How to Fix an LG TV That Keeps Turning Off

LG has been doing well in the TV market recently, offering fantastic models that meet various needs. However, like any other electronic device, an LG TV has its problem. Many LG TV owners say that their TV keeps turning off for unknown reasons. If you are one of those affected users, do not worry, we will show you how to fix it. 

Why Does Your TV Keep Turning Off?

There are many reasons why your LG TV keeps turning off. Here are some of the most common causes you should know about.

  • The power cord is not plugged in correctly.
  • The power cord may be damaged.
  • Your TV is not running a newer software update.
  • The Auto Power Off feature is enabled.

How to Fix an LG TV That Keeps Turning Off

Method 1: Check Your Power Cord

Before going any further with hardware, you should double-check your power cord to ensure it’s correctly plugged into your TV’s wall socket and rear. Try unplugging your TV and then plugging it back in to see if the problem is fixed. If not, move on to the next solution.

Also, check if the power cord is damaged. If this is the case, your TV will not function as intended, like having lines or turning off suddenly. If you find any damage around your power cord, unplug it from the power socket and replace it with a new one. 

Method 2: Unplug Your TV from Wall

If the power cord is fine, but the problem still persists, try unplugging your TV from the wall socket. There could be some problem with your power source. Once your TV is unplugged, wait for 60 seconds and then plug it back in. 

Also, press and hold the power button on your TV while it is unplugged, which will drain any residual power left in your TV and force it to reset itself. 

Method 3: Check Your HDMI-CEC

HDMI-CEC stands for HDMI Consumer Electronics Control and is an HDMI feature that ensures that all connected devices work flawlessly together. LG calls it Simplink, and here is how to check it. 

  1. Press the Home button on your remote control and select Settings at the top right corner.
  2. Head to All Settings > General > Simplink (HDMI-CEC).
  3. Turn off the switch for SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC).
  4. Configure the Auto Power Sync settings to OFF

Method 4: Turn Off Eco Mode

Most LG TVs come with a mode called Eco. Once enabled, this will automatically turn off some settings on your TV to save power. If your TV keeps turning off, consider disabling this mode. Here are the steps.

  • Press the Home/Start on the remote.
  • Select Settings > General > Additional Settings.
  • Select Eco Mode > OFF. 

Method 5: Reset Your TV

Resetting your TV is a basic thing to do if your TV has a problem. This should clear your TV’s memory, thus fixing the problem. Here is how to reset your LG TV.

  • Turn off your TV using the Power button.
  • Plug out your TV and wait for 60 seconds.
  • Plug your TV back in.
  • Turn it on using the power button.

Method 6: Turn Off Auto Power Off

The Auto Power Off feature automatically turns off your TV after your pre-selected amount of time. The idea behind this feature is to stop your TV from turning on overnight or during the day when no one is around. Here is how to turn it off.

  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Select Settings > General > Time.
  • Choose Timers and select “Auto Power Off” > Off.

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