How to Find TV Remote Code

Got a new GE universal (or One For All, or RCA) remote and struggling to find the elusive 4-digit codes to program it? You’re not alone. This guide simplifies the process, offering a range of methods to uncover these codes, ensuring your universal remote works seamlessly with all your devices.

Methods to Find Your Remote Code

  1. Searching the TV Manual: Start with your TV’s product manual. It usually includes the necessary codes.
  2. Online Manual Access: Lost the manual? Visit the manufacturer’s website and download a digital copy.
  3. TV On-Screen Settings Menu: Check your TV’s settings menu for a section on remote pairing and codes.
  4. Code on the TV Unit: Some TVs have a sticker or label with the code on the back or in the original remote’s battery compartment.
  5. Online Resources: Websites, forums, and social media platforms often share remote codes.
  6. Jasco’s Remote Code Database: Utilize Jasco’s online database for an array of TV brands and models.
  7. Automatic Code Search Feature: Use this feature on your remote to cycle through codes automatically.
  8. Infrared Learning Feature: If you have the original remote, use this feature to transfer commands to your universal remote.
  9. Contacting the Manufacturer: As a last resort, reach out to the TV or remote manufacturer for assistance.

Keep reading to explore these methods in detail, ensuring your universal remote is up and ready in no time!

Searching The TV Manual

Your TV’s product manual is the starting point when seeking the 4-digit code for your remote. Manufacturers typically include these codes in a manual section for setting up and using universal remotes. The manual may list multiple codes, as different models from the same brand may require different codes. Take a moment to find your TV model in the list, and try the corresponding codes with your universal remote.

No Manual? No Problem!

If your TV manual has long been misplaced or is gathering dust somewhere in the attic, don’t worry. Modern technology has got you covered. Most manufacturers now provide digital copies of their product manuals online. Go to the manufacturer’s website, navigate to the support or download section, and input your TV’s model number to locate its manual.

TV On-Screen Settings Menu

If digging through product manuals, whether physical or digital, is not your cup of tea, your TV’s on-screen settings menu may have the answer. Often, there’s an option in the settings which provides information about remote pairing and codes. Note, however, that the exact steps to access this information will depend on your TV’s model and manufacturer. Look for options labeled “remote control setup,” “universal remote settings,” or similar.

Check the TV Itself

Sometimes, you can find the code on the TV unit. Some manufacturers include a sticker or label on the back of the TV or in the original remote’s battery compartment containing the 4-digit code. It’s worth checking if you need help finding the code elsewhere.

In the end, while these methods require a bit of searching, the 4-digit code you need is often correct under your nose. The trick is knowing where to look. Let’s explore some other avenues.

Searching for Remote Codes Online

In this digital era, nearly every information we need is available online, and remote codes are no exception. There are several methods to find your TV remote code on the internet.

Manufacturer’s Website

The first and most reliable source is the TV manufacturer’s website itself. Most manufacturers maintain comprehensive support sections where you can find a range of information, including remote codes. Here’s a general process to follow:

  • Locate the model and serial number of your TV, typically found on the back panel or sometimes within the TV’s settings menu.
  • Visit the manufacturer’s official website and navigate to the ‘Support’ or ‘Customer Service’ section. Enter your TV’s model and serial number in the designated search area.
  • Look for a downloadable version of your TV manual or a specific section dedicated to universal remote codes. This section should list the codes applicable to your TV model if available.

Online Databases and Forums

There’s a myriad of online resources where users share tips, tricks, and solutions for common issues, like finding remote codes. Websites such as offer extensive lists of 4-digit codes for various TV brands. Tech forums and communities are also excellent places to find this information. Just remember, while these sources can be very helpful, they’re user-generated and may not always provide accurate information.

Social Media and YouTube

Don’t underestimate the power of social media platforms and YouTube in your quest for the elusive 4-digit code. Often, you can find useful videos or posts where users share the process for specific TV brands and models. Remember always to cross-check the information from these sources for accuracy.

Online resources can prove invaluable in your search for the 4-digit code, especially when other methods fall short. However, verifying the information you find online before applying it is crucial. With the correct code in hand, you’ll be well on your way to mastering your universal remote control.

Utilizing Jasco’s Remote Code Database

Jasco provides a step-by-step process to find the appropriate 4-digit codes for your TV and all types of devices that a universal remote can control. Their website includes codes for a wide array of TV brands and models.

Access Jasco’s database here.

Locating the Model and Code List Version

Your first step is to find your remote’s model and code list version. You can locate this information inside the battery compartment under the batteries or on the underside of the compartment cover. Make sure to note down the code list version (which will be either CL3, CL4, CL5, or CL6), then replace the batteries and/or the compartment cover.

Accessing the Remote Codes for Your Version

Once you have identified the code list version, you can then access the appropriate remote codes on Jasco’s website. They provide separate lookup options for CL3, CL4, CL5, and CL6 codes. Select the corresponding option to view a list of 4-digit codes compatible with various TV brands and models.

Entering the 4-Digit Code

With your code list in hand, it’s time to pair your remote with your TV. Press and hold down the setup button on your remote until the remote’s red light turns on. Then, press and release the chosen device button (e.g., TV, CBL, DVD, AUD). Enter the first 4-digit code for your device. The red light should then turn off.

Testing the Device Buttons

Now, point the remote at your TV (or other devices) and test the buttons. If they don’t work as expected, repeat steps 3 and 4 with the next code for your device.

Pairing Other Devices

If you have other devices you wish to control with your universal remote, simply repeat this process for each device.

By following these steps from Jasco, you can effectively link your universal remote to your TV and other devices. Remember, this process may take a few tries to get right, but once you’ve successfully paired your devices, you’ll have simplified control at your fingertips.

Sometimes, manually searching for the 4-digit code can be tedious. Thankfully, many modern universal remotes offer an Automatic Code Search feature. This function cycles through all the available codes until it finds one that works with your TV. Here’s a general step-by-step guide on how to use this feature:

Activate Automatic Code Search Mode

Start by turning on your TV. Then, press and hold the setup button on your universal remote until its indicator light turns on. Depending on your remote model, this light could be red, green, or another color.

Select the TV Mode

Press the device button for the TV on your remote (usually labeled as ‘TV’). The indicator light should then remain on.

While pointing your remote towards the TV, press and hold the ‘Power’ or ‘Channel Up’ button (the specific button may vary by remote model). The remote will start cycling through the available 4-digit codes.

Test the Remote

Once your TV turns off, release the button. Then, turn your TV back on using the remote. Test the other buttons to see if they control your TV as expected. If they do, the remote has successfully paired with your TV.

Repeat for Other Devices

If you want to control other devices with the universal remote, repeat this process for each device, adjusting the device button as necessary.

This method simplifies the process by automating the search for the 4-digit code. However, it can take some time as the remote cycles through hundreds of codes. But, with some patience, this function can be an easy solution for those who prefer not to enter codes manually.

Using Infrared Learning for Universal Remote Pairing

Another alternative to manually inputting codes or using automatic code search is the Infrared (IR) Learning feature. This is especially handy if you still have the original remote control of the device you want to control with your universal remote. The process, sometimes called “teaching” your remote, involves transferring commands from one remote to another via infrared signals. Here’s how to do it:

Preparing the Remotes

First, ensure that both your universal remote and your original device remote have batteries installed. Place them on a flat surface facing each other, about 1-3 inches apart. The IR sensors (usually located at the top end of the remotes) should face each other directly.

Activating Learning Mode

Put your universal remote into learning mode. This can often be done by pressing a specific button labeled ‘Learn’ or ‘Learning Mode’, but the exact method depends on your remote model.

Teaching Commands

Choose a button on your universal remote to ‘teach’. Press that button – your universal remote is now ready to learn. Then, press the corresponding button on your original remote. The universal remote will capture the infrared signal and learn the function.

Confirming the Learning Process

After teaching the command, there’s usually a signal from the universal remote confirming the successful process. It could be a blink of a light or a beep sound.

Repeating for Other Buttons

Repeat the process for all other buttons you want to program on your universal remote.

Ending the Learning Mode

Once you’ve programmed all necessary buttons, end the learning mode. The way to do this will depend on your specific remote model.

With infrared learning, your universal remote can exactly replicate the functions of your original remote, ensuring you don’t lose any functionality in the process. However, it’s essential to note that not all universal remotes have this feature, so checking if yours does is worthwhile.

When All Else Fails: Contacting the Manufacturer

If you’ve tried all the methods above and you’re still unable to find the 4-digit code to link your universal remote to your TV, don’t worry – there’s one last resort. This involves getting in touch with your TV’s manufacturer or the maker of your universal remote.

Before contacting the manufacturer, ensure you’ve exhausted all the other options. This includes checking the product manual, exploring on-screen menus, consulting online databases, and attempting automatic code search or infrared learning.

If these methods have not yielded the desired results, it’s time to contact the experts. Here’s what you need to do:

Gather All Necessary Information

Have your TV model number and universal remote details ready. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for the manufacturer’s support team to assist you.

Reach Out to the Manufacturer

Most manufacturers have multiple channels for customer service. This could be through phone, email, or live chat on their website. Choose the one that works best for you and initiate the conversation.

Explain Your Issue

Be as detailed as possible when describing your issue. Let them know you’ve tried to find the code using various methods but have failed.

Follow Their Instructions

The manufacturer’s support team should provide you with instructions on how to proceed. This could involve specific codes to try, additional troubleshooting steps, or even arranging for a technician to assist you.

While contacting, the manufacturer should be your last resort, remember that their primary goal is to assist their customers. They’ll have access to the most extensive and up-to-date resources to help you resolve your issue, and in most cases, you’ll be able to successfully link your universal remote to your TV.

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