What To Do With A Broken TV: List Of Options

So, your TV has finally given up the ghost, and you’re left wondering what to do with this hulking piece of electronics. Before you consider chucking it in the bin, hold on; there are smarter, more responsible ways to deal with a broken or outdated TV.

This guide walks you through the maze of responsible TV disposal options available to you. From understanding the legal aspects that govern electronic waste to exploring avenues like recycling programs, retailer take-back services, and even selling your TV for cash, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re eco-conscious, looking to make a quick buck, or simply want to abide by the law, this article offers a solution that suits your needs.

First things first, let’s talk legality. If you’re tempted to just toss that old TV into the rubbish bin, think again. In the UK, it’s illegal to dispose of TVs and monitors with general waste. Why? These devices often contain hazardous materials that are harmful to the environment. According to Hazardous Waste Legislation, TVs must be separated and disposed of in a compliant manner. So, not only is proper disposal eco-friendly, but it’s also the law.

Understanding these legal requirements is the first step in responsibly getting rid of your old or broken TV. It sets the stage for the various options you have, which we’ll delve into next. Whether you’re looking to recycle, sell, or donate, knowing the law is your starting point.

Recycling Your TV: An Eco-Friendly Option

Local Recycling Centres

Once you’re aware of the legal requirements, the next logical step is to consider recycling your TV. Local recycling centres are a straightforward option. Just do a quick search online to locate a centre near you. Websites like Recycle Now offer a handy lookup tool to find recycling centers based on your postcode. It’s a simple yet effective way to ensure your TV doesn’t end up harming the environment.

Retailer Recycling Programs

Major retailers in the UK have stepped up to make electronics recycling more accessible. Companies like Argos and Currys offer recycling programs that are in line with the UK’s legal requirements. If you’re buying a new TV, these retailers can even collect your old one for recycling, making the process incredibly convenient. Currys provides more details on their recycling program here.

Electrical Retailer Take-back Rules

As of January 1, 2021, the UK implemented new Electrical Retailer Take-back rules. These rules make it easier than ever to recycle your old electronics. When you purchase a new electrical item, the store is obligated to take back your old appliance on a like-for-like basis. This applies regardless of where you bought the old product. More information on these rules can be found on the Recycle Your Electricals website.

By understanding these recycling options, you’re not just complying with the law; you’re also contributing to a more sustainable future. So, before you make any hasty decisions about your old TV, consider these eco-friendly avenues.

Council Collection Services

If you’ve exhausted all other options and still need to part ways with your TV, your local council might be your last resort. Councils in the UK offer collection services for bulky or hazardous items, including electronics like TVs. However, this service usually comes with a fee.

How to Arrange a Collection

  • Contact Your Local Council: The first step is to get in touch with your local council. Most councils have a dedicated section on their website where you can request a bulky item collection.
  • Fee Structure: Be prepared to pay a fee for this service. The cost can vary but generally ranges from around £50 for 1-5 items. It’s always good to confirm the fee structure beforehand.
  • Collection Schedule: Once you’ve made the payment, you’ll be given a collection date. Make sure your TV is easily accessible for the collection team.

Limitations and Requirements

  • Item Condition: Some councils have specific requirements about the condition of the items they collect. Make sure to inquire about this when arranging the collection.
  • Additional Items: If you have more than one item to dispose of, check if the council offers a discounted rate for multiple items.

Selling Your Broken TV For cash

Online Platforms

If your TV has some life left in it, selling it online could be a viable option. There are several platforms where you can get a decent price for a broken or partially working TV.

  • The TV Guys: This service specializes in buying and repairing TVs. They offer a straightforward process for selling your old set. Check out their website for more details.
  • Zarax.co.uk: If your TV is still in decent working condition, Zarax offers a convenient collection service and will pay you a small fee for your old TV. More information can be found on their website.
  • Facebook Groups: There are specific groups like “broken/Dead TV’s lcd-led needed for cash” where you can sell your TV for parts.
  • Gumtree: This is another platform where you can list your broken TV. The UK-based site has a category specifically for broken electronics. Visit Gumtree to list your item.

Selling a broken TV might seem counterintuitive, but you’d be surprised how many people are looking for TVs for parts or are willing to repair minor issues. It’s a win-win: you get rid of your TV responsibly and make some cash in the process.

Trade-in When You Buy a New TV

One of the most convenient ways to responsibly dispose of your old TV is to trade it in when you’re buying a new one. Many retailers and manufacturers offer trade-in programs that not only help you get rid of your old TV but also provide some financial benefit in the process.

Argos Trade-in Program

Argos offers a trade-in program that allows you to recycle your old TV when you buy a new one. They will take back your old appliance on a like-for-like basis, making it incredibly convenient for you. This service is part of their broader installation and recycling program, which aims to make the transition to your new appliance as smooth as possible.

Currys Trade-in Program

Similarly, Currys provides a trade-in option for your old electrical items, including TVs. When you’re purchasing a new TV, you can bring your old one to the store, and they’ll handle the recycling for you. They even have special bins designated for this purpose. More details on their recycling program can be found on their website.

Manufacturer Programs: Samsung and LG

Not to be outdone, major TV manufacturers like Samsung and LG also offer programs where they collect your old device when delivering a new one. Samsung, in particular, has a Trade Up program that not only takes care of the recycling but also offers financial incentives such as discounts or vouchers for your next Samsung purchase.

Additional Resources

If you’re still navigating the maze of options for your old or broken TV, there are several online resources that can guide you through the process. These websites offer a wealth of information on recycling, selling, and donating electronic items, including TVs.

Websites for More Information

  • Recycle Your Electricals: This website is maintained by Material Focus, an independent not-for-profit organization. It provides extensive information on recycling electrical equipment and the new Electrical Retailer Take-back rules.
  • Recycle Now: This platform offers a lookup tool to find recycling centers near you based on your postcode. It’s a great resource for those looking to recycle their TV locally.
  • Recycle More: Another useful website that offers a postcode lookup for recycling centers near you. It’s an additional tool to help you find the most convenient location for responsible disposal.
  • UK Government’s Large Waste Items: The UK Government’s website provides official guidelines on how to arrange for the collection of large waste items, including TVs, through your local council.
  • WEEE Regulations: The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations govern how electrical items should be recycled and disposed of. It’s essential to be familiar with these regulations to ensure you’re complying with UK laws.

Armed with these resources, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision about what to do with your old or broken TV. Whether you choose to recycle, sell, donate, or repair, these websites can help you navigate the process more smoothly and responsibly.

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