LG TV Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

LG Smart TVs have a common problem: they will not connect to local wifi sources. However, the problem does not always lie in the television, and there are a few steps to take if you are not getting the connection you need. So what do you do if your LG TV won’t connect to wifi?

Having an LG tv that is having trouble connecting to the wifi can be frustrating and could leave you out in the cold during the year’s year’s sporting event. Don’t sweat it! Read on and learn everything you can do to your LG tv when it doesn’t connect to wifi.

Why Your LG Is Not Connecting to WiFi

There are lots of little things that can go wrong with electronics. Sometimes they are simple issues that just require a restart, and other times there’s a complicated series of settings to change to get the results you want. Either way, there’s nothing that can keep you from getting the signal that you need.

WiFi Signal Issues are a Great Place to Start

When it comes to connectivity problems, the main culprit is usually a signal issue. The wifi comes through your house via a cable connected to a larger server. This will create a low signal that the tv can’t access.

A few ways to check if you are having signal issues with your hardware are:

  • Lights – The lights on your modem and router will be blinking if there is a problem with the signal. These lights are usually red and will pulse with a steady beat when they get a message from the main server. These lights will be visible on the machines and could be the only ones on the device.
  • Testing – Depending on your internet provider, you could have a WiFi signal test. Some providers will have a spot on their landing page to measure your house’s incoming and outgoing signals. If there is no reading from the testing, you can assume there is a weak or no signal.

Having signal issues leaves you with not many options. The best thing to do is wait out the service interruption by resetting all your gear and checking the lights regularly. However, being without wifi can be challenging, especially for businesses; finding ways to be productive without the internet is a side hustle for most bosses.

Too Many Users on the Server

Another thing that can make your LG tv not connect to wifi is too many people on the internet server. The move to mobile video and gaming has stressed internet servers that create problems for other users. In addition, the influx of users soaks up a large part of the bandwidth, and smaller devices could have issues getting on.

A few devices to disconnect to get a better WiFi signal are:

  • Gaming Devices – One of the biggest soakers of a wifi signal are gaming computers and consoles. These devices need a steady supply of high bandwidth to connect with gaming arenas and multi-player gaming platforms. Removing them from your network will free up some room for your television.
  • Televisions – Another thing to check is the other TVs around the house. IF they are connected to the wifi, you can remove them and possibly open a slot for your LG to connect. Different televisions around the house need to be disconnected if they soak up bandwidth.
  • Computers – Your laptop and home PC are other places to check. They could often be running programs that are working without your knowledge and getting too much wifi diverted to them. Shut down all your computers and check to see if there are fluctuations in the strength of the wifi signal.
  • Portable Devices – The newest stealer of wifi signals are tablets and phones. Many people have a phone or tablet they use while cooking or watching television. These devices should be disconnected from your network if you have connectivity problems with your LG television.

Your network could be bogged down with all sorts of things lowering your bandwidth. Make a thorough accounting of all the devices and games connected to your network. Remove the nonessential ones until you get the LG back on the web.

The LG Software Could Need an Update

LG does an excellent job of sending out regular updates for the software on their television. These updates come in downloadable packets that do various things to ensure your LG performs and overcomes any problems.

The things that an LG software update can do for connectivity are:

  • Remove Bugs – If the LG has encountered any connection problems, a software update will remove those bugs. Bugs are problems that are undetected by the programmers during construction and could be the main reason your TVs aren’t connecting to wifi.
  • New OS – Sometimes, LG discovers that a better operating system will fix their connection problems. By updating, you could get a new OS that will make it easier for your tv to connect to wifi.
  • Fixes – The most crucial thing that LG does with updates is send fixes to problems. If there are times when the television drops the connection, the main company will send a pack of data down that fixes the issue instead of requiring changing complicated settings.

The update will often install at a time when the tv is not working. The next time it is powered on, it will go through a new boot program, and the new operating system will run. It could take a few minutes for the system to return, but the connection problems should be resolved once it does.

Disabling the QuickStart Feature will Free up Connectivity.

LG televisions have a way to jump-start them via the QuickStart feature. It works like the sleep mode on your laptop. A smart tv never entirely cuts off. The QuickStart feature keeps the device in sleep mode and can interfere with the wifi connection.

The steps to cut off the QuickStart feature on your LG television are:

  • Click Settings – The place to start is by clicking the settings button on your remote. Pay close attention to the buttons on your remote control, as they could have paint that is easily removed. When you can’t read the remote, you could be in for some trial and error.
  • All Settings – The settings button takes you to the catch-all menu with many options. In this menu, you can change the sound and coloration of the tv. You should go down until you see the general option.
  • General – General, is the place standard functions for the television are hidden. It has things like the sleep function and other power-related options. General works like the junk drawer in your kitchen; there are things you will use regularly and things that may never be selected. 
  • QuickStart – The QuickStart button should be found in the general settings. It works to keep your tv in sleep mode so that you can return to viewing much easier than having to do a hard reboot of the machine. Remember that televisions today are like computers and should be treated as such and less like an old tube tv from the 1980s.

Once the QuickStart is disabled, more connectivity will be restored to the television. The upswing in connectivity occurs because a significant amount of processing power is held back to make the QuickStart functional.

The Time and Date are Important for Smart TV Connectivity

Something that might go beneath your radar when trying to get a connection is the time and date. If the tv has a date and time that is set way before or way after the current date, it could have problems connecting. You can select the correct time and date by going into the settings menu again.

The steps to set the time and date for your LG Smart TV are:

  • Work the Remote – The remote is the best way to access the menus on your television. You should pick it up and look for the settings button. There could be different areas for audio and video so pay close attention.
  • General Settings – Inside the settings menu, look for the general settings tab. This tab houses the area where you have the tv settings. The other regions concentrate on different pieces of the software, and General Settings is used for things like date and time and connections.
  • Time and Date – Time and date should be an option on the landing page. You can choose how you want to view the date and will have the opportunity to go over and change any of the numbers to make them correct.

Time and date fixes are easy fixes. Once you have changed, back out to the general menu and check your connection. Give the device ten seconds to connect. As soon as it connects, the television should change to display the internet provider name.

Things to Try to Increase Connectivity of Your LG Smart TV

Just because you’ve been in the menus and checking the connections doesn’t mean you have tried to repair them. If you know the location of your wifi equipment, now would be a good time to open access to the cords and connections to the back of the television.

Restarting the Modem has a High Probability of Restoring Connectivity.

The modem is what connects your television to the internet in your home. It is a small plastic box or tower with several wires connecting to the back. This tower will be close to your cable box or nearby your television.

Once the box is located, you should disconnect the power cord on the back. You can also trail the power cord from the back of the device to the wall. The power should remain off for at least ten seconds, and all lights must return to full green before moving on to the next option.

A Hard Reset of the Television Could Restore Connectivity

If you had to install new software or reset options in the menus doing a hard reset will be necessary to make the processes finish the installation. The hard reset goes beyond unplugging and physically restarts the computer on the inside.

The steps to do a hard reset on your LG TV are:

  • Turn off the TV – The first thing to do is power off the television. It doesn’t matter if you use the button or the remote; just make sure that the tv screen flashes and no sounds are coming from the device before going any further.
  • Unplug the Television – Once you have used the remote or switch to turn the power off, you should unplug it. This seems like a weird step, but you must remember that the LG Smart TV is designed to work like a computer. There will be little or no functionality, so unplugging the box shouldn’t harm anything.
  • Press Power – Now that the television is unplugged, you should hold the power button for at least thirty seconds. Holding the power button down for this long makes the internal power supply of the television reset.

A hard reset is one of the last lines of defense for your television. The internal power supply that runs the internal operating system is designed to be powered on. So once it reboots, you should be able to plug it back into the wall and check the connection.


The LG TV is made for streaming live sporting events in some of the highest clarity in their class. Unfortunately, suppose the wifi doesn’t connect. In that case, you are left with a series of places to begin restoring connectivity in hopes that your television doesn’t require the work of a certified professional.

The methods to restore connectivity are pretty simple but could take trial and error. Pay attention to the choices you select in the settings menus if the problem arises again; you know where to begin. Also, keep a close check on your router and modem, as service interruptions or issues with your local network cause the LG TV to lose connection. 





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