Sky Go On Smart TVs: Myth or Reality?

Is it possible to use the Sky Go app and cast it to your Smart TV? Some people say it is, while others claim it’s just a myth. So what’s the truth? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the Sky Go app and explore whether or not it can be used on Smart TVs. We’ll also provide some tips on how to get the most out of this popular streaming service.

Let’s dive in:

The reality:

We’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but currently is not possible to cast sky go or there’s a dedicated native app available for smart TVs. While there are a few workarounds that have been described online, we wouldn’t recommend trying them as Sky has made it clear that they are aware of these methods and have taken steps to prevent them from working. So save yourself some time and don’t try to cast Sky Go to your TV using any of these methods. We know it’s disappointing, but hopefully in the future Sky will release a native app for smart TVs so you can enjoy your favorite shows on the big screen.

Why isn’t there a Sky Go app For smart TVs?

While many apps are available for smart TVs, there is not yet an app specifically for Sky TV. This is likely because Sky does not want to cannibalize its multiscreen subscriptions. If there were an app that allowed users to watch Sky content on a second screen, it would likely significantly reduce the number of people who feel the need to pay for a separate subscription. Therefore, it makes financial sense for Sky to continue to sell multiscreen subscriptions instead of developing an app that would ultimately hurt its bottom line. While this may be frustrating for consumers who want to watch their favourite shows on their phone or tablet, it is understandable from a business perspective.

The other reason Sky doesn’t have a Smart TV app is to stop sharing Sky subscriptions. Think about it: if the app were available, it would be possible for me to share my subscription with a friend and my friend watch Sky via the app in a different home. While this might seem convenient for consumers, it would ultimately lead to lost revenue for Sky. By making the app unavailable, Sky ensures that each household that wants to watch their programming must have a subscription. This may not be the most consumer-friendly approach, but from a business standpoint, it makes perfect sense.

Airplay / Casting Sky Go From Phone?

If you’ve oped Sky Go looking for the casting function, you may have been surprised it’s not there. While many apps allow users to cast content from their phone to their TV, Sky Go does not currently have this feature.

The answer is the rights that Sky holds to its content. Sky doesn’t allow its customers to cast content to their TVs unlike other streaming services. Instead, you can only watch Sky content on the company’s proprietary Sky Q box or a multiscreen subscription, which allows you to watch Sky on multiple devices.

Of course, this isn’t the most convenient solution for everyone. However, it does ensure that Sky can protect its content and prevent unauthorized copying or distribution. So if you’re a Sky customer hoping to cast content to your TV, you’ll need to look into alternative methods or wait until the company changes its policy.


If you’re a Sky customer in New Zealand, you’ll be pleased to know that the company’s app now has Chromecast functionality. This means you can cast content from your phone or tablet directly to your TV, making it easy to enjoy your favorite shows and movies on the big screen. And best of all, the feature is available on both iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, this casting feature is only available in New Zealand and not in the UK. Sky has not said whether or when it plans to roll out the feature to other markets. But given the popularity of Chromecast, it’s likely only a matter of time before the company makes its streaming service more widely available.

Sky Go App for Xbox and Playstation

There is a Sky Go app available on Xbox and Playstation. So, this might be the best solution if you’re looking to watch Sky content on a smart TV not connected to Sky Q. The app is free to download and use, but you will need a Sky ID to sign in and access the content.

While the app isn’t perfect, it’s a convenient way to watch Sky content on your Xbox or Playstation. And since it’s free to download and use, it’s worth checking out if you’re a Sky customer.

However, to take advantage of this app, you will need a Sky Go Extra subscription, which in turn requires a multiscreen licence, a Sky Glass Whole Home subscription, or pay extra to use it.


To sum up, don’t bother looking for an app to use Sky Go on your smart tv. It won’t work. And don’t trust what you find online about this – some of it is not true. If you’re having trouble connecting to Sky Go, contact the company directly for help.

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7 thoughts on “Sky Go On Smart TVs: Myth or Reality?”

  1. Tried doing the sky hack using Chromecast and chrome. Did everything you said. I get my desktop on the TV but the window ‘showing’ sky is black (no video) and I just get the Sky audio.

  2. I found your site as I just installed a streaming app on my tablet (cos theres no Samsung TV version) for my smart tv. Anyway, I mirrored the tablet screen only to find that after a second of seeing the video stream on my TV suddenly I was met with a white screen covering the video saying ‘Screen mirroring is not supported for security reasons’!!!!!
    Yeah right. Whatever.
    So whilst reading your page and getting down about my not owning Chromecast, I suddenly realised I can still do a hack! And am writing it here for anyone else that is stuck too.
    I will do the following and I already know it WILL WORK. No question, I guarantee it will work. Follow these instructions and you are golden:
    1. Install Bluestacks to your PC.
    2. Either use Bluestacks without an account or sign in wiith your Google account. Or make a new one up.You may need one to use the playstore you see.
    3. Go to the playstore in Bluestacks and find the app you couldnt stream from your phone or tablet. Install the app of course.
    4. Providing you have Windows 10, you will have the ability to mirror your laptop screen to your TV. So this last step is simply get a stream going on Bluestacks with the app in question, then go out of it for a minute and into Windows and mirror your Windows screen to your TV.(I wont go into detail on how to do this, google will help if you dont already know it).

    The point here is this. Bluestacks is emulating Android. Everything that happens in Bluestacks is confined to Bluestacks and so the app does not pick up on the fact that you are mirroring the screen from laptop to TV. This is something that is happening between your laptop and TV with Windows being the manager of it, not Android. This means Bluestacks is totally unaware of it happening and so you get to stream your favourite app without being bothered by stupid blocks. As far as the app is concerned, you are streaming to your Android and watching on a phone or tablet.
    Good luck!

  3. I have always had a micro PC attached to my TV and I use that connected to my TV like a large monitor. Download the Sky Go app to the PC, log in and watch whatever I like. My new LG TV doesn’t have ITV Hub or C4 and I prefer to use the BBC iPlayer app to download my shows, so a PC has always been an essential part of my TV viewing. I guess I’m just old school!

  4. Hi there everyone,
    I am a 55 year old woman that tries hard to keep up with whats going on.
    I Got sick and tired of all my Amazon items deciding what i am able to install and use via its Amazon apps and procols or whatever.
    I just bought a Google chromecast with google TV and was pissed off when yet again i cannot use Sky go!! i pay so much for having the full Sky service yet i cannot have it on my bedroom TV .
    When i spoke to Sky, all i get is upgrade to sky Q multi room. I dont want that! I am not made of money and at present i pay way over 100£ a month i can only have on my living room TV.
    If I am in my own home, I believe i should be able to use any room to watch the Sky i pay so much for.
    TY guys for looking for solutions to money grabbing fat cats. xoxox


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