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I have the Sky Go App and love watching it on the go. But I also love watching movies on a bigger screen, such as that of a television. It sometimes proves difficult because I have a smart TV, and Sky Go App doesn’t support the connection to a TV or monitor.


I’ve done extensive research on this, experimented, and found a few hacks around it. With this, you can watch your favourite movie on your smart TV.

Let’s dive in.

Can I watch Sky Go on My TV?

You can watch Sky Go on your TV if you observe a few things. First, you must have Chromecast – a dongle that allows you to cast content from your mobile phone to your TV. Another way to watch Sky Go on your TV is via HDMI – a cable you connect your laptop to the TV.

Digital streaming is one of the everyday things happening right now. Sky Go is one of the digital streaming services popular among UK citizens. It allows you to watch the news, sports, and almost every content on a smartphone or laptop.

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Bear in mind that Sky Go is not yet compatible with Chromecast. To use Chromecast to watch Sky Go on a smart TV, the screen mirroring hack is the best workaround method to do this, ensuring you enjoy your favourite content on your big screen. I have put together more hacks below such that if one doesn’t work for you today, you can try another. What’s more, I’ll provide detailed steps around each hack. At the end of this, I have also compiled some of the things young people are opting to use to access Sky Go, which could be dangerous as it might leak their information.

How to Make Sky Go Work on HDMI

To make Sky Go work with a smart TV via an HDMI cable, you have to screen mirror your laptop. First, you’ll need to:

  • Connect your computer to the television using HDMI cable
  • Ensure you have a Sky Go app on your TV and Wi-Fi is working fine
  • While on the Sky Go app, start watching your content and choose to mirror your screen. An error might pop up, but there is another way.
  • Stream a video, and the content on your laptop screen will cast on your television.
  • Unfortunately, Sky Go has no option of allowing you to connect HDMI between your phone and a smart TV. Why? The alternative was available years ago, but Sky go blocked the option following mischievous acts of its subscribers who shared content with those who haven’t subscribed for Sky Go services. However, Sky UK might open the opportunity in the future.

Sky Go Mirroring Hack Using Chromecast

You can’t exactly load up Sky Go directly from your Chromecast but there are some ways to work around it.

As of today, Sky doesn’t support casting directly from a mobile phone or laptop to Chromecast. The screen mirroring hack (from a laptop) is the best way to stream to your smart TV using a Chromecast.

Also bear in kind that this only works

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Sky Go app on your laptop;
  2. Ensure that you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your computer;
  3. On your laptop’s Sky Go app, select what you want to watch;
  4. On Chrome browser window, click the three dots in the right-hand corner, that should show a dropdown and select “cast”. You should see a tab with the available devices list;
  5. On the same tab, under ‘sources’, select to cast the ‘entire desktop’

Now you should be able to see your selected Sky Go show on your smart TV.

I have a whole article detailing this hack here.

Sky Go on Smart TV Using a PS4

Gaming consoles such as PS4 have become more than devices you connect to your computer to play games. They have become all in one entertainment device, enabling you to watch shows and movies at the comfort of your house cheaply.

How do you go about it?

First, you’ll need the following;

  • Be a Sky TV subscriber
  • Sky ID and password
  • Your active PlayStation account
  • And above 250MB free space on your PS4.
  • Use Sky helpline (0330 041 3000) to confirm if you have Sky Go Extra or to upgrade your package.

If this is your first time to have a Sky Go app, ensure you have the same app on your phone or laptop where you’ll accept terms and conditions.

To download and watch Sky Go TV, follow the below steps:

  • Switch on your PS4 and sign in to your PlayStation network.
  • Find the option of TV and video on the home screen. It looks like television in a square tile.
  • Use your controller to scroll down until you find the Sky logo –”TV from Sky.”
  • Once it appears to choose download by pressing X on your controller
  • Select the PlayStation symbol on the screen to return you to the homepage.
  • An onscreen message will appear to alert you that download is successful and that Sky Go app is installed on your PS4.

How will you log in to the Sky go app?

  1. Open your app by returning to TV& Video option using your navigator
  2. Find the sky logo and click it. Select X on your controller to jump-start your app.
  3. To set up Sky Go TV on your PS4:

When you successfully install the SKY GO app, the sign-in option should be available. Select it to jump-start things.

  1. Enter your Sky ID, which is also your username. Choose the next step.
  2. Add your Sky password and choose t ‘submit’.
  3. A message will come in confirming the setup process was successful, and you’re signed in.
  4. After the above step, your PS4 is ready, and you can now stream your favourite shows and movies without having to switch off your console to switch on the television.

Sky Go on Smart TV Using an XBOX

Are you an XBOX user? Well, I didn’t forget about you. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Sky Go Extra subscription
  • Active XBOX account, whether it is Gold or not.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose Xbox One apps;
  2. Select Sky tile and press A on your controller. It will download the television from Sky application
    on the main Xbox One menu, open the television from sky application
    use your Sky ID and password to sign in;
  3. Enjoy unlimited content including on-demand or live TV;

Can You Watch Sky Go on an Android TV Box?

If you have an android box, you can download and install the Sky Go app. However, when you select the content you want to watch, a prompt message appears on your screen showing you that Sky Go is not compatible with the Android TV. The same applies when using Firestick. You’ll smile for a second because it seems to prepare to play. But, suddenly display a message that the two are not compatible. In fact, it recognizes it as HDMI, which is, by the way, restricted by Sky UK.

Is There Software I Can Install on My Smart TV to Watch Sky Go?

It understandable why people go extra miles to find solutions to their problems. However, some of these solutions can prove to be dangerous in the long run. For instance, some internet users claim that you can download and install software on your smart TVs that allow you to watch TV programs, including Sky television. What these people fail to tell you is that installing software onto your smart TV could lead to jeopardizing your security. Malicious people find opportunities like this to hack the devices on your Wi-Fi.

Installing malware into your smart devices provides malicious people a chance to take control of your devices. It means your passwords, financial information, contact information is under the risk of getting discovered by people who intend to use them to hold something against you or to harm you.

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5 thoughts on “Watch Sky Go On Your Smart TV”

  1. Tried doing the sky hack using Chromecast and chrome. Did everything you said. I get my desktop on the TV but the window ‘showing’ sky is black (no video) and I just get the Sky audio.

  2. I found your site as I just installed a streaming app on my tablet (cos theres no Samsung TV version) for my smart tv. Anyway, I mirrored the tablet screen only to find that after a second of seeing the video stream on my TV suddenly I was met with a white screen covering the video saying ‘Screen mirroring is not supported for security reasons’!!!!!
    Yeah right. Whatever.
    So whilst reading your page and getting down about my not owning Chromecast, I suddenly realised I can still do a hack! And am writing it here for anyone else that is stuck too.
    I will do the following and I already know it WILL WORK. No question, I guarantee it will work. Follow these instructions and you are golden:
    1. Install Bluestacks to your PC.
    2. Either use Bluestacks without an account or sign in wiith your Google account. Or make a new one up.You may need one to use the playstore you see.
    3. Go to the playstore in Bluestacks and find the app you couldnt stream from your phone or tablet. Install the app of course.
    4. Providing you have Windows 10, you will have the ability to mirror your laptop screen to your TV. So this last step is simply get a stream going on Bluestacks with the app in question, then go out of it for a minute and into Windows and mirror your Windows screen to your TV.(I wont go into detail on how to do this, google will help if you dont already know it).

    The point here is this. Bluestacks is emulating Android. Everything that happens in Bluestacks is confined to Bluestacks and so the app does not pick up on the fact that you are mirroring the screen from laptop to TV. This is something that is happening between your laptop and TV with Windows being the manager of it, not Android. This means Bluestacks is totally unaware of it happening and so you get to stream your favourite app without being bothered by stupid blocks. As far as the app is concerned, you are streaming to your Android and watching on a phone or tablet.
    Good luck!

  3. I have always had a micro PC attached to my TV and I use that connected to my TV like a large monitor. Download the Sky Go app to the PC, log in and watch whatever I like. My new LG TV doesn’t have ITV Hub or C4 and I prefer to use the BBC iPlayer app to download my shows, so a PC has always been an essential part of my TV viewing. I guess I’m just old school!


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