85 Inch TV Dimensions: Yes, It’s BIG!

Key Takeaways:

  • Most 85-inch TVs measure around 188.2 cm (74.1 inches) in width and 105.9 cm (41.7 inches) in height.
  • An 85-inch TV is wider than a standard North American queen-size mattress.
  • Transporting an 85-inch TV requires a vehicle that can accommodate its large package dimensions.
  • The optimal viewing distance for an 85-inch TV is approximately 12 feet.

If you’re contemplating investing in an 85-inch TV, understanding its dimensions prior to purchase is crucial. It’s key in determining whether the TV will fit into your available space. This blog post will provide the dimensions of an 85-inch TV in both inches and centimeters. We’ll also offer advice on how to choose the right size TV for your space. Moreover, we’ll provide a list of some of the best 85-inch TVs currently available on the market! So, whether you’re actively looking for a new TV or simply curious about 85-inch TVs, keep reading!

Width And Height Dimensions In Centimeters And Inches

A TV advertised as 85-inch will have a diagonal measurement of 85 inches (216 cm). The width and height of the TV can vary based on the specific make and model, but we can give you a rough idea. Most 85 inch TVs have a width of around 188.2 cm (74.1 inches) and a height of about 105.9 cm (41.7 inches).

85 Inch TV Dimensions in Cm and Inches

However, please remember that the precise dimensions will vary by brand. Continue reading to discover the specific measurements by TV model further in the article.

How Big Is An 85-Inch TV?

It’s tempting to buy the largest TV that fits your budget, but will it fit in your space? To understand how big an 85-inch TV is, consider that a standard North American queen-size mattress measures 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. Thus, an 85-inch TV measuring 74.1 inches in width is significantly wider than a queen-size mattress.

Just as critical to consider is the practical matter of transporting your new TV from the store to your home using your car or van. For instance, the package dimensions for an 85-inch TV from Samsung (Neo QLED 4K QN90C) are 84.3 inches (214 cm) wide, 49 inches (124.5 cm) tall, and 9.1 inches (23 cm) deep. Thus, to bring it home safely, you would need a vehicle able to accommodate these measurements.

Is An 85-Inch TV Suitable For Your Space?

If you’re buying an 85-inch TV, you should ideally have a viewing distance of approximately 12 feet. This is the recommended viewing distance for a TV of this size. Of course, you can sit closer or further away from the TV, but 12 feet is considered the optimal distance according to experts. Why 12 feet, you might wonder? This is because at 12 feet, the average person’s field of vision is around 60 degrees. This allows you to comfortably watch the TV without straining your eyes and fully appreciate the high-quality image that the TV has to offer.

Exact Dimensions Of Top 85-Inch TV Models

85″ Class Samsung Neo QLED 4K QN90C

74.5″ Width x 42.6″ Height x 1.1″ Depth


74.5″ Width x 42.8″ Height x 3.1″ Depth

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