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There’s some confusion around Sky Go and Chromecast, which we’re going to clear up in this article. People are saying Sky Go doesn’t work with Chromecast while others say it works just fine, who is correct?

As it turns out, Sky Go seems to have updated their app, and now Sky Go officially supports casting to Chromecast through their app. Using the new function, casting can be done a couple of taps, and in the next section, we’ll explain the exact steps you need to take to cast from Sky Go to Chromecast.

They support most casting options, including:

  • Airplay
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV

And others…

Previously, the Sky Go did not allow casting to Chromecast, and the only workaround was to connect your device to a Chromecast and enable screen mirroring mode. This could be done through your phone or tablet. Once in that mode, the Chromecast will mirror your device’s screen to the TV and from there you just need to open the Sky Go app on your mobile device.

The main downside to using mirroring mode with your phone is your TV’s resolution will adjust to your phone’s resolution and be stuck in portrait mode. If you have done this before, then you know the image doesn’t properly fit your TV screen.

Continue reading to discover how to cast your Sky Go to a Chromecast or other casting dongle.

How to Cast Sky Go to Chromecast With Your Phone:

Update the Sky Go App

Currently, the casting feature only works with Chromecast Gen 1, 2, 3, and Ultra.
Make sure your Chromecast and mobile device are on the same Wi-fi network.
Make sure you have the Chromecast app installed.

Now that Sky Go officially supports Chromecast, casting your Sky Go to the TV is really simple. If you followed the above steps, open the Sky Go app and look for a little casting icon in the Sky Go video player, it’s usually a small television icon. Tap that, and Sky Go should automatically connect to your Chromecast.

Very easy!

Cast Sky Go to Chromecast From a Laptop or PC

Since you can cast from Android to Chromecast, you’re probably wondering if you can cast Sky Go directly from your laptop to the Chromecast.

The Windows version should be able to cast to your Chromecast, keep an eye out for the little TV icon for casting options. If you don’t find it, you might have to update your software. Can’t find the casting icon anywhere? Try this:

Why Doesn’t Sky Go Support Google Chrome?

Once you could watch the web-version of Sky Go through the Google Chrome web browser (which supports casting) but now it longer works. Bear in mind, this may change in the future, so it doesn’t hurt to double-check.

The reason Sky Go doesn’t work with Google Chrome is that Google Chrome no longer supports the software that Sky Go uses. While you can still access the web version from other browsers, such as Firefox, or older versions of Internet Explorer, those browsers don’t work well with Chromecast.

There are some casting extensions for Firefox that may help you connect to Chromecast but they’re a hit and miss. From what I can see, there’s no genuine way to cast Sky Go from your laptop or PC to Chromecast. The extensions are worth a shot, but it’s not something I can officially recommend at the moment.

Screen Mirror Your Computer to Chromecast

The screen-mirroring function mentioned earlier should work here too. As a matter of fact, screen mirroring to Chromecast works better on laptops and PCs. Since Sky Go doesn’t support Google Chrome for media, you would have to use the Chromecast’s “Cast Desktop” function.

To do this, open Google Chrome, click on the three-dot icon in the top right to open the menu, and then click on Cast. Wait until it finds your Chromecast, click on it, and from the drop-down menu, select “Cast desktop” and your PCs desktop will be shown on your TV.

Next, simply open the Sky Go program on your computer, and start watching media. Bear in mind, you will need a moderate to fast internet connection or router, or you might encounter glitches or frame delays. Using this method, you can’t expect the best image quality, but it should be acceptable for simple shows.

If it doesn’t work, you might have to open Sky Go and select media first, and then open Google Chrome to cast your desktop.

Use an HDMI Cable:

What can you do? The most obvious solution would be to connect your laptop to your TV through an HDMI cable and then open the Sky Go program to watch your shows. It’s not the best solution, but it will have to do, at least until Sky adds Computer to Chromecast functionality.

Try a Windows to Android Emulator

Another method you could try using an Android to PC emulator, such as Blue Stacks, download the Sky Go app on there, and then try the casting feature. I can’t confirm it works, but in theory, it should. It might work better if your computer is connected to the router via Wi-fi or a network cable.

Final Tips:

The fact that Sky Go didn’t allow casting to Chromecast was a subject of controversy online, but now they seemed to have changed their policy and allow casting to Chromecast. So if you were waiting for the chance to use a Chromecast, here it is.

As long as all your software is up to date and you have a decent internet connection, you should be able to cast Sky Go to your TV with no problems.

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