket fixings can be used because they do not penetrate deep behind the wall.

To Wrap-up

Use these tricks to enjoy unlimited viewing pleasure from your wall-mounted TV and have the peace of mind knowing that your TV is going to be absolutely secure.

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