Virgin Media Router Lights Explained

So you had a new Virgin Media Router installed and you’re wondering what the light codes mean. It can be a little concerning when the lights on your router start flashing in strange ways. When should you be worried?

Every router has light codes to indicate the status of various services. The light codes can vary slightly depending on your router model but there are some universal light codes you should know about.

Understanding these light codes will make it easier for you to troubleshoot the problem with your network connection.

Virgin Media Router Lights Explained

Virgin Media Hub 5 Lights

  • Flashing White – Booting/Connecting
  • Stable White – Connected
  • Flashing Red – Telephone connection issue
  • Stable Red – Cable connection issue
  • Flashing Green – The router is downloading a software update
  • Blue – Waiting for WPS connection

The Hub 5 only has one light in the front at the bottom of the device. It flashes white during the booting stages and it will remain a solid white when it’s completely powered on. It can take 10 – 15 minutes for the light to stabilize.

The Virgin Media Hub 5 is the broadband router launched by Virgin Media. It includes new features such as Wi-fi 6 and up to 2.5 Gbps LAN speeds. Most Virgin Media customers will be able to upgrade to this hub for free, although it is based on a phased rollout.

Virgin Media Hub 4 Lights

The light codes on the Virgin Media 4 hub are the same as the Hub 5. The only difference is on the Hub 3 the light is a strip near the top of the router, while the Hub 5’s lights are on the bottom.

  • Flashing White – Booting/Connecting
  • Stable White – Connected
  • Flashing Red -telephone connection issue
  • Stable Red – Cable connection issue
  • Green – The router is downloading a software update
  • Blue – Waiting for WPS connection

Virgin Media Hub 3 Lights

The Virgin Media Hub 3 has a small at the front and bottom of the router, along with a small screen that shows other network symbols in various colours to help you narrow down the issue.

  • Red Wi-fi Icon Flashing Red = Router is in modem-only mode.
  • Stable white light – The hub is online and working
  • Flashing Green – Possible power issue with your router
  • Stable Red light – The hub is overheating
  • Stable Yellow light – The connection is active but could be slow

If you see flashing red symbols on the router, it means that a particular service is not connected. Restarting the router usually fixes those issues.

Super Hub 2 Lights

The Virgin Media Super Hub 2 is a little older but many people still have them in their homes. The hub has a strip of lights on the front going down with network symbols. Generally, the power light at the bottom will be white whenever the router is powered on.

  • Solid Blue – The service is active
  • Blinks Blue – Traffic is going through the hub (WAN symbol)
  • No lights on symbols – The services are not working and you should check the cables

Virgin Media Router Lights Changing Colours

If your Virgin Media router’s lights keep changing colours to ones that are not on the list, you should unplug the router from the mains, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it in again. Resetting the router will usually fix any issues with the light.

Another solution is to do a complete factory reset by holding down the button in the pinhole for 30 seconds. Bear in mind factory resetting a router will remove all your saved settings (Wi-fi name, password, etc) and you’ll have to set up the device again. However, it usually solves issues with the lights not showing the proper colours.

It’s there’s an issue with the physical lights on your hub. It’s very rare for a light on a router to break. Either way, if the lights are constantly changing but your internet is working normally, I would contact Virgin Media for advice. If the problem persists, they’ll send a technician or send you a replacement hub.

Why is My Virgin Media Router Flashing Green?

When your Virgin Media router lights are flashing green it means the router is updating its firmware. On Hub 3 a flashing green Wi-fi icon could mean the router is trying to connect over WPS. To disable WPS, open the router’s settings on your web browser (, navigate to Advanced Settings, Wireless, and disable the WPS options.


The Virgin Media router lights are easy to understand once you know what the colours mean. Most of the time, the lights should be a stable white or blue, anything else could be an issue.

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