LG TV Remote Stopped Working? (Solved) Try These Fixes

LG Magic Remote

Recently my LG Magic Remote stopped working and I spent hours looking for a solution.

Eventually, I found a fix for the LG Magic Remote and I’ll share what worked for me below. Hopefully, it will work for you too.

These solutions are aimed at LG’s Magic Remote, but the same steps can be used to fix issues with the standard remote.

A Magic Remote has a trackball which allows you to control a cursor, similar to a computer mouse. A standard remote does not have a trackball and it does not show a cursor on your display.

LG TV Remote Not Working Solution

If your LG Magic Remote is not working, replace the batteries with a new pair, power cycle the TV, or re-pair the remote with your LG TV.

I’ll expand on these fixes and include other possible fixes for LG Magic Remote not working below.

Replace the Batteries

  1. Pull down the plastic sleeve on the remote to open the case. It may require some pressure.
  2. Remove the old AA batteries
  3. Insert a new pair of batteries (do not mix batteries)
  4. Make sure the positive and negative sides of the batteries are aligned and the batteries are firmly in place
  5. Reattach the case and power on the remote

Replacing the batteries on the Magic Remote may have slipped your mind. The key is to use two AA batteries from the same brand because replacing one battery can cause issues.

To check if the batteries are charged, the power button on the remote should flash red when you press it.

Un-Pair and Re-pair the Magic Remote

When your LG Magic Remote is not responsive, it could be the remote lost connection with the TV. Re-pairing (also called registering) the remote with the TV should resolve that issue.

How to re-register a Magic Remote:

  1. Press the back button and the home button on the remote for five seconds to disconnect the remote
  2. The power light will flash a few times
  3. Next, repeat the process, and hold down the same buttons to register the remote again
  4. A notification should appear on your TV that says LG Magic Remote successfully registered

Power Cycle the LG TV

While power cycling your TV might sound daunting at first, it’s a very easy fix, and it clears up bugs and performance issues.

How to power cycle an LG TV

  1. Unplug your TV’s power cable from the wall
  2. Wait 60 seconds
  3. Reconnect the power cable
  4. Try to power on the TV with the remote or press the physical power button on the panel
  5. The TV may take a little longer to boot
  6. Your remote should automatically pair to the TV when the TV turns on

If power cycling the TV doesn’t work the first time, try a couple more times, and keep the power unplugged for a bit longer each time. It may take a few tries.

Why does this work?

What most people don’t know is when you press the power button on the TV’s remote it sends the TV into standby/low power mode.

Unplugging the power cable will drain the TV’s power supply of excess electricity, forcing it to reset. It will force a full shutdown on the TV.

You can also try holding down the power button on your TV for 60 seconds while it’s unplugged from the power.

Power cycling a TV is a common technique to fix a wide range of TV issues, including unresponsive remotes.

Mash Every Button on the Remote

  1. Remove the batteries from the remote
  2. Firmly mash every button
  3. Smack the remote against the palm of your hand a few times
  4. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds while the batteries are not in the remote
  5. Re-insert the batteries

Another easy fix for an LG Magic Remote not working is to remove the batteries from the remote and mash every button.

In some cases, buttons can become stuck. When multiple buttons are being pressed the remote will be unresponsive.

If you can use the trackball on your Magic Remote but none of the remote’s buttons are responsive, this could be the solution.

Clean the Magic Remote

Liquids like soft drinks can create a sticky residue on the remote that can make the buttons stuck.

It’s a good idea to clean your remote from time to time, especially if there are multiple people using it.

How to clean LG Magic Remote:

  1. Remove the batteries
  2. Spray the remote with hand sanitiser or alcohol
  3. Use a small brush or old toothbrush to clean the creases between the buttons
  4. Use a microfiber cloth the wipe the remote (firmly press the buttons) and dry it
  5. Place the batteries back in and test the remote

When you put the batteries back in, it will be like a brand-new remote.

IR Sensor Blocked

Make sure the IR (Infrared) sensor on your TV is not blocked by something like a soundbar.

The Magic Remote uses infrared and Bluetooth to connect to the TV and it requires a clear line of sight to the TV’s sensor.

Wireless Interference

A nearby router or another wireless device, could be creating Wi-fi interference that is blocking the signals from the remote.

Try disconnecting any nearby wireless devices (router, phones, Bluetooth devices, etc) and see if the Magic Remote starts working again.

If the remote starts working when the other devices are powered down, you may need to find another location for those wireless devices.

Replacement Remote

You can buy a replacement remote from LG’s official store or other online retailers.

You should contact LG’s official support and ask for a replacement.

If not, look up your TV’s model number and you can easily find lots of compatible remotes.

Universal remotes also work, but you’ll need to enter your TV’s remote code.

The Bottom Line

Chances are your LG remote is not completely dead. It’s mostly likely malfunctioning due to stuck buttons or software issues.

But if you exhausted all the troubleshooting steps in this article and your LG TV remote is still not working then it could be dead.

To summarize, the most common way to fix an LG TV Magic Remote not working is to replace the batteries with a fresh pair or power cycle the TV.


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