What is LG’s ThinQ AI and Why it DOES Matter?

You may have noticed that certain LG TVs (and other LG products) include a feature called ThinQ AI.

What is LG’s ThinQ AI and does it matter? Are there any benefits to using it? Or is it another marketing gimmick?

In this article, I’ll explain what ThinQ AI is, how it works, and what some practical uses for it are.

What is LG ThinQ AI?

First launched in 2017, LG Thin Q AI is a platform used to encompass all of LG’s built-in artificial intelligence features as well as other smart assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

ThinQ AI also allows compatible devices to share user data in two-way communication to offer proactive solutions for users.

With an LG ThinQ AI TV, you can control and monitor other ThinQ AI-compatible appliances using voice activation.

For example, you can turn on your smart washing machine using voice control from your TV, and many other practical functions.

How ThinQ AI Works:

Besides smart features, ThinQ AI collects usage data and provides suggestions based on usage patterns. LG refers to usage patterns as lifestyle data.

ThinQ AI scans various categories of data such as, what TV shows and movies you watch, how often you use certain appliances, your preferred settings, your schedule, and so on.

For the best results, the AI needs to analyse usage patterns over time. Once the ThinQ AI learns your personal usage pattern, it can offer helpful suggestions to make your life easier.

On the Home Dashboard on your ThinQ AI TV, you can monitor, control, and create routines for all the connected smart devices. The LG ThinQ app can also act as a control hub for all your devices.

The exact ThinQ AI features available will vary from device to device. For example, some TVs require a remote for voice activation, while others do not.

In simple terms, ThinQ AI is designed to create personalized entertainment features just for you.

How to Use ThinQ AI

  • Hold down the voice button on your remote
  • Speak your voice command
  • Some TVs require you to say “Hi, LG” before your command

Here are some example voice commands you can use:

  1. “Show me cooking programs”
  2. “Change picture mode”
  3. “Turn the TV Off after this program”
  4. “Turn on the TV”
  5. “Turn off the TV”
  6. “Good night” – creates a bedtime routine
  7. “Good Morning” – starts a morning routine
  8. And many others (over 800 available)

To use other voice assistants, use “Hey, Google” or “Alexa” voice commands.

Examples of ThinQ AI in Action:

The most notable practical examples of ThinQ AI in action are TV and movie suggestions.

When you use a voice line such as “Recommend a comedy movie”, ThinQ AI will scan through your profile and recommend something based on your recently watched movies. The AI can also offer suggestions for TV shows, channels, and even music.

Besides offering suggestions, ThinQ AI can also control nearby appliances with voice activation, as well as other devices connected with Google Assistant or Alexa.

On top of that, the AI will provide you with helpful advice and tips on how to make the most of your appliances.

Another interesting feature is ThinQ AI can read your TV’s ambient light sensor and automatically adjust the backlight brightness or dim compatible smart lights to match the mood.

Of course, since Google Assistant and Alexa are built-in to the platform, you can use all the functions of those assistants too.

In other words, ThinQ AI can do pretty much anything that you need. You can even use voice activation to get answers from Google search.

Smart ThinQ 3.0

Smart ThinQ 3.0 adds Magic Link to the eco-system, allowing you to view TV program information from your phone, without changing TV channels.

LG Data Privacy & Collection

While all this data collection might seem scary, LG takes data privacy seriously.

Users can choose to share their data usage with the company; it’s not mandatory, although opting out could mean missing out on certain features.

You can choose to opt out of certain types of LG ThinQ AI data collection.

To put your mind at ease, personal user data is only stored locally on the device and it is completely private.

However, some usage data is sent to LG’s cloud servers. The data is pooled together with other users’ data to create lifestyle profiles.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, LG ThinQ AI is an innovative platform that combines a wide range of smart features and functions.

If you have other smart LG devices, you can configure them to communicate with one another and control them from a central hub.

However, on their own, LG ThinQ AI TVs are not that useful because they don’t have many unique features.

You can get similar features with Google Assistant or Alexa. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting feature, and it’s definitely fun to play around with.

With ThinQ AI, you can shave some time off your schedule by creating automated routines.

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