32-inch TV Dimensions: Everything You Need To Know

Key Takeaways:

  • 32-inch TVs are budget-friendly but consider if it’s too small for your space.
  • Dimensions typically are 70.9 cm (27.9 inches) in width and 39.9 cm (15.7 inches) in height.
  • A 32-inch TV easily fits in most cars, simplifying the transport process.
  • Optimal viewing distance for most 32-inch TVs is around 47 inches (3.92 feet).

So you’re in the market for a new TV and you’re considering a 32-inch model. These TVs often come with a more budget-friendly price tag, making them an attractive option for many. But you might be wondering, “Will a 32-inch TV be too small for my space?” It’s a valid concern, especially when larger screens tend to dominate the market and our imaginations.

The key to a satisfying purchase isn’t just the cost; it’s about how well the TV fits into your living environment and meets your viewing needs. While a 32-inch TV is generally more affordable, you’ll want to make sure it’s not just the price but also the dimensions that align with your space and viewing habits. In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of 32-inch TV dimensions in both inches and centimeters, arming you with the information you need to make a choice you’ll be happy with.

What Are The Dimensions of a 32-inch TV in inches and centimeters?

32 inch TV dimensions

It’s a common misconception that all 32-inch TVs are the same size. In fact, your 32-inch TV will differ from your friends’ in terms of height and width. This is because TV dimensions vary depending on the brand you choose to go for. However, most 32-inch TVs have a width of 70.9 cm (27.9 inches) and a height of about 39.9 cm (15.7 inches).

How Big is a 32-inch TV?

Those numbers make a 32-inch TV fall into the small-size category, which is ideal for apartments or bedrooms. For example, a  32” Class 1080p LED TV is 29.06″ x 17.20″ x 3.11 without the stand.

Will a 32-inch TV Fit In My Car?

One of the best things about buying a 32-inch TV is that it fits in every car space. In fact, if you now have a sedan or SUV, it should fit perfectly in your car, which makes it easy to bring it home from a local BestBuy or Target.  

Will a 32-inch TV Fit In My Room?

Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the right TV size for your space is essential. Most 32-inch TVs are designed to be a household’s second TV, and they should fit in every space, so the question now comes down to where to install them in your room. 

Many people put their TVs right at the foot of the bed. But this configuration is not recommended for everyone, as bedroom layouts vary widely. If you have a small room, consider mounting your TV since walls or corners are often unused space. 

What’s The Best Viewing Distance for a 32-inch TV?

The viewing distance really matters when it comes to placing a TV in your room. The best viewing distance changes depending on the TV’s size and display resolution. 

optimal viewing distance

Most 32-inch TVs have a resolution of between 1360×768 and 1920×1080 pixels, so the best distance should be around 47 inches (3.92 feet). This number may vary since room setups vary widely out there. 

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