How To Turn Off Audio Description On LG TV

With a focus on voice activation, most smart devices these days come with settings that allow you to turn on visual or audio guidance. As well as this, there are many different picture options that allow you to customize your experience to your personal needs. This can be especially important for those who have poor eyesight or poor hearing, not to mention those who are disabled. LG Smart TVs are no different.

LG TVs allow their users to add audio descriptions which is essentially a mode that will read out everything on your screen including text within apps like Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. It’s incredibly important for those who are visually impaired and can’t read the small text on their TVs.

However, it can be annoying for those who don’t need it. It’s also annoying if you want to make use of the cursor on your screen because when Audio Description mode is turned on, your cursor disappears. Some people accidentally turn these settings on without realizing it and are left frustrated because it’s not always obvious how to turn them off.

LG TVs especially have multiple settings screens that you need to navigate. So, how do you turn off audio Description mode on your LG TV? It’s actually rather straightforward. Follow the simple steps below to turn it off.

Audio Description mode is found under Settings>Accessibility Settings>Audio Description.

The first thing you’ll need to do is fetch your LG TV remote.

Step 1: There’s no menu button on your LG remote control like most other manufacturers so you’ll need to press the Settings button as shown below to begin the process;

LG Remote Control

Step 2: Go to All Settings in the menu screen

Step 3: Navigate to the Accessibility Menu as below;

LG's Accessibility Features

Step 4: From here you can toggle Audio Description / Audio Guidance (depending on what model you have) on and off.

How to turn off Google Assistant on LG TVs

Another feature that can get in your way is the Google Assistant voice control. If you’ve been using any Google products, then you’ll be aware that you can search through voice instead of touch.

If you own a Google Assistant device, you can integrate it into your LG TV allowing you to control everything through voice activation. This however can also be annoying and it’s not obvious how to turn this feature off. If you accidentally sync your Google Assistant with your LG TV and want to turn it off, follow the steps below.

You’ll know if you’ve synced your Google Assistant as every time you turn your TV on you’ll get the “Meet Your Google Assistant” screen.

Step 1: Once again, go to the Settings menu and select General;

Step 2: Look for ‘About this TV’ and select it;

Step 3: Select ‘User agreements’ as shown above

Step 4: Now unselect all the options shown on the screen

Step 5: Now all you need to do is reboot your LG TV and the welcome screen from the Google Assistant will not appear and you’ll be able to use your cursor once again without any audio assistance.

It’s important to note that if you do this method, the microphone on your LG remote will be disabled so you won’t be able to use voice control at all unless you go back to the user agreement menus and turn on the related options.

So there you have it, turning off Audio Description on your LG TV is fairly simple. Make sure you bookmark this page if you need this guide again in the future.

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