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So you have a DVD collection that you want to watch from time to time, but your TV doesn’t have a DVD player, and you don’t want to buy a separate device. What can you do?

What you might be looking for is a TV and DVD Combi, which is essentially a TV with a DVD player builtin. TV and DVD combos are great for people who are not only tight on cash but also want to save space and reduce clutter.

You can mount these to a wall and not have to worry about having a TV stand for a DVD player and other media devices. Great for bedrooms! With that in mind, TV and DVD combos are not only perfect for small rooms but also other tight spaces, such as campervans, cars, motorhomes, canal boats, and even trucks.

Those are just a few of the many benefits that come with TV and DVD combis. But you’re probably wondering what is the best TV and DVD combi, and we’ll get into some product recommendations now.

Best TV and DVD Combis:

1 Sharp 24″ Smart LED DVD 12v/24v TV with Freeview Play

Here we have a really nice TV and DVD combo that is perfect for caravans, mobile homes, and trucks. The TV is 24 inches with a maximum resolution of 720P, the resolution is good enough for DVDs and Freeview. You’ll also be happy to know it has 2 HDMI ports, 2 USBs, 1 Scart, and an Ethernet port.

Speaking of ethernet, you also connect the TV to a Wifi network such as a hotspot from your phone. While the number of apps is limited, you can access Netflix, YouTube, BBC Sport, and even browse the internet. It’s compatible with Freeview too!

Of course, the model has a built-in DVD player, and to watch DVDs, you simply need to use the remote to change the source to DVD. You can also watch content on USB sticks using one of the USB ports.

Overall, a really nice and compact TV set for mobile homes or wall mounts.

2 Blaupunkt BLA-236/207O-GB-3B-EGDP-UK 24 Inch HD 12V LED TV

The Blaupunkt 24 Inch TV and DVD combo is great for a child’s bedroom because it’s budget-friendly, lightweight, and it has decent features. As for connectors, it has 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB 2.0, and 1 SCART.

When it comes to image quality, it’s surprisingly good for a budget TV. The maximum resolution is 720P and the colors are vibrant and clear. The resolution is a little low but it’s not very noticeable, most DVDs are 480P.

While the TV does not have internet connectivity, it does have a Freeview tuner that you can use to access up to 100 channels. The built-in DVD player also provides you with more media watching options.

Overall, I think it’s a good simple and budget-friendly TV and DVD combo. You might want to pair this one with a soundbar for better audio.

3 Cello 12 Volt Satellite LED TV

Here we have another standard budget-friendly 32-inch TV and DVD combo. As for the display, it supports up to 720P and the picture is relatively clear. The speakers aren’t the best but that can always be solved by using an external set of speakers or a soundbar.

One of the most notable features of this TV is it has a built-in satellite receiver, for that reason you don’t have to buy a separate device. Ideal to get Freesat or Sky whenever you go in the UK.


  • HDMI
  • USB
  • VGA

I would say this is a good secondary TV for a room or a caravan. It’s very lightweight and you have a lot of media watching options; DVD, Online Apps, Freeview, etc. It is budget-friendly so not the most high-quality TV out there, but it’s good enough. I recommend updating the firmware before attempting to download any apps.

4 HKC 24C2NBD-UK (24-inch) LED TV with Built-in DVD-player

Are you looking for a really budget secondary TV? The HKC 24C2NBD might be what you need. It’s a very standard TV with a DVD player built-in, ideal for hotels, small rooms, caravans, and other areas tight on space.

This particular TV has a maximum resolution of 720P, 1 HDMI, 1 USB, and 1 SCART. While you can’t connect to the internet, you can use Freeview and the DVD player. It’s also light so you can mount it to a wall with no problems.

For the size and price, the picture quality is decent, even at 720P. The main thing that you need to know is that this is not a Smart TV, so you can’t go online with it.

However, with the DVD player, HDMI (for laptops) the USB port, and Freeview, you should have enough media watching options. Overall, a nice and basic budget-friendly TV and DVD combo.

5 Blaupunkt BLA-32/138O-GB-11B4-EGDP-UK 32-Inch HD Ready LED

The last TV/DVD combo on our list is also not a Smart TV (no Netflix) but it has quite a few other features that might interest you.

For starters, at 32-inches, making it larger than most of the TVs on our list. Even though it is limited to 720P, the picture quality is decent, colors are good and the widescreen quality is great.

The most notable feature is the number of ports:

  • 3xHDMI
  • 2xUSB

The extra HDMI ports are particularly helpful and allow you to insert a casting device like a Fire Stick or Chromecast to transform your TV into a Smart TV.

While it does have an ethernet port, it doesn’t seem to be able to download apps, it only seems to be used for Freeview HD services. In general, a nice TV that you can use as the main display in your living room.

Buying Guide:

What to look for When Buying a TV with DVD Built-in:

Types of Connectors:

When it comes to buying a TV with a DVD built-in, the most important thing to look for is the number and types of connectors. I recommend a TV with at least two HDMI ports, one USB, and Freeview. The more media options you have, the more media you can watch. You could even connect an external hard drive to the TV to watch your library of movies and even pictures.

Tuners & Networks:

To get more free channels, you’ll need a TV/DVD combo that has built-in tuners, either for Freeview or Satellite. As for network connections, a TV that can connect to a Wifi hotspot is useful but not the most necessary because you probably don’t want to drain your phone plan’s data on a few Netflix movies. But if you do stop in a campground with free Wifi, it can come in handy, especially if you have built-in Netflix.

TV Size

If you’re planning to buy a TV/DVD combo for your caravan or motorhome, size is important. You might not have enough space in your vehicle for a full-size TV but you also don’t want one that’s too small. I recommend at least 24-inches. Mounting a TV is probably the safest bet for caravans, so make sure you have sufficient space!

12V Charger:

When it comes to TVs for vehicles, it’s important to find a model that uses a 12V charger. A 12V charger will allow you to use the TV via the vehicle’s charging port and it also won’t drain your vehicles’ battery as much.

Will I need a Transformer to Use it on a Campervan?

If you choose a 12V TV, you probably don’t need a transformer to use in a campervan. Other TVs that are not specifically designed for 12V can usually run too, but it depends on the exact model and power requirements.

Do I Need Wifi to Use Streaming Apps?

Yes. To stream from the TV’s apps you need an active internet connection. However, the Windows and mobile version of Netflix allow you to download media to watch offline.

Can I connect to a Laptop?

You can connect a laptop to a TV and DVD combi via an HDMI cable. You could download Netflix content on your laptop and then connect your laptop to the TV via HDMI to watch Netflix.

How do I Connect TV to Phone?

To connect your phone to a TV you’ll need to either use the TV’s built-in casting features or use an USB-C to HDMI adapter.

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