Can You Watch Sky go on Apple TV?

So you have an Apple TV and you’re trying to figure out how to watch Sky Go on it. As it turns out, there’s a lot of misinformation about this issue, with some people saying it’s possible while others say it’s not. What about Airplay?

In this article, I’ll do my best to share the most accurate information about watching Sky Go on Apple TV. Let’s get to the bottom of this problem.

Can You Watch Sky Go on Apple TV in the UK?

You can’t watch Sky Go on an Apple TV in the UK because the app, Airplay, and Chromecast, are not officially supported. You’ll have to find a workaround or watch Sky Go on one specific screen at a time.

For people in the UK, the best way to watch Sky Go on a TV is with a console, either Xbox or Playstation. There are some workaround ideas you can try a little later too.

Watching Sky Go on Apple TV in New Zealand:

In New Zealand, Sky Go has recently enabled casting features, so you can cast from either a mobile device or MacBook to an Apple TV via Airplay to watch Sky Go. Currently, the New Zealand version supports Chromecast too. Today, Sky Go in New Zealand only supports Apple TV HD 4th Gen and the latest Apple TV 4K.

If you’re in New Zealand and Sky Go’s casting features are not working, you may need to update the app. To cast Sky Go, open the app and look for the casting icon, it should be enabled if there’s a nearby casting dongle. If you’re casting to an Apple TV over AirPlay, make sure the Apple TV and your mobile device are connected to the same Wifi network. In some cases, the Apple TV will be detected even if it’s not on the same Wifi network. 

Sky Go Grey Screen:

If you see a grey screen on your Sky Go app it’s usually because Sky Go is blocking you from watching their content on an external screen. This can happen either over screen-sharing casting services or a wired HDMI connection. The grey-screen usually happens on laptops, MacBooks, and handheld devices that are attempting to share their screen. 

The reason for the grey screen is because Sky Go blocks its content from being shown on external screens to prevent unwanted screen-recording and other copyright issues. It’s frustrating but it is what it is. The idea is to only let members watch on one specific screen at a time, whether that’s a handheld device, a laptop, or a console. 

The easiest option is to watch on a console because consoles don’t have built-in displays and will show content on any display that they’re connected to. The second easiest solution would be to use a Windows PC with the Windows Sky Go App. Windows laptops can work too, but not guaranteed. Macbooks are a little tricky too. 

Another issue you might get run into is a black screen with audio coming from the mobile device’s speakers. Nevertheless, there are some instances where you can bypass these roadblocks. Bear in mind, these aren’t guaranteed fixes, but rather ideas for things to try. There are also certain region locks which we will talk about later.

Possible Fixes:

1 – Screen-Mirror Sky Go from MacBook to Apple TV via Airplay

To watch Sky Go on an Apple TV you can try running the app on a MacBook and then share your MacBook screen to your Apple TV via Airplay. Screen-sharing from an iPhone or iPad does not seem to work, it only seems to work with MacBooks.

Some people have had luck with this method. You can always try mirroring from your handheld device but it’s unlikely to work, or if it does, you’ll see the grey screen mentioned earlier.

Remember, casting services like Chromecast also don’t work with Sky Go, unless you’re in New Zealand, where casting is fully supported by the app. We have no idea if Sky Go will ever support casting in the UK, but we’ll make sure to update this article when they do.

2 – Connect the TV to MacBook via HDMI Cable

Usually, the MacBook will detect the TV as a secondary screen and you’ll be able to use it as a normal display. However, Sky Go doesn’t play well with external displays, so if connecting it via HDMI still gives you issues, here are some things to try.

Go to your MacBook’s System Preferences and disable screen sharing and remote control services. From there, set the TV as your primary display. Some people have reported that changing those settings got Sky Go to work when connected to an external display. It’s worth a shot.

The Takeaway: 

In a nutshell, Sky Go in the UK does not work with casting features, or even wired connections to external displays, unless on consoles or PCs. However, in New Zealand, you can use those features. It’s unclear why one region allows the services and another does not, but hopefully, the UK will follow suit. 

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