Troubleshooting “Could Not Communicate With Your Chromecast”

Have you ever had the misfortune of having a ‘could not communicate with your chromecast’ notification popping up? We’ve all been there.

You’ve grabbed your snacks, your favorite beverage and slumped yourself on the couch ready to start streaming the next episode of that TV show that you’re obsessed with at the moment. And there you have it…that annoying little message that means you have to get up again and see if you can fix the problem! 

With our help, you will never have to worry about this again! Luckily, your chromecast failing to communicate is not the end of the world, and we have a simple and easy solution for you.

With a little troubleshooting, we will have you streaming, instead of screaming, in no time!

What to do if you chromecast won’t communicate

Chromecasts are a perfect solution for updating your normal TV to a smart TV.

With a little help from your chromecast, you can have Netflix, On Demand TV shows, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and any other streaming platforms right at your fingertips, so it can seem like the end of the world when your chromecast fails to work. 

We all rely on technology so much these days, that sometimes they can fail us. The important thing is to stay calm, and rectify the issue.

One of the main problems with a chromecast that is not connecting or communicating with your TV is usually the internet connection.

Other issues may be problems with the network, or connectivity issues between your chromecast, smartphone and other devices. 

However, the most likely issue will be your internet connection. A chromecast needs a WiFi connection in order to work and stream all of your favorite films and TV shows.

Without a working WiFi connection, it will not be able to do so. Therefore, the first thing you will want to do is check the WiFi connection.

Check the WiFi connection

To do this, you are going to want to ensure that the Chromecast is connected on the same network as all of your other devices, such as your TV, and smartphone. Make sure that your WiFi router is on, and in working order before you start blaming your chromecast!

Then, you will have to open the Google Home application that runs your chromecast. If you do not already have this, then you will need to install it to control your chromecast. Open the Google Home app, and click on Devices. Then, select Find Chromecast and click on the three little dots for Settings to see your Chromecast’s name. 

Underneath the name, you should be able to identify the WiFi network that the Chromecast is connected to. Make sure it is on the correct WiFi network and connected, and it should work to stream movies and TV shows across the network. 

Reconnect your Chromecast

If this is still not working, and your Chromecast is not communicating with the WiFi, then it may be time to re-establish a connection. No, we do not mean between you and an old flame…between your chromecast and your WiFi network! 

First, check on the Google Home app that the Chromecast is still part of your smart home, or your network of smart devices. If it is not, then you will need to reconnect it. 

The best way to do this is to reset and reboot your chromecast. This will reset it completely, which will allow you to set it up on your WiFi network (this will also have to be done if you move the Chromecast to a new home or location). 

In order to reconnect your chromecast, you will first need to ensure that the Chromecast is plugged into the TV, powered on, connected to a power outlet, and connected to the TV via the HDMI port. 

Then, you are going to want to reach around the back of the little Chromecast, and feel for a small button on the rear. Once you have located this button, press and hold it for about 25-30 seconds.

When you are holding the button, you should notice that the light on the side of the chromecast will start flashing frequently. Once this light turns white, and stays there, it will restart the Chromecast, and begin the reset sequence. 

Then, your chromecast should start running as if it is the first time you have used it. This means that you will have to set it up again, with a device name, and connect it to the WiFi and your Google Home app or hub. 

Once this is done, your Chromecast should be able to communicate with your TV, and connect to your devices and WiFi network with ease! 

How to set up Chromecast on the TV

Once you have reset and reboot your Chromecast, you may need to reconnect it with the television. However, this is very simple to do and will only take a matter of a few seconds. 

If you want to connect the chromecast to the TV, all you have to do is open your Google Home application on your device.

Then, look to the top left of the application screen, and select Add, before clicking on Select Device, and then Set Up New Devices.

This should then lead you to a page filled with step by step instructions of how to set up your chromecast with your network and devices, so that they are fully integrated and connected. 

By doing this, you should not have a problem with your chromecast communicating again, and you can grab your popcorn, slide into your comfiest pyjamas and get back to streaming the movies and shows that you love! 

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