Here’s Why Mounted TVs Fall Off Walls: List Of Causes

Mounting your TV on a wall is an excellent way to inspire a modern aesthetic in any room while saving on space by doing away with the traditional entertainment centre. Unfortunately, this decision can take a turn for the worse when your TV comes crashing down, tearing chunks out of your wall and often experiencing irreparable damage upon impact with the floor. But what causes such accidents, and how can they be prevented?

The most common cause for a mounted TV falling off the wall is that the television was improperly installed. This could mean it was either placed on a wall section that could not sufficiently support its weight, and the tv was paired with the wrong accessories or other common reasons. 

In this article, we will discuss the XX main reasons why most TVs fall off walls and what homeowners can do to ensure their TV isn’t the next casualty. We will also discuss whether mounting a TV is even a safe choice for your walls or if this process means you’ll inflict some degree of damage.

Four Main Causes of Mounted TVs Falling Off Walls

Mounting a modern-day television on a wall isn’t a simple matter of screwing in a few bolts wherever you want. This technical process requires thought, planning, and the right tools and fixtures; otherwise, you’ll pay a penny for replacements and repairs. Unfortunately, too many people skip these steps and add to the tally of why mounted TVs fall off walls.

The four most common reasons why mounted TVs fall off walls are as follows:

  • TV was paired with the wrong TV mounted and was installed on an ill-suited wall
  • TV was installed in a poor location
  • TV was installed by a non-professional

We have elaborated on each of these common causes below, so you know what to look out for and how you can make the proper decisions for each to ensure your TV is secure.

TV Was Paired With the Wrong TV Mount

First thing’s first; before you even consider getting your TV on the wall, you need to purchase the proper tools and accessories that will guarantee it has a firm grip on the wall and its weight is well supported.

TV mounted to the wall

Probably the most crucial accessory here is the TV mount. These necessities must match your TV needs perfectly in terms of its dimensions and weight, or else you’ll quickly find it tearing out of your wall and taking your TV down with it.

There are numerous types of TV mounts, so if you’re unsure which is the right one for you, we recommend reaching out to the company that owns your TV and asking them if they sell mounts; if so, which is the best match for your TV; if not, what specifications should your TV’s mount have.

Another element you’ll want to keep in mind here is mount quality. Like everything, it’s tempting to purchase a cheap mount for your TV, but this is a colossal mistake, as most won’t be sufficient in upholding its weight. Instead, make sure any TV mount you purchase is high quality and has been treated with heat, powder-coated, and durable materials.

TV Was Installed on an Ill-Suited Wall

You might have the ideal location in mind for your mounted TV, but many people don’t realize that it’s the wall that should choose the location, not your interior design and layout.

Although mounts and anchors definitely have a part to play in supporting a TV’s weight, your wall will do a fair bit of that work. So, unsurprisingly, if you decide to screw your TV into a weak wall, you’ll be lucky if it stays up for a week.

The best way to prevent this is to refrain from installing your TV and its mount directly into drywall, as this material is too weak for the task. Instead, you’ll need to use a stud finder tool to locate studs within a load-bearing wall where you can safely install the TV.

Alternatively, you can opt for a wall made of sturdier materials like stone, solid wood, or brick, as long as you have the right tools without causing unnecessary damage to the wall.

TV Was Installed in a Poor Location

Sometimes a TV can be mounted and installed ideally using the proper tools, high-quality accessories, and sufficient support, but it still crashes to the floor. In these instances, the causes are nothing technical but purely human.

TV Was Installed in a Poor Location

You’d be astounded how many TVs are mounted in high traffic or obstructing locations where they are at increased risk of being bumped into or knocked askew by people, doorways, etc. The first time or two might not cause any significant harm, but if this happens frequently and with enough force, many of the fixtures that keep your TV secured to the wall will loosen and one day loses their grip altogether.

TV Was Installed By a Non-Professional

This is often the hardest pill for people to swallow, but arguably the overarching cause of why most mounted TVs fall is that they weren’t installed by a professional.

Most television companies will provide a professional installation service, either free with the purchase of your TV or as an additional fee. These individuals are specifically trained to find the ideal location for your TV and mount it properly so it could remain in this location of years.

While the reasons listed above are specific common causes, they are mistakes that most professionals won’t make, but rather, poor choices made by someone confident they could mount their TV on a wall themselves.

Does Mounting A TV Damage The Wall?

One reason people are still wary of mounting their TVs on walls, apart from the potential risk of the TV falling, is that they are concerned the installation process alone cause a significant degree of damage to their wall and reduce its overall integrity.

Mounting a TV can cause a small degree of damage to your wall, but this is minimal and typically caused by drilling holes for the TV’s mount, anchors, and other support features. As long as the TV is mounted correctly, these drill holes should be the extent of any wall damage.

So, while this process does require you to inflict a slight amount of damage on your walls, this damage (meaning the drill holes):

  1. Will be concealed by your TV and, therefore, won’t have any aesthetic repercussions
  2. Aren’t enough to truly impact the wall’s integrity and cause further damage

Of course, this all hinges on the TV being mounted properly; otherwise, it will inflict substantial damage on your walls when it falls and likely brings a significant amount of the wall’s material with it.

Final Thoughts

While mounting your TV on your wall has numerous benefits, these electronics can often weigh over 35 pounds. This is a decent amount of weight being installed on your walls, and if you want to it stay there for as long as possible, you’ll keep these common causes for mounted TV falls in mind. Overall, the best way to prevent such accidents is to ensure you have the right tools, high-quality products, and a professional take on the task.

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