How to Change Input on LG TV Without Remote

Are you stuck in a hotel or hospital and you can’t change the input on the LG TV in the room? I was in the same situation.

The side panel on LG TVs usually do not have a dedicated input button. After spending hours researching this issue, eventually I found a few solutions.

In this article, I’ll not only cover how to change the input on an LG TV without a remote but also how to use a remote that does not have an input button. Many hotels like to use special universal remotes that are cheap and don’t have dedicated input buttons.

How to Change Input on LG TV Without a Remote

1 – Check for a Dedicated Input Button

Some LG TVs have a dedicated input button on the front or side. If there is such a button, press it to change the input. If your TV does not have an input button, try tapping the power button twice.

On some models, that opens the input selection screen. Otherwise, press the menu button and see if there’s an option to change inputs.

2 – Use the Power Button

On newer LG TVs, the buttons have been replaced by a single power button knob. The exact location varies for LG TV models. On most models, it’s located on the front bottom of the TV, under the LG Logo. For a diagram, check LG’s support. 

The power button can often be used to navigate the TV’s menus and change the source. Press the button to open the menu, and press it again to move the selection to the right. Press and hold the power button to select the menu. When in a sub-menu, press and hold to go back to the previous menu.

Note: Not all LG TVs have a power button that works like this. On many TVs, pressing the button will simply shut down the TV.

3 – Use LQ ThinQ App 

LG thinQ app

The easiest way to change the input on an LG TV without a remote is to use the LG ThinQ app. If your phone and TV are both connected to the same Wifi network, the app should find the TV, and be able to control it.

In the TV Remote section of the app, the button that looks like a little cable is the source button. Tap it to open the input menu and select the input you want just like how you would with the remote.

Note: The app won’t find the TV unless it’s connected to the same network. In that case, the next step should help you.

4 – Use a Mouse or Keyboard

LG TVs are compatible with both wired and wireless mice. Connect a mouse. You can now use the mouse to navigate the menu and change the input. While you have the mouse connected, you can use it to navigate to the TV’s network settings and connect the TV to your Wifi so that you can use an app to control it. The app is much more convenient.

5 – Use a Console or Streaming Stick

Most consoles (and many streaming sticks too) can change the TV’s input to the one that the console is connected to. This is an easy way to pull the input away from one that has no signal. On Xbox, you can change the input on the TV by holding down the Xbox button on your controller.

If you haven’t set that feature up on your Xbox, you can use the Xbox app on your phone to open Remote Play on your Xbox and enable the feature.

Of course, your phone and Xbox need to be connected to an internet connection (it doesn’t need to be the same Wifi network). You will also have to pair your controller to your phone to navigate the Xbox menus when using remote play.

The feature is located in Profile & System, Settings, General, Sleep Mode & Startup. and TV & A/V Power Options. Enable Switch TV Input Using Controller.

For more details, visit Xbox’s official HDMI CEC guide. 

A console pretty much has every app that you need. As long as you can get the TV’s input to your console, you should be good. Many streaming sticks offer the same function, such as Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast with Google TV.

6 – Buy a Universal Remote

Lost your LG TV remote or it’s broken? You can buy a universal remote that is compatible with your LG TV model.

You can find these remotes at almost any electronics store or you can order one on Amazon. Universal remotes lack some of the features of core LG remote, such as the magic pointer, but they’re budget-friendly alternatives.

How to Change Input on LG TV When Remote Has No Input Button

As mentioned earlier, many hotels use universal remotes that do not have input buttons, only volume and channel buttons. Maybe you’re spending a few nights at a hotel and you want to do some gaming on your Xbox.

If holding down the Xbox button on the controller can’t pull the input to the Xbox’s HDMI, there are a couple of other things that you can try.

Some LG TVs have channel numbers for HDMI inputs. To change the input, enter the channel number with the remote, and it should switch. For example, 133 – 0 is HDMI 1, and 135 – 0 is HDMI 3, and so on.

For the exact channel numbers, you may need to look up the TV model number and consult the product manual online.

If the channel selection option does not work, try the power button solution from earlier, or look on the side of the TV for any menu buttons.


It’s very frustrating when your LG TV’s remote refuses to work. These solutions should help you to change the input on your LG TV without a remote.

The easiest option would be to use the physical buttons on the TV or the power button. A device that has HDMI-CEC will be a lifesaver too. Either way, I recommend ordering a universal LG TV remote.

Let me know which solution worked for you in the comments section below!

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